Pedal into the Meanings of your Dream of riding a bicycle

You will not be the first person to dream of riding a bicycle. A lot of people have had to dream about riding bikes, some dream of losing control of their bikes, and some others have experienced brake failure of bikes in their dreams, however, that doesn’t mean that you have to experience brake failure in your waking life.

Exactly the reason why dreams should not be explained literally because they don’t mean what you may think. Sometimes, the meaning of our dreams can only be interpreted by the giver of dreams himself, but this only resonates with people who have a spiritual background and believe that there is a higher power or God that gives dreams as a means of communication.

Remember what it felt like to ride a bicycle fast when you were much younger? The freedom and joy it gave, so you know that it involves balance. Most of the time, the dream of riding a bicycle symbolizes your desire for balance in your waking life.

It could either be in your relationship, personal or work life. You feel like things are going out of control, and this is the case when you dream of riding a bike and falling. There are so many patterns to bicycle riding dreams, therefore understanding the symbol will open us more to the meaning of the dream of riding a bicycle in different contexts

Symbolism of Bicycle in Dreams

Your dream of bicycles may mean absolutely nothing, or it could give a lot of detail and can also foretell much about your life in general. To understand this dream we would need to understand the symbol of bikes in the dream, and then what it means to ride one

Bicycles represent a means of movement from one place to the other, to some a symbol of hope, and to others, a symbol of progress. However, when it comes to dreams, bicycles represent the state of our life or health, and riding on it signifies your desire to move and, desire for freedom.

What does it mean when you dream of riding a bicycle?

Riding a bicycle in a dream represents your zeal towards achieving your goals and ambitions, and doing so without having to crowd yourself with the noise that comes with moving with the world. To dream of riding a push bike indicates that you crave progress and you plan on achieving it no matter what, even though it means that you may be moving slowly, the most important thing is that you’re not where you used to be.

Riding a bicycle up a hill in a dream suggests the level of discomfort and hurdles that you may have to face on your journey to success, the journey may be tough and messy but strategizing and consistency will help you push further, no one ever said their success story without mentioning the hurdles they had to cross.

To see yourself riding a bike in the dark suggests that you feel like you still haven’t found your purpose in life. Yes, you’re existing and going through each day, but are you living?

Riding a bike in the dark in a dream indicates your lack of hope for tomorrow, you don’t see any way your life can get better than it currently is, and you’re frustrated, depressed and just trying to get by, all these feelings are portrayed in your dream of riding a bicycle in the dark.

Dreaming of riding a bicycle with someone

Just like riding a car on your own, Riding a bicycle alone in the dream, suggests that you want to do something on your own.  This may have everything to do with a big decision you need to make on your own.

One joy of riding a bicycle that cannot be ignored is the Independence that it gives, so when you’re riding a bike alone in the dream, it may suggest that you’re craving independence, and self-reliance, it shows your ability to navigate life independently.

However, dreaming of riding a bicycle with someone is quite the opposite of independence. If you are riding a bike with someone who turns out to be your friend, partner, lover, or relation, your dream of a bicycle indicates your desire for a meaningful connection or relationship.

It’s possible that you know where you’re going, yes, you have plans to work towards achieving your goals and objectives in life, but still, you’ve managed to acknowledge that the height you aim for cannot be achieved on your own, and so you try to build a strong relationship that may take you to where you want to be.

It may sound like a cliche,  but “man is not an island” and so to be anything in life it is important to surround yourself with people who share the same goals and aspirations as you.

If you’ve been feeling alone at a critical point in your life, it’s necessary to get out there, join forums and meetings that will connect you to people like you, and see how everything plays out from there.

What does it mean to see someone riding a bicycle in a dream?

The answer to this question depends on what you were doing when you saw someone riding a bicycle in a dream. If you were a passerby when someone rode a bike past you in the dream then it probably means something and may not be the main symbol of the dream.

Your dream could also insinuate that you feel stuck in one place while everyone else seems to be getting ahead and making progress in life. This dream speaks more about your state of mind and emotional health, it’s a reminder for you to take care of yourself and your mind and only think about the things that are peaceful and good.

In the case where you’re teaching someone how to ride a bicycle, and you stay and watch them while they ride, this means that you have been endowed with the capabilities to finish the work that has been put into your hands.

It could be the work of God (ministerial) or a project in your office, whichever it is, you are about to start making the right decisions that will push your project forward, you are ready to be a good leader and teacher or at least you desire to be. If you are interested in starting up something new, a relationship or a business, I suggest you start now, there’s no better time than now.

The spiritual meaning of riding a bicycle in the dream

When you’re headed somewhere, and for some reason, you do not want to walk down there or take a cab and you own a bicycle, you’re always happy to use it. Although bicycle riding takes a lot of effort with all the paddling you’ll have to do with your legs, endurance will help you get there.

If you’re an adult, the spiritual meaning of riding a bicycle in the dream has a lot to do with the level of endurance that you’ve managed to attain all through the years. It suggests that you’re running out of patience in waiting.

You’re tired of waiting on God, you’re losing the focus and determination that you started with toward achieving your goals. If you’re dreaming about struggling to ride a bicycle, this means that you’re about to experience some form of challenges or roadblocks to either your prayer answers or to a circumstance in your life.

You could also be struggling to ride a bicycle in the dream when you’ve been struggling to find the solution to a certain problem in your life, you are very confused about the matter and do not know what to do, so your dream is reflecting the frustrations in your waking life.

If this is the case, it is pertinent that you talk to someone, if not a professional like a therapist, then a friend or counselor who can help point you in the right direction.

Spiritually, dreaming of riding a bicycle tells you that you’re making progress in all areas of your life, but if you experience a brake failure in your dream, it reveals that things may take a bad turn in a few months to come, however, it’s not something you can’t come back from, you may make an unhealthy mistake but you can always return to the right path you were on if you work a bit harder.

If the bike in your dream broke down, and won’t move anymore, it foretells a serious challenge in the coming days. It could either be a disconnection from your progress or life itself. Such dreams may portend the loss of something dear to you, which may slow down the pace you moved in the past.


Though the dream of riding a bicycle may have come from your thoughts about childhood and memories you had. Riding a push bike in dreams can give you the nostalgic feeling of when you were a child, it could also be a reflection of your desire for a simpler and more carefree life.