Biblical meaning of sleeping in a dream

Could the biblical meaning of sleeping in a dream be that I’m going to die? The answer is NO, but it could be a message from God to your spiritual man, let’s find out.

To see yourself asleep in your dreams may seem pretty confusing while also holding a lot of important messages for you the dreamer.

Now, a lot of dream interpreters can miss it and just arrive at the idea that the biblical meaning of sleeping in a dream means death since the Bible sometimes interchangeably uses the words  “died” and “asleep” like in the case of Lazarus.  however, seeing yourself sleeping in a dream can also mean several things.

Biblical meaning of sleeping in a dream

Searching for the biblical meaning of a dream already tells us a lot about what you feel about dreams. You already believe that your dream is a message from God, but can’t seem to place what exactly God was trying to tell you.

To be able to do this, the context in which your dream played out is important in understanding the message in such dreams, and by context I mean, what was happening around the sleeping body, what was said, who you saw, and their countenance.

Many things could cause you to find yourself sleeping in the dream which Although weird, can hold a lot of deep meanings and messages to you. Here are some of the biblical meanings of sleeping in a dream.

  • Spiritual awareness

Dreams come when we’re asleep right?  Finding yourself sleeping in your dream tells a lot about the state of your subconscious or spirituality. If someone shows you sleeping in a position in your dream, then this means that there’s something you should be doing at that moment that you’re not.

This could suggest laziness in the spirit. This meaning may apply when the Holy Spirit has already given out instructions on what to do, sleeping means you have forsaken the mission that he has given to you to fulfil. If this is you, you need to go back to the work that you’ve been called to do.

If someone was standing over you when you were sleeping, it may mean that you’re oblivious to something important in your life, you must wake up and see things for what they are.

The biblical meaning of sleeping in a dream could also symbolize your laziness towards prayers and the things of God. While we sleep, the devil crawls up and tries to perform all sorts of evil, dreaming of being asleep is like a spiritual call for you to awaken your spirit man, because you need to be able to ward off the enemy, this can’t be done when you’re asleep, start praying once again to build up your spiritual life, it’s never too late.

  • Period of waiting

Falling asleep in a dream or not being awake in a dream can also represent your state of mind spiritually. It may be a message from God to your subconscious, showing you what you need to do or how you need to be so you can access that which he has already given.

It could be your period of waiting upon God for what he has done or is about to do. Your dream of sleeping could just be a message for you to remain calm and still, while God works it all out for you. Waking up in the dream can also signify your time of celebration, and victory over a number of things that you have been dealing with spiritually.

Also, the Bible speaks of sleep as a gift from God to his beloved, but that does not necessarily have anything to do with your dreams. If you were sleeping in your dreams, and someone was trying to wake you up or get you to do something, but you weren’t responding, the spiritual implication could be that you like the place where you are in life right now.

You’re satisfied and will not like to move any further, such dreams can foretell stagnancy and more hindrances to come in your waking life.

Sleeping in a dream can also represent a state of rest or relaxation, maybe your mind has always been troubled, or you’ve been in a stawherehat you didn’t have rest or peace of mind, your spiritual man has been yearning for rest, this rest is what you see yourself having in the dream.

  • Fearless

Depending on the situation in which you find yourself sleeping, for example, If you’re in the midst of a storm and also asleep in a dream, this may be a cause of worry for you in the waking world, however, the only person that would be asleep amid the turbulence is one wholly unbothered or unhinged by anything.

Falling asleep in your dream in this case suggests that your spirit man is at peace with himself, you’re resting under the shadow of the almighty, and like Jesus in Matthew 8:24-27 you know who you are, you aren’t easily scared because you know you’re safe.

What Does It Mean If You See Somebody Sleeping In Your Dream

Sometimes your dream may not even have anything to do with you, and everything to do with the people in your life, your friends, relations and so on. If you see someone sleeping in your dream, the meanings are different from when you see yourself sleeping. Here are a few meanings of dreaming about someone else sleeping.

In a case where you’re standing above someone else who’s sleeping in your dream, depending on what you’re doing, for example speaking with someone sleeping in your dream without getting any response suggests that you and that person are having or may have a misunderstanding in the future.

This sleeping person could represent a romantic partner, parent, colleague or even friend, so you may be experiencing a difficult period in your relationship with this person, and right now, you feel like this person is shortsighted and does not understand your point and views, and this makes communication a little harder for you both.

You feel like this person does not see you the way you want to be seen, they’re not paying enough attention to you or they’re avoiding you, Your standing over them suggests that you very much want to resolve the problems so you keep trying to speak with the sleeper. your dream mostly points you to the idea that there’s a problem in your life that needs to be resolved.

Sleeping Upside Down in a Dream

This particular dream of sleeping upside down could hold a lot of significance in the life of the dreamer, both religiously and even physically. You see in some religions, like some traditional beliefs, when something is upside down, it indicates that the realm in which it exists has changed.

Now, in this case, sleeping upside down in the dream suggests that you are or have left the physical realm into the spiritual or an entirely different one. This could foretell death or something else, this is left to you to recognize the significance of such a dream to you.

Sleeping upside down could also suggest unrest, stress and so on. You feel like you’re losing control of a situation, you’re not settled because you haven’t sorted out a problem that has been bugging you, and your dream of lying upside down suggests your desire for balance and control.

Dreams Of Sleeping On The Floor

Depending on how you look while sleeping on the floor in the dream, your dream may foretell a period of hardship. If you’re sleeping alone on the hard floor, it suggests that you may lose something very vital In your life, and the pain may swallow you up, however, if you don’t you can emerge as a new person.

Lying on the floor and sleeping in dreams depending on what floor, for example, lying down on a cold floor suggests that the subject of that dream may be experiencing a fatal or life-threatening change and is about to give up,  but if you eventually wake up from sleeping on the cold floor in the dream, then maybe there’s still hope for the future, it means you’re willing to keep going until you reach your destination.


It may seem funny and strange that you found yourself sleeping in your dream, but chances are they don’t mean anything, it may just be that you desire so much rest, but searching for the biblical meaning of sleeping in a dream means that you’re aware your dream means something more, and I hope that we’ve been able to narrow down the meanings that your dream could be giving.

If you still want to dig deeper, you must visit a counsellor or see your spiritual head as he may have something more direct to answer your questions.