Dreaming of A Dead Person Talking To You Meaning

As much as you think that seeing a dead person in the dream may be scary, it’s understandable to be searching for dreaming of a dead person talking to you meaning, and if you are seeing dead people talking to you in the dream, you should know that it’s a pretty common dream, and you are not alone in this.

A lot of people are searching for dreaming of a dead person talking to you meaning, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as it can mean that the spirit of that person still has a message to give to you. Sometimes, we find ourselves running away from dead people in the dream, this is just because we are scared, who wouldn’t be!!

To dream of someone already dead suggests unfinished business. You’re seeing your dead friend in the dream because maybe you miss your friend so much, it could also be that you regret not saying a lot of things to that person, or you wish that you could have been a better friend and person to your friend.

Seeing a dead person alive in a dream may mean that there’s something in your life that is about to come back to life. It may not be the dead person coming back to life. The dead person represents important things that had a life before, and all of a sudden they were not noticeable in your life again, those things are coming back to life, hence your dream about a dead person being alive.

Dreaming of a Dead Person Talking To You Meaning

When you dream of a dead person talking to you, what were they saying? What did you feel when they were talking to you? Did you see it as just a casual encounter, like you were speaking with a friend, or were you shivering and cold because of such a meeting?

Remembering what played out in your dream would help you understand dreaming of a dead person talking to you meaning

Dreaming of a Dead Person Asking you to Come With Them

This is a dark dream and also a bad omen. Such dreams are a harbinger of bad news, ill health or even death.

Some cultures believe that only people who are very ill, and maybe some that have given up on getting better will tend to have such dreams. Dreaming of a dead person asking you to come with them symbolizes that you have lost hope or faith in your life, you are tired of living life the way you’re doing, you feel like your life should be better, and it may be better to end it.

Maybe you’re embarking on a new project, dreaming about a dead person you talking to you, or asking you to come with them may mean that yes your project may be profitable, however, your choices may be the end of you and your business. When you have such dreams, it is important to take caution especially in your decision-making, from now on, before taking a decision, do not depend only on your understanding or that of a friend. If you have to involve a professional, pls do.

Dreaming of a dead person asking you to come with them also suggests that you may be in some kind of danger soon, and if you don’t act fast, it will take your life.

Dream of Dead Sibling Talking to You

I made mentioned something earlier on, if you had unresolved issues with a close relative, and they ended up dead, seeing them in the dream may mean that you feel guilty. It’s okay to feel a little bit of guilt, as you think being a better person to them would have kept them with you much longer, however, you need to understand that you are not the cause of their death, life happens and we come and go, death is one of those occurrences that we have no control over.

Dead Mother Talking To You in Dreams

Mothers are known to always give advice, scold, encourage and also love their children. When you see yourself talking to your dead mother in the dream, it may mean that you are in danger, she was there to warn you to be careful, or she was in your dreams to encourage you to be strong. This may be the case when you can’t seem to let go or manage your grief.

She may also be speaking to you in the dream to let you in on some secrets that she was not able to tell you when she was alive, and as long as you were not scared in the dream, it means that you welcomed the conversation, and you needed to hear what was said. Try to remember all of what was said, and keep them close to your heart, because you will need them one day.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of a Dead Person Talking To You

Sometimes, our dreams may not have deep meanings, however depending on what this person was saying to you, the spiritual meaning of a dead person talking to you in the dream means reconnection, death, or even forgiveness.

Your dream may be telling you to go back to people that have offended you, forgive them and let go, bury the hatchet with them and move on because if you don’t, you might have to deal with the guilt. Talking to someone already dead in the dream may also suggest the death of a family member or even the dreamer, especially when the dead person is asking you to come with them in the dream, be careful.

As a spiritual-minded person, having such things means that it’s time for prayers and even fasting. You have to ask your creator for mercy, it’s not yet your time, so let no man or demon speak death into your heart or life, do not give the devil a chance to manipulate you into your death.


It may be difficult, you know, talking to some dead people in the dream. For example, talking to your dead child, or even a dead friend talking to you may be kind of distressing, because it brings to mind all the good and bad days.

Sometimes the day of their death may be the only thing you can remember, however, your dream may just mean that you’re grieving, and that’s okay, you should take your time with the idea that one day, you will have to let go.

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