Biblical Meaning Of Cleaning A House In A Dream

If this house was not dirty, I’m sure you would have played no part in cleaning a house in the dream. However, you want a meaning for your dream about cleaning dirty house.

The biblical meaning of cleaning a house in a dream is a pointer that either you need liberation or you’re having one. It also suggests spiritual awakening and sanctification.

At this point, it is very important to note that you don’t just understand a dream just by picking out one symbol only. Your mood, feelings, and other symbols must be taken into consideration, let’s not forget the way the action or scene was also played out in the dream. In this case, was the house dirty or clean, were you happy or sad when you were cleaning the house in the dream, or you were just sweeping a dirty house?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Cleaning A House?

If looked at from a layman’s point of view, to dream about cleaning a house means that you are ridding yourself of everything bad in your life. A house in the dream represents the dreamer’s life and everything that takes place in it. so when you dream about cleaning a house, it means that you should be able to sit down and figure out everything in your life that is not favoring you, or that keeps you doubting yourself, pack them up, and throw them out.

Biblical Meaning Of Cleaning A House In A Dream

Biblical Meaning Of Cleaning A House In A Dream

With this generic understanding of what it means to dream about cleaning a house, let’s dig deeper to see the biblical meaning of cleaning a house in a dream

Spiritual Awakening

Maybe you weren’t so aware of the forces that you have been wrestling against all this while, or all the junk that you have been taking in from the world, and its impact on your spiritual life, and God finally drops a dream about cleaning a dirty house in your dreams. I’m welcoming you to the other side, which is the side of spiritual awareness.

Dreams, you see, are a channel through which our subconscious tries to connect with our minds and bodies. It is also a way for God to call us to order when we need his help with whatever or are going astray; your dream is one of his means of communication. One of the biblical meaning of cleaning a house in a dream that you had is a call to order.

Your dream was placed there to wake you up and remind you of how much you’ve slept in your spiritual life; you need to wake up and see all the garbage that you’ve let into your heart. Examine it and observe how diseased and filthy your heart is today; should you sanitize it or maintain it that way now that you’re aware?

My advice for you, s that you sanitize it and fill it with faith-building content, which is the word of God and words from God. If not every unclean thing that left you will find its way back.


Therefore, “Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.”

2 corinth 6:17

To clean your house in dream biblical meaning has to do with preparing your mind to be separate from the unholiness in the world, so you can touch God and see him better than you already have. Cleaning involves packing out dirt right, taking some soap and water to do the dishes, sweeping the house, vacuuming the whole apartment, or something like that because you want to be in a good and conducive environment.

Therefore, cleaning a house in your dream biblically suggests that you need to rid your mind of the evil, corrupt and bad things that you knew, unlearn them, and keep your heart clean and the reward is a good, healthy, and happy spiritual life. Your dream of cleaning a house suggests that you are ready to be liberated from all the things holding you back, be it spiritual or physical


For the LORD your God walks in the midst of your camp, to deliver you and give your enemies over to you; therefore your camp shall be holy, that He may see no unclean thing among you, and turn away from you.

deuteronomy 23:14

If you happened to clean a house in a dream, the biblical meaning suggests that you are just being obedient and preparing a place, sanctifying your home for the arrival of the most holy one. The scripture above refers to the children of God living on the campsite.

They were urged to keep their campground clean at all times because the holy one would be strolling among them to protect them as well as deliver them from their foes and assist them in winning their war. The objective was to keep the Holy God from seeing dirt in their camp and walking away from them.

Your dream about sweeping a house, or dream about cleaning a house according to the bible is a warning for you to do the same, clean out your house, and by the house, we mean your heart. Sanctify your heart only by listening to the word, and communing with the holy spirit, avoid sin by all means, throw out everything that does not glorify the name of the lord, and watch how he delivers you from your enemies.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Cleaning Someone’s House?

If you dream about cleaning someone’s house, then the meaning may suggest that you now have the responsibility of helping out someone in need. This need could be spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, etc. If you had such a dream, you need to figure out who this person is and help them out of their present predicament because they may not be able to come out of it without you.

Final Thought

The conclusion of the whole matter is that the biblical meaning of cleaning a house in a dream has to do with preparing and submitting your heart to God’s will.

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