Spiritual Meaning of Flood in a Dream

To dream about floods is equal to having dreams about disasters. And disaster dreams have everything to do with your emotions, and also your state of wellbeing. The spiritual meaning of flood in a dream most times serves as a call to action or a warning about the things that are getting out of control before they actually do

Some of the general interpretations of what it means to see a flood in the dream include the end and beginning of something, overflowing emotions and negative energy. But for the sake of this post, we will be exploring more into the spiritual meaning of flood in a dream.

Spiritual Meaning Of Flood in A Dream

Spiritually, or in Christianity, Floods represent disaster, the end of the world, pain and Suffering,  however, I’ve not come here to scare you with the rapture story,  some of the meanings include:

  • Cleansing

When a Flood comes to a community or an area, the effect of it is seen right after, as everything that doesn’t have a good foundation, things that are not standing on solid ground are washed away. You see people’s houses filling up with water, and houses being uprooted from the ground because their foundations are weak, only the fittest of things survive a flood.

The spiritual meaning of a flood in a dream, depending on the context of the flood dream, indicates that your foundation is shaking, and the things you’ve been up to that are bad for your spiritual health need to go. Your subconscious is trying to tell you that there’s an overflow of negative feelings, emotions and thoughts, and they need to be washed away.

This dream may also suggest that you’re full of sin, and God needs you to be holy, Your sin is making God turn his face from you and if we go back to the Bible, we will see the pain and suffering that the people of the world had to go through because of their sin. The flood was sent to destroy all those who did not bother to take heed of the message that was being preached to them. Only the righteous Noah whom God loved was left standing.

The spiritual meaning of flood in a dream serves as a warning for you to clean your house and heart, and take out everything that is not of God in it, making it a clean and holy place for the holy spirit to dwell in.

  • Judgement

Seeing a flood in the dream may suggest that God may be angry with you or a group and the flood represents his wrath that is about to come on them. I used them because it may not necessarily be about you, you’re just the messenger. Your dream may be a call to make people come back to God just like he did with Noah.

Yes, God had promised to never destroy the world with a flood anymore, but we don’t know what he might do next, it may be worse. So maybe your job is to spread his word to change lives.

Dreaming about a flood may also symbolize the danger of a disaster that’s about to happen to you or your relationship. It may be that you’re going to be losing something really important and irrecoverable. This may be the death of someone really close to you, or the loss of a friendship, business or partner.

However, whatever it may be, take consolation in the fact that God has promised a restoration of all that was taken from you, plus you can always denounce things that you don’t like.

  • God’s intervention

Your dream of floods may just be a reminder of God’s power as authority over your life. For example, seeing yourself floating over a flood, and not sinking, the spiritual meaning suggests that the protector is on your side.

God is reminding you that no matter the storm, regardless of how turbulent life may get, you should always put your trust in him, he has the power to bring you out of that situation, whether he put you in it or it was your fault, do not forget that he has the authority to intervene in your life.

When the going seems to get rough, God will show up for you. Depending on the context in which everything played out, the spiritual meaning of flood in a dream serves as a form of encouragement, after the flood comes the rainbow and sunshine, so be encouraged, and know that God will never leave you stranded.

  • Balance

Spiritually, a dream of flood suggests disorderliness, chaos and even imbalance. When you see flood in the dream, it could mean that you’re having issues in your spiritual life and also your waking life. This means that even In the face of turmoil you have to stand firm. The question is who are you standing on? If it’s Jesus, then rest assured that he can help you stand, he can be your strength when you’re weak.

If there’s so much chaos in your life right now, all you need to do is take a deep breath, watch and pray, asking God to help restore balance to your life, because you cannot do it on your own. If you find yourself in a flood, with a desire to escape out of it,  then it suggests your feelings of wanting things to be in your control again.

You feel like things have gotten a little out of control, and you’re doing your best to get things in order, but you should know that you can not do anything by your power. Yes, maybe you are the reason why things are the way they are in the first place, but who told you that you can correct it yourself? All you need to do is present your case to God and let him take care of you.


Dreaming about floods can be scary and can evoke a lot of negative and strong rush of emotions, but to even understand the spiritual meaning of flood in a dream and how it affects your waking life, you need to speak to God, first to know if he gave you the dream and also what message he’s trying to convey.