Biblical Meaning of Gold Dust in The Dream

The biblical meaning of gold dust in the dream can represent the presence of God, his power and might, it can also represent wealth and Value that may not go extinct anytime soon.

Your dream about Gold dust may and should not even be about the gold dust, it should be about what that gold dust is pointing you to. Yes, seeing Gold dust in your dreams may be unusual, however, God can choose to speak to you in any way he pleases.

What is The Biblical Meaning of Gold Gust in The Dream?

The biblical meaning of gold dust in the dream is not fully understood, and the best way to get your dream’s meaning is to search the word of God or ask for an interpretation from the holy spirit. Gold in itself is a symbol of wealth and power. Dust could represent something that has a lifespan for example, Man, it can also represent replenishing, because the attitude of dust which can be pretty annoying is to come back to somewhere you just cleaned up not too long ago.

It’s okay if you don’t understand your dreams, but as a child of God which I except that you are because you’re here, you should not let the things you do not understand come between your relationship with God, and that’s by the way.

Finding gold dust in the dream can represent the glory of God. This means that finally, the glory of God has shone upon you, and you’re about to experience some magical things in your life, that you will come to appreciate for a long time. This is not an opportunity to reach into the part of you that seeks vanity, it’s a time for you to do everything in reverence and honour of the one true God, and experience God’s mighty Hands upon your life.

If you had a dream about Gold dust, the meaning can be many things, depending on the circumstances surrounding the dream. For example, a dream about receiving gold dust in a bowl or a plate signifies that there are so many blessings that God has ordained and are already coming to you, whether the devil likes it or not.

Did you happen to lose your gold dust to someone else, for example, if you share your gold dust, this means that the gift of wealth which God has blessed you with is not meant for you alone. You make have a calling to be a philanthropist to help all those in need, this alone has its way of opening more doors for the giver.

If someone takes that gold dust away from you, the biblical meaning of gold dust in the dream is that either you have done something that is hampering your relationship with God and the holy spirit. The presence of God is being taken away from you, and you feel like there’s nothing you can do about it.

Seeing Gold Dust on your head in the dream could symbolize the mark of God in your life and the presence of God upon you. This presence is very strong and it’s a reminder that you are going in the right direction of your spiritual journey. Do not lose that presence no matter what. Gold dust falling from the sky on your head symbolized you as the anointed of God. God has singled you out of the many that want to serve him, he has picked you and ordained you for his work. The call of God is upon your life, what are you going to do with that call???

As the dust is impossible to count, Gold dust in the dream connotes that you have a source of supply that will never go dry, it will never end. You’ve been favoured by God, he does not want you to have any wants unsatisfied. If you’re a man of God, seeing gold dust in your dream means that he has blessed you with the blessings of heaven and that everything you’ll need to lead the people of God to salvation has been given to you.

Biblical meaning of Gold dust in the dream

We established in the beginning of this article, that a gold dust in the dream sometimes does not necessarily have anything to do with the gold dust itself, instead, the dream may be pointing you in another direction. Could it be that God was just trying to grab your attention so he could say something to you? Was it a distraction from something important?

What was your reaction when you saw the gold dust in the dream, did you feel excited, stunned or indifferent?  Depending on your feelings, if you were too excited and lost focus due to the gold dust, the biblical meaning of gold dust in the dream connotes that yes, you may love the Lord, however, you have made your love for material things supersede your love for God. Your dream insinuates that your chase for money is dragging you further and further from the beauty of his presence, you need to retrace your steps and ask for mercy, he’s willing to receive you.

The Bible didn’t fail to hold gold in high regard, however, it made sure to remind us that gold and silver cannot be placed over spiritual things or gifts even when it kept placing them in comparison to each other. Seeing gold dust in your dream may just suggest that you have been blessed with the most valuable things on earth and even in heaven, Spiritual blessings.


When you see things such as gold dust in dreams or even silver, it symbolizes wealth and value that only kings may possess, this is also one thing that the lord recognizes as wealth, however a spiritual-minded person or a child of God should never regard earthly wealth more than his spiritual value.

Yes, it is important to make money, as money makes almost everything possible, however, one needs to be careful in their pursuit of money, as the love of money is the root of all evil –  1 Timothy 6:10

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