Spiritual Meaning of Sweeping in The Dream

Here comes the bomb. The spiritual meaning of sweeping in the dream, especially when you’re sweeping the church in the dream, suggests that you’ve been directed by God to take the responsibility of keeping his house clean as yours.

A dream of sweeping the floor may come as a shock to those groups of people that would prefer to go to work everyday from an untidy house rather than clean that same house up  There are so many reasons why you may be dreaming of sweeping the floor, however, these meanings will depend on the context in which they play out.

What is The Spiritual Meaning of Sweeping in The Dream

To dream of sweeping, depending on where you’re sweeping, may mean one or more things, some of which means you’re preparing for the coming and also sanctifying where the holy God is about to enter.

Sweeping in the dream would normally mean that you’re not happy with the situation around you. You feel like your mind and eyes have been a little corrupted, so you’re cleaning it out, hence your dream.

You feel some kind of negative energy around you, and you want to get rid of whatever is causing all the negativity in your life. It could also be that you are on the verge of changing your goals, partners, or even friends.

You feel like the friends you have today are not aligned with the pattern of life you want to live, hence your sweeping in the dream. However, if you feel this way, before cutting close friends off and letting them go, it’s important that you try by all means to communicate with them and help them understand you have to let go of the relationship, and sometimes it’s not even worth it.

When we clean our rooms or offices, it just simply states that we do not like being in a dirty environment. A room filled with junk is not our cup of tea. This dream may be related to your heart and mind. Daily, we take up information that sometimes damns our souls, and keeps God away from speaking to and through us.

In this case, the spiritual meaning of sweeping in the dream may signify the need for the sanctification of the heart and mind. The sanctification of your heart has to do with the act of re-evaluating yourself. reach deep inside your heart, guard your heart and mind so well, to make sure that the devil does not see where to penetrate.

To sanctify yourself, you’ll need to guard your heart and mind and be careful about the kind of content that you’re taking in every day, this can only be done when you consciously sieve out the contents that you take in, this could change you greatly.

If you were sweeping money in your dream, it is safe to say that your dreams symbolize change. Your life is about to change for the better.  Your blessings are overflowing so well that he can’t seem to be able to contain it and this is as a result of the help you’ve always rendered before now.

The spiritual meaning of sweeping in the dream may also represent a change of personality, the beginning of a new life. You have chosen a new path in life, all the old traits that you had, the mistakes, the joy and all that is now in the past because you have chosen to become a new person on Christ. The things from which you derived pleasure do not please you anymore, so sweeping in the dream represents the act of throwing out all those things that would not be Glory to God’s name

As a child of God, sweeping in the dream represents all good things, doesn’t matter what you’re even sweeping, they all end up being good. Seeing yourself sweep in the dream can also portend deliverance. Maybe before now, you have been having difficulties in some areas of your life, the spiritual meaning of sweeping in the dream suggests that you have been freed from any form of evil that has been tormenting you and your family.

You’re sweeping evil away from your abode, every time you sweep in the dream, it is a sign that you are a gatekeeper and some forces need to be sent out and away from your household, this responsibility has fallen on you, so get up and pray!!!

What Does Sweeping the Church Mean in a Dream

You’re so loved to have received such a message from God. Sweeping the church in a dream suggests that there are some blessings that you’ve been trying to access for a while and they’re not forthcoming, to release those blessings and favour from God, there is a certain duty you must be performing in the house of God.

This duty may not necessarily be sweeping, to know, you’ll have to ask God in prayers, let he who gave you your dreams of sweeping the church interpret them for you also.

Meaning of Cleaning a Dirty Floor in Dream

Cleaning a dirty floor in dream suggests that there is a lot of toxicity in your waking life that you will need to separate yourself from. This could be in the form of bad friends, or even the wrong job that you’ve gotten into that makes you cuss all day.

Your dream is suggesting that you will need to stay away from all of these things, you can do this and also observe the impact it has on your physical and mental health. Your dream of sweeping a dirty floor could also represent your dwindling relationship with your creator. Sweeping suggests that you are tired of not giving your relationship a better service, and so you’re angry and working with all seriousness to bring yourself back to him.


Sweeping even in our waking lives can prove to be a chore, a difficult and boring one at that. However, getting the chance to sweep in the dream suggests that you need to re-evaluate every single aspect of your life, and make changes when ready.

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