5 Significance of your Dream About Skydiving

Kudos to those who enjoy adventures so much that they also dream about it! Skydiving and parachuting in dreams will be one of the most thrilling and adventurous experiences that many people will ever have, even though I haven’t had the privilege yet.

Skydiving is a thrilling action that involves jumping out of a plane at a high altitude and falling freely before deploying your parachute which will slow down your falling to help descend or land more safely.

What this suggests is that your life is in the hands of your creator ( FYI, I don’t think I can ever try this, yes I’m scared of heights!!!!! )

This brings me to one of the reasons you may be having the dream about skydiving and parachutes, Fear! A dream of Skydiving without a parachute can very well portray your state of mind, you may be experiencing a certain level of fear concerning something important in your life, it could be a decision or a particular situation.

What does it mean to dream about skydiving?

To understand the meaning behind your dream about skydiving, you will need to recall all the emotions felt in the dream and all the contexts that were in play in the dream.

1) Danger

Dreams about skydiving can also be experienced in the form of jumping out of a plane or falling from the sky, because you may not necessarily see yourself in a plane, and all you see is just you falling in the sky.

Dreams like such represent danger, they suggest that you’re not safe right now or you’re about to make decisions that may not end up working out, it is a warning for you to be careful more about the actions and decisions you’ll be making in the coming days or years.

Falling from a plane in a dream can present itself as a leap of faith, however, skydiving is done only with strict safety precautions which makes the participants very certain that they will be landing safely. If have a dream about skydiving with no parachute, it suggests that you’re falling, and also about to fail at something important to you, be careful.

2) Difficulties in Life

If you dream of a parachute, or skydiving with a parachute, and the parachute breaks, then your dream suggests that you may be having some difficulties on your road to success.

This indicates that your plans are not strong enough to get you to where you’re going. It is necessary to take a moment to pause and do some reevaluation and strategizing before continuing towards your goals, or you can also rely on the help of others you can trust.

Seeing a parachute in a dream can indicate that you may have to lose a very important project. Although, you may gain some compensation to show that your efforts are paying off, however, this may not be enough for a celebration.

3) Desire for release and excitement

Sometimes a dream about skydiving just speaks volumes about what you desire, which is a little release of pent-up energy, tension, and fear and just some excitement away from all the uncertainties and troubles of life.

You’re very adventurous, and maybe you dream of another time when you might have some exhilarating experience or just a simple change in your routine but do not forget to always avoid the risks of an over-adventurous lifestyle, this will help in avoiding accidents which are possible, and this happens especially when you’ve not skydived before.


If you dream of someone else skydiving it insinuates that you feel like someone or the people around you are doing way better than you. They’re busy doing big things, travelling the world and doing exploits, meanwhile, you’re stuck in your room all day still trying to complete your courses online, with no friends and no intimate relationships.

Such dreams come from your feelings of misery especially when you do not appreciate all the blessings around you, the peace that you have going on in your life and the good health that God has blessed you with.

Your dream is a reminder for you to keep an open mind towards life, and also try living with an attitude of gratitude as that can be the condition for the turning point in your life.

Meanwhile, dreaming of skydiving with someone reflects your desire and need for a deeper connection with someone else. Maybe you feel like you lack friends or a friend that you can be vulnerable with. You lack the safe space to be able to share your fears and insecurities or you desire someone that you can be intimate with.

To see yourself skydiving with someone from a plane mostly reflects those desires for a deeper connection with someone or people, and you can only get this by getting outside and meeting people, keeping an open mind and learning to love people for who they are with minimal criticisms, doing this creates a healthy environment for your relationship to grow.


Dreams are sometimes a form of communication from our subconscious to our reality, and because of this, they reflect most of our thoughts that we would rather not talk about in our dreams.

Skydiving in a dream can be associated with feelings and desire for freedom, and you’ve been recently thinking a lot about risk and reward. You may be at a point where you’re considering the risks and benefits of a particular step or decision you’re about to take.

For example, jumping from a plane with a parachute is a perfect example of your desire to take a leap of faith, and if you survive, it could mean that you’re going to arrive at a successful end.

However, if your landing from skydiving in a dream was not safe or failed, then it suggests that you do not trust your plans and their predicted outcomes enough to rely on them, this kind of dream only puts more fear in your heart, you should pray or speak to someone about it.

Dream of skydiving without a parachute

A dream of skydiving without parachute tends to provoke a lot of intense emotions like danger and fear. Such a dream reflects your fear of being ill-prepared for the challenges in your life or something of grave importance to you.

It could also represent your feelings of fear of loss of control or the overwhelming circumstance that you find yourself in right now.

Falling without a parachute in a dream could be a cry for help, you feel disconnected from everything that matters in your waking life, and so you’re in search of some sort of stability or a solid foundation in the real world because, without it, you feel like it’s you against the whole universe.

Dreaming about flying through the air

This is mostly a dream that people who do not like acting on conventional beliefs experience. If you dream of flying in the air,  it suggests that you desire to break free from constraints, shackles and all the things holding you back from being what you want to be.

It may be a relationship, your boss, your attitude towards life, or even your family. Your dream might also be a warning for you to always remember to keep an open mind and not push people’s opinions to the back because it may matter and mean the world to you on one of these days.

Dream of skydiving into water

To dream of skydiving into water suggests that you may be moving too fast in life. You’re not taking time to carefully assess the risks in the decision that you’re about to take, you must try to take a step back and think about what you’re about to do.

If you’re skydiving in dream and landing in water, you may be putting your trust in the wrong people. Everything seems okay at first but in the end, it all comes crashing down. You may have issues trusting people now because you’re scared that you may have to rely on or depend on them more than you like to.


You must consider the whole emotion and specific detail in your skydiving dream, and then compare with the things happening in your waking life for a more personal interpretation of your dream.

If this dream manages to deprive you of your sleep by reoccurring every time you sleep, then you should visit a professional in mental health for some form of help if necessary.