Meaning of owls in a dream

I think that Owls represent evil, but because you asked about the meaning of owls in a dream, I’ve taken time out to do some research, so join me as I shed more light on what it means to see owls in the dream.

Many people and even cultures have associated this night-loving bird with mystery, and wisdom, a bird that holds secrets about everything due to its nocturnal nature, and most other people believe that owls represent death. These set of people do not doubt that wherever an owl appears, death was sure to follow.

So based on these beliefs, we’ll be explaining the meaning of Owls in a dream and how it may affect your life in the coming days.

Spiritual Meaning of Owls in a Dream

Meaning of owls in a dream

Honestly, if I had a dream about an owl, and maybe it kept staring at me, I tell you I would wake up scared and so worried, so your feelings are very valid, however, to see owls in the dream does not always mean something terrible.

If you’re seeing owls in the dream, it could be a revealing sign. The bird may just be trying to call your attention to something you may have been ignoring. You should take your dream as an eye-opener,  or an opportunity to gain knowledge that you didn’t have before. This is based on the idea that owls have the hidden knowledge of the night, they hold secrets and are considered as messengers that carry information from one place to the other.

If you’re the type who feels awkward about birds like the owl in your waking life, then there’s no way dreaming of owls will be pleasant to you. If you have the belief that nocturnal birds Bring only bad news, then bad news is what it will mean in your dreams. While owls can represent knowledge for some, they can also foretell grief, death, loss, misfortune and bad luck for others.

Seeing owls looking at you or flying over your head in a dream, indicates that you’re being manipulated by evil people. It also reveals to you that you have evil and demonic spirits monitoring you, and you have been blind all this while to that reality.

Your dream of owls is a call for you to seek the revealing power so that your spiritual eyes will be open to see these things that have been hidden from you all this while.

Meaning of White Owls in The Dream

White owls in the dream or snowy owls in the dream are an indication of a deceptive presence. It is a warning for you to not be ignorant of the devices of your enemies. You need to be wary of the hypocrites and deceptive people in your circle. These set of people parade themselves as friends and family, meanwhile, they’ll go behind you to cause problems in your life.

Thread with caution, and watch closely before spilling any personal thing about yourself,  especially good things as this can trigger them.

Meaning Of Dead Owls In The Dream

If you’re one of the people that see owls as a good sign, as good luck or wisdom or anything of that sort, then a , is not a good omen for you, because this indicates that your guardian angel, that brings good tidings and good things to you is far away from you, and things that were working well before may begin to slow down.

However, for those who consider owls as bad luck, in this context, the meaning of owls in a dream could be that the strange spirit that has been monitoring you all this while or the strong man that has been hindering your progress has been defeated.

It may also suggest that you will be receiving the news of the death of someone, this may be as a result of all the deliverance and prayer sessions that you’ve been engaging in.

Biblical Meaning of Owls in The Dream.

Psalm 103: 5-6

In my distress, I groan aloud

and am reduced to skin and bones.
I am like a desert owl,
like an owl among the ruins.

Owls were mostly used in the Bible to represent loneliness, sadness or mourning. This may be where people got their idea of owls being a carrier of bad luck. If you read the passage above, the psalmist was down and in sorrow, and in his lamentation, he compares himself to the desert owl, this is portraying his state of loneliness.

Seeing an owl in your dream could just be a reflection of the loneliness you feel in your waking life. Maybe you’ve begun to feel like you’re a one-man island, and you don’t have anyone you can lean on.

Another example of the biblical meaning of owls in the dream depicting loneliness is in the book of Isaiah 34:11

But the cormorant and the bittern shall possess it; the owl also and the raven shall dwell in it: and he shall stretch out upon it the line of confusion, and the stones of emptiness.

If you see a group of owls in your house in the dream or even a raven, this suggests that spiritually you’re an empty vessel, you’ve become a desolate land, and the wrath of God is upon you and your household because of something you may have done. I don’t know what it is but you’re required to go back and seek God’s face concerning this dream of yours.

If you happen to dream of an owl attacking you, your dream suggests that you’re suffering from a spiritual attack right now,  and your enemies are after you. This dream also indicates that you’re weak spiritually and you will need to fight the battle that you’ve been shown in the dream, you have to build up your faith because a lack of faith will open up more ways for the devil to come in.

If you managed to kill the owl that was attacking you in the dream, then the meaning of owls in a dream is an indication that whatever has been troubling you, or whatever battle you’ve been fighting is won, because God has given you the victory, engage in prayers of thanksgiving because you’re victorious.