Biblical Meaning of Being Blind in A Dream

Writing this article made me wonder if blind people do see anything when they dream, hmm. I wouldn’t know, but one thing is for sure, becoming blind in dream does not speak of anything good, it is a serious and bad omen, which should be taken up spiritually, let’s dive into the topic of today.

Biblical Meaning of Being Blind in a Dream

Jesus said, “For judgment I have come into this world so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.”

John 9:39

If you saw someone become blind in the dream, or even, becoming blind in the dream yourself, you will need to go to your quiet place, sit down and study this verse very well.

The biblical meaning of being blind in the dream, suggests that God’s words shall come to pass. It means that the judgement that he promised is either around the corner or it’s here, and becoming blind in a dream suggests that you know all, you feel like you’re very knowledgeable about life, you’re glorifying the wisdom of Man rather than the beauty of Gods holiness, judgement will be taken upon you, and you’ll find out that you didn’t even know anything in the first place.

Spiritual Blindness

Whenever you’re dreaming of being blind, your subconscious has been trying to call your attention to something life-giving, but you have been focused on something else. Your spiritual life needs an encounter, and being blind in the dream suggests that you need to grow spiritually, to see everything that the enemy tries to do against you.

The biblical meaning of being blind in a dream suggests that the dreamer’s eyes are closed to the detriment of their own life. It suggests that you’re not yet open to acknowledging the power of God over the powers of the wicked ones, and because you don’t even see them perpetrate the evil that they do every time, means that you are not ready.

For you to be ready, Fasting and praying is a necessity. You need to ask God to open your spiritual eyes because you want to see again. This would also help you see the mighty hands of God moving in your life, you will be in total awe of what God is doing for you.


When the Bible refers to a blind man, it refers to an ignorant person, someone who does not know. The biblical meaning of being blind in a dream suggests that the dreamer is either ignorant of the device of the wicked or is just acting it. Ignorance in this case suggests that you do not know, and are not willing to even know how to tackle the enemy when they come because they will come, so what would you do then?

Sometimes, dreaming of being a blind person suggests that you are not seeing the point of view of others.  You feel like other people’s opinions don’t matter. If you dream of someone being blind, it does not necessarily mean they’re in any danger or anything, it could just mean that you think that they are being blind to your views, ideas, beliefs, opinion, or even you as an individual.

It could be that you’ve tried so hard to make them see you, notice you or appreciate you, but these things are not forthcoming, so it bothers you, hence them being blind in your dream. Being blind in a dream suggests that there’s also something in your life that you aren’t paying enough attention to.

You do not appreciate the provision and even the good people that God has blessed you with. You’re blind to all the good things that you have, and more focused or only seeing the things that are not working in your life. This is against the attitude of gratitude. If you want the universe to respond to you positively, then only positivity should be dished out. Appreciate the little things that you already have going on in your life, because that would open more doors for you.

Biblical Meaning of being blind in a dream


The biblical meaning of being blind in a dream, especially when one loses an eye suggests that soon they may be losing something really important to them. Could it be that you feel lost, or you feel like you have taken the wrong path in life, and you don’t think there’s a way to make things right? Your dream of being blind is only reflecting your insecurities.

You may be going through a series of emotional turmoil, you feel lost and hopeless. It’s okay to feel this way sometimes, but you should know that life itself gives hope, you are not lost, and you can always ask God for wisdom and direction, he’s always willing and ready to help you. Even while you’ve lost your way because of your ignorance, you acted like a child, he’s ready to accept you back just like in the parable of the prodigal son.

The biblical meaning of being blind in a dream may also suggest that secrets have been withheld from you, or so you think. You may feel lost in a gathering because you do not know everything you should. Your dream may be a warning for you to be careful of the company that you keep, some of your friends may be pushing you to your doom, and once you go down that road, you may not be able to recover, so what would you do?

What Does Partial Blindness in The Dream Mean?

Partial blindness in the dream can mean that yes, you’re not fully ignorant of the devices of the wicked, neither are you less aware of the things you need to do or shouldn’t do regarding your spiritual life, however, you have misplaced priorities. The things that matter to you the most are not the things of God.

You should remember that a Christian can either be hot or cold, he’s not allowed to be both, pick a path, do you want to thread the part of no regard for the lord or that of reverence to God? Whichever side you chose to be on, Jesus remains King.

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