Dreaming of pulling your own teeth out in Islam

Dreams have always ended up being a fascinating experience for all those who believe in them, and also different religions including Islam. Just as in Christianity, dreams are usually considered a divine means of communication between Allah and man.

Some kinds of dreams do not just happen like that, certain dreams have a symbol attached to them, and dreaming of pulling your own teeth out in Islam, is one of the dreams that evolves strong emotions from the dreamer.

What Does Dreaming of Pulling your own Teeth Out in Islam Mean

Dreams in most cultures including Islam, are interpreted based on several factors, like what they were thinking about before, during and after the dream, the action and the emotions of the dreamer, so have all these in mind as you try to relate to the meanings.

Anxiety and Loss

Some of our dreams reflect what we’re going through at a particular period, dreaming of pulling your own teeth out may sometimes reflect the anxiety you’re feeling in your waking life. Do you feel like you’re in a situation that you have hardly any control over? Your feeling of loss of control is related to your dream of pulling out your teeth.

Losing teeth in a dream in Islam means that you’re stressing over something, your dream indicates your feelings of insecurity concerning some situation, however, this should not be so, because when we have worries or find ourselves in tough situations, the next step is to bring all our burdens to Allah and let him take care of it, because worry does not solve anything.

Feelings of Guilt

Do you feel any form of guilt?? If you don’t yet, then your dream of pulling your own teeth out in Islam means that you may do something in the coming days that will be against your faith, or your values and you’ll regret it soon.

The dream of pulling your teeth could also be a call for you to sit back and reflect on your past, seek forgiveness from Allah or from whoever you offended, and strive to sin no more. Your dream suggests that you are a perfectionist and the worst critic of yourself that you will ever meet.

It’s time to give yourself some time to breathe, because it may be difficult sometimes to live up to the standards that you have set for yourself, you should leave room for mistakes and not feel like you have everything under control.

Dreaming of pulling your own teeth out in Islam is a call by Allah, to focus on yourself rather than on yourself or Man.


Your dream of pulling your teeth out may suggest that you are having difficulties in expressing yourself and communicating with the people that matter. The frustration you feel is what’s resulting in such agitated action.

It suggests that you feel that people keep putting you down when you try to share an opinion or idea, you feel like you do not have a voice hence your dream. You should know that putting you down does not necessarily have anything to do with you not being smart enough, some times it just has everything to do with your confidence.

And in Islam, you have self-confidence for self-expression because you are a believer in Allah. This is what gives you the courage to speak your voice and also do good deeds.

Long Illness/Recovery

If you were a healthy and strong person, and you dream of teeth falling out, or dream of pulling teeth out, your dream suggests that either you or an extended family will fall into a long or terminal illness that you may and will come out from at some point, it may be sooner with the mercies of God.

If you were already sick before now, it suggests that you’re going to recover with enough vitality because weak people do not have the energy to pull out their teeth, neither do dead people have teeth that fall out, so if you were already sick, do not lose hope, as this dream is a good omen.

What Does it Mean When you Dream About Pulling your Own Teeth Out in Christianity?

In a lay mans understanding, when Teeth fall out, it may suggest old age, this is usually a good omen if the teeth fall on their own, because the Bible has said that God will satisfy us with good old age, so when you dream of teeth falling out on their own, it may suggest that God has blessed you with good old age, you will nullify all odds and live as long as possible, congratulations.

However, pulling your own teeth out in Christianity suggests that you are in dire need of rescuing by God. Your spirit is angry and mad that it has gone the right path and you need rescuing from the Lord. Well, I have good news for you because God Almighty is willing to accept you as you are, go back to him, ask for his mercies and he will forgive you.

You see, as Christians, we’re not alone, so don’t try to face your challenges alone, put everything to God in prayer and see how your life turns around for good.

Dream Meaning of Pulling Your Own Rotten Tooth Out

If you had a dream of pulling rotten tooth out, then this is a good omen. Spiritually, your dream indicates that you are tired of you having things that are not of God in your life. Right now all you want to do is remove whatever has been hindering you from serving your God.

A rotten causes a lot of pain, slows one down and even reduces your level of activity, removing it in dream suggests that you are going to be passing hurdles that the enemy has placed in your life to keep you in one position.

If you encountered a dream of removing a rotten tooth, your waking life should be filled with self-reflections You must sit and begin to look back to the last, and start to correct the  things that needs to be corrected, needse you need to lie a new life of vitality. GOOD LUCK!!

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