Spiritual Meaning of Cat Attacking You in a Dream

Hello and Good morning. I want to believe that you’re here because you had a dream about cats, and maybe it was trying to attack you. When people try to narrate their dreams about a cat attacking them, they tend to come off as more scared and traumatized than happy because I mean, it’s not fun to have a cat trying to tear you up for lunch.

Seeing cats in dreams most times is just an indication of evil powers working behind the scenes and the spiritual meaning of cat attacking you in a dream is that are no longer behind the scenes, God is now opening your eyes to see them, be grateful, because even though your cat dreams are a bad Omen, you now know and will be able to do something about it.

Spiritual Meaning of Cat Attacking You in a Dream

The spiritual meaning of cat attacking you in a dream will either signify a level of demonic oppression in your life or sometimes depending on the kind of cat, it may mean betrayal.

Most likely, a cat attacking you in the dream would make you scared, if not angry, but trust me, whatever you feel is valid, because as a spiritual-minded person, such an event should not sit well with you in the waking life, talk less of in the dream.

However, there’s nowhere, in any culture that a cat attacking you or any beast for that matter will be a good omen or will be healthy for you, and whenever you have such dreams, you should not take them lightly.

Dreams about cats spiritually, suggest the presence of evil monitoring spirit, poke-nosing and digging into your life, searching for avenues to come into your life, and seeing cats attacking you or merely jumping on you, suggests that you’re now the target of the demonic oppressors.

The manifestation of a dream about a cat attacking you is mostly evident in your prayer life. As long as that cat continues to torment you, you may be finding it hard to pray, because you have been held captive by the evil forces present in your life. It will also be seen in the form of stagnation, disappointment, and even loss.

The moment you show an attitude of fear to these spirits, they would so deal with you, so having fear is okay, however, if you know who you are, you wouldn’t let this fear show. If you fought back the cat in your dreams, it shows that you’re courageous and with fervent prayers, you can pull down those strongholds, and also achieve victory.

However,  being scared and running away from the cats suggests that you’re spiritually weak, the enemy rejoices in a situation like this, If you don’t wake up and declare the word of your God over your life, the devil will come again, but this time to devour.

Spiritual Meaning of Black Cat Attacking You in a Dream

In the spiritual realm, a black cat represents the devourer, that cat may have been possessed by evil people to torment you in your dreams. To dream of a black cat attacking you suggests the affliction of the devil. It foretells that you may be having troubles in the future. These troubles may include, loss of finances, and even life. It could also be that you may no longer see proceedings from your work, for example, after working, you don’t see your money, and you have no idea how you spent it.

If the black cat kept trying to bite you, or it was clawing at you with all it’s got, this is a sign of bad luck, because it means that they are set to reduce you to nothing, and it’ll not let you go till they’re done with you. Your dream of a black cat biting you is a cry for help, the need for deliverance is apparent and should be done with immediate effect.

With white cats, the spiritual meaning of a white cat attacking you may foretell disappointment and betrayal. The white cat represents whoever or whatever you have previously put your hopes on. The Bible has always warned man to put their trust in God, putting your trust in man may lead to your downfall because they would disappoint you certainly.

Dreaming about a white cat attacking you suggests that someone is going to do bad to you, without you even knowing. Check your circle, your friends, and your family, someone has been deceiving you, and right now, they’re planning to make the last move on you, this move may break your heart.

Biblical Meaning of Cats Attacking you in a Dream


Spiritual meaning of cat attacking you in a dream

When it comes to animals, the symbolism sometimes is subjective to the culture and religion. Is Cat in Dream a good Omen?  Well, the answer is yes and no. To some cultures, for example, in ancient Egypt cats signify good luck plus they even worshipped it, but when you come to Europe and even Africa, Cats are most often associated with witchcraft which translates to bad luck.

Also, the spiritual meaning of cats attacking you in a dream in Islam, suggests that the protector of your home is about to let his wrath on you because you have sinned, you should seek forgiveness from Allah

However, the Bible, unlike dogs, made hardly any direct reference to a cat except you’re, speaking about the wild cats and figuratively, to explain that the people carried themselves with so much pride, and we all know how cats love to move majestically like they own the place.

So biblically, a cat attacking you in your dream may suggest that your pride or your attitude and personality as a person is about to be the end of you, and you may experience stubborn problems that do not seem to go away, if not even sorrow in your waking life, God forbid!


Whatever meaning that a dream has to you, can be interpreted by you more than any other person, because you’re more likely to understand the feelings you had while in the dream.

Seeing cats in dreams may be a good thing, depending on what the cat is doing, and this is where context comes into play. For example, playing with a cat in your dream may suggest that you’re very lonely, and in need of company, even if it is short-lived, because obviously, nobody owns a cat.

The spiritual meaning of a dream about a cat attacking you should make you very cautious moving forward.