Biblical Meaning of Deceased Mother In The Dream

Whenever we talk of biblical meanings of dreams, it gives the vibe that many of us feel like our messages are from God. If you’re one of us, and you’re trying to understand the biblical meaning of deceased mother appearing to you in the dream, then you’re in the right place.

We can go ahead and joke about any other dream, but you see, a dream of a deceased mother or late parents shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it can mean a million and one thing. Sometimes, seeing a dead parent or dead family member in the dream suggests that their spirit has not found rest and is hovering around looking for peace.

Meanwhile, the Bible notes that life and death have nothing in common, they are separate worlds and should remain that way, so the biblical meaning of deceased mother in the dream connotes a bad omen.

What Does It Mean To See Your Mother In A Dream?

Well, to see your mother may signify a lot of things. It’s possible to dream about your mother when you’re feeling alone, or more worried than usual, because our mothers in most cases act as our source of comfort. So when we’re down and looking for comfort, our mothers may appear in our dreams to remind us of who we are.

Mother dreams can be a nice, beautiful and positive sign of love, care and affection, especially when you’re trying to start something new, seeing your mum in your dream is just a source of encouragement, but this is not always the case when you see your deceased mother in a dream.

Biblical meaning of deceased mother in a dream

Just like every other dream meaning, the biblical meaning of dreaming about your deceased mother is subjective to your experience and circumstance. If you had a good relationship with your late parent or dead mother,  then seeing her in the dream may serve as a positive sign and vice versa.

Some of the meanings of seeing your deceased mother in your dream include;

Comfort in times of need

As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem. Isaiah 66:13

In the book of Isaiah, God compared himself to a mother, telling us that whenever we need comfort he will be there to provide that comfort. If you’re having a dream about a deceased mother, it could be because you lost your mum, and you’re in the process of grieving, and so you need someone to lean on.

Your dream about your late mother is a sign that the holy spirit is there with you, and he wants to be there for you through these rough times, and honestly, you need him to get through this pain you’re feeling. Your deceased mother in a dream is the holy spirit that has come to reassure you, that everything will be alright.


Do you know how our mothers always call us to order when we seem to be going the wrong way? The biblical meaning of a dead mother in a dream may indicate that you need to take a look at whatever project you’re working on, where you’re going once again and determine if it’s the way to go, because your dead mother in the dream doesn’t think so.

The spiritual meaning of a dead mother in the dream may very well suggest that you’re either doing something wrong, you’re about to do something wrong, or you are in danger. It could be that you’re about to offend them and their legacy.

For example, if you see your deceased mother crying in the dream or lamenting,  it’s important to pay attention to any other sounds she may be making, because those are cues to understanding your dream.

I remember vividly, when I was 6yrs old, and Grandpa died. He handed most of his properties to his young son, who had the plans of squandering all that money,  and then a few he was buried, he appeared to this said son, in this dream, grandpas finger was in his mouth and he was crying.

My uncle seeing this would have taken this as a warning, however, he went ahead to squander Grandpa’s money, and later the spirits tormented him till he died.

Yes, that’s a true story, so depending on how you see your late father and mother in the dream, your dream may foretell the disappointment of your late parents. So it’s either they’re warning you to change your ways, or there’s an impending danger coming to you, or they’re trying to help you see the wrongs going on against you.


In the case where you were having issues with your parent before they died, you may see them in your dreams, the dream suggests that you may be suffering guilt and anger towards yourself and who you saw.

Dreaming of your dead mother is a call for you to learn to adapt, forgive yourself and reconcile with the idea that they’re no more and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

There’s going to be a certain way in which your late parents or late mother may appear to you. Such things should not happen more than Twice, even once is enough, as it can mean a good omen that way, however, if the dream of deceased mother keeps repeating itself, then there’s a problem.

The problem is that one way or the other you’re sharing some sort of bind with the spirit of the dead, which makes them not want to leave.

This can be very disadvantageous to the dreamer because you’re going to be experiencing slow or no progress at all. The biblical meaning of deceased mother in a dream suggests that you need to put on your garment of prayer because the enemy is manipulating you using the picture of your late mother in the dream, you need to break this chain, and only prayer can do it for you.