Dream of casting out demons meaning (spiritual)

Not to brag, but there’s this one time I had a dream of casting out demons in the marketplace, and guess what, I decided to think that the dream of casting out demons meaning is that I  have the ministerial calling to bring people out of the kingdom of darkness, funny, but that’s what everything felt like, what else would I have thought as a young girl.

To dream about witches, or seeing demonic dreams, depending on what’s happening in the dream may suggest different things.

If you dream of witches torturing you or trying to tie you down, this suggests that a group of people are the cause of all the setbacks and disappointments that you have been going through recently. The best thing to do right now, especially when you could not get yourself out of the bad situation in the dream, is to go on spiritual fasting and prayers, or seek help from your spiritual head.

Dream of Casting Out Demons Meaning

For this interpretation, we’re going to be looking primarily at the spiritual angle, because a lot of interpreters or even tarot card readers may have a lot of meanings for such dreams. However, those ordinary meanings may not apply to a child of God or a spirit-filled Christian

Spiritual Liberation/ Vibrance

To dream about casting out demons mean that your spiritual life is very vibrant. You are not sleeping on the zoe kind of life, and the same spiritual energy you possess in your waking life is also the same you have when you’re unconscious. Having such dreams means that the fire you have burning for God is so hot that even the oppressors cannot stand against you, you’re destroying foundations in the name of the lord.

But when you cannot stand against these demons in the dream, it just means that you’re spiritually weak, therefore fear cannot help you cast out demons, what you need is the word of God which chases every atom of fear out of us. If you see yourself oppressed by demons in the dream, then it’s high time you embarked on a spiritual journey, seeing the power to destroy your enemies.

If you always feel like all your dreams are a message from God, that he’s trying to direct you in a certain way in your life, then those are exactly what your dreams are. Dreaming about casting out demons could just mean to you what it was to me, an important call from God, (laughs, I still like to think so).

If you are like some that do not like to think that God will one day choose them to carry out his mission on earth, then I’m so sorry to inform you that you have just been chosen to lead the captives free, and this right here is not going to be an easy task, however, the lord will also give you the capacity you will need to get the job done.

Your dream of casting out demons meaning is that either in your community or family, some chains will need to be broken. You are the gatekeeper in your house, the one who was picked out of many in a generation, to lead them out of captivity. This is the case when you cast out demons from a family member in a dream.

There is a spiritual entity, an evil one that has been tormenting you and your household up till this point, and the lord just opened your eyes to the situation. Will you follow suit in your waking life, or you’ll still leave the sleeping dog to lie?


To Dream about casting out demons and evil spirits could also suggest the amount of Power that the lord has bestowed upon you. This meaning relates to my brothers and sisters that have been asking God for a spiritual gift. Your dream is a sign that you have been given the power to liberate the oppressed.

Many people are oppressed and struggling with some demons, and sometimes, these demons may just be their selves, it could be addictions, depression, water spirits and all sorts.

Dream of casting out demons meaning


A dream about casting out demons meaning suggests that you have dominion over everything that is on this earth, and when you decree a thing it shall come to pass. Your dream may have occurred because you have been dealing with some fears of your own, you want to take up a new assignment in the church or the office, and the fears in your heart are overpowering your belief in yourself.

The demons in your dream represent your fears and the bad thoughts that have been creeping into your mind, and the act of you casting out those demons suggests that you’re contemplating giving up your fears, holding captive every thought that does not exalt the word of the lord in your life.

Seeing demons in dreams, or fighting demons in dreams is something that Christians may never outgrow, because as long as you keep advancing in the spiritual realm, then you must keep engaging in spiritual warfare. So seeing demonic dreams is just you being given the chance to exercise your Christ-given authority over evil spiritual sources.

Fighting or demon exorcism in dreams is not the issue, but not winning the fight could be a big problem. If you try casting out demons in the dream and they refuse to leave, it suggests that you’re weak, and not spiritually able to free yourself or a certain group of people from whatever holds them in bondage. You need to seek more power from God, and seek to grow your relationship with God, Prayer and fasting while holding your faith strong, is also a sure way to move whatever mountains that need to be moved.


As a believer or as a Christian, you are like Christ, and it is not strange at all seeing yourself fighting demons in the dream, or having a dream of casting out demons, it is okay. It is a privilege because it shows how strong your spirit man is.

A dream of casting out demons meaning suggests that you are exercising the authority that God gave to Man, when man was created, the Dominion over serpents and scorpions, you can as well silent the devil with the powers he has given to you, Enjoy and keep the fire burning.

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