Spiritual Meaning Of Pooping In A Dream

We’re all familiar with the word pooping, and the act in itself, however, no one expects to see themselves pooping in their dreams, and still, a lot of people get this sort of dream. Among the weird dreams which people have come to me about, dreams of urinating and also dreams about pooping do not seem to fall short.

In this article, we’ll be giving answers to those questions that have been bothering your mind, such as; 

  • what it means to see yourself pooping in a dream
  • The spiritual meaning of pooping in a dream
  • what poop mean in a dream biblically. 

To those who ask the question, “is dreaming about poop is good luck”, well my honest answer will be that “I’m not sure”,  although, depending on how you felt in the poop dream and the overall context your dream may mean good luck, so my question is what do you feel about dreaming of poop or poop in general?

Spiritual Meaning of pooping in a dream

While it might look very strange and even embarrassing to talk about, the spiritual meaning of pooping in a dream can tell you a whole lot about what’s going on in your life and your subconscious. Such dreams reflect so much of your desire to release the tension in your mind. Pooping in the dream mostly symbolizes your desires for purification and cleansing, both mentally, spiritually and physically.

You might be wondering why you’re defecating in the dream, since you’re not usually a dirty person, and you like to do your business in private but you should know that your dream does not signify that something is wrong with you, it’s just calling your attention to your state of mind.

You’ve been carrying a lot of emotional baggage around, a lot of hurt and you’re just full right now and need to take a breather, and just as our body tends to eliminate or get rid of waste, it would also like to eliminate all that emotional baggage that you’ve been carrying around, that what is.

The baggage we’re talking about can present itself in the form of hurt, childhood trauma, grudges, and all sorts of negative emotions. Yes, they’re all negative because if you take a look at your past, these feelings have done nothing to favour you, they only remind you of how disadvantaged you may be, or everything you’ve gone through.

Eliminating these feelings doesn’t mean that you should forget where you’re coming from or what God has done for you, rather it means you can make way for more positive and good energy.

Another spiritual meaning of pooping in the dream, looking at the biblical perspective suggests Uncleanliness.

¹²You shall also have a place outside the camp to which you may go, ¹³ and you shall have a spade among your tools, and when you [prepare to] sit down outside [to relieve yourself], you shall dig a hole with it and shall turn and cover up your waste. ¹⁴ Since the Lord your God walks amid your camp to rescue you and to defeat your enemies before you, therefore your camp must be holy (undefiled); and He must not see anything indecent among you or He will turn away from you. – Deuteronomy 23:12-14

This passage is pretty understandable. God wants to meet us in a clean and decent environment. Depending on how your dream about faeces happens, the biblical meaning of pooping in the dream suggests that your heart is unclean. This means that you have been taking in a lot of content that does not bring glory to the knowledge of God. You’re feeding your heart and spirit with the things of the world, rather the word of God.

Whenever you’re seeing yourself pooping in a dream, or you dream about pooping, it suggests that the holy spirit is interested in helping you get rid of sin and bad habits. Poop shouldn’t stay somewhere for too long, or it will begin to smell, this goes without saying that you need to rid yourself of sin and bad habits, because they aren’t healthy for your spiritual health neither will they do you any good.

The spiritual meaning of defecating in a dream can also mean a period of sanctification. This applies to touching faeces in a dream meaning. If you are touching excreta in the dream, then your dream well suggests that you need thorough cleansing, and your household needs sanctification.

This could be as a result of sin or whatnot, however, your hands or you are not clean, and God will not come in, neither will you be able to go to him if you do not cleanse yourself off all those things that are not of God in your life, and renew your mind through the word of God.

Dreaming of pooping in public meaning

Defecating or having diarrhea in public to me is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me. Spiritually, dreaming of pooping in public meaning is shame and embarrassment that may be coming upon you and your family.

If you’re pooping in public in a dream, it suggests that your enemies are deciding ways for which to bring poverty, shame and disgrace to your family, and also to cause problems that may be too difficult for you to solve.

You see, most people feel like dreams like pooping, or having diarrhoea may just be normal, however, if you’re sensitive to knowing the source of your dream, it will be easier to know if they’re good or bad. Sometimes, our dreams are just a means of manipulation from the pit of hell to cause us fear, other times, it may be the Holy Spirit calling our attention to the things that are not right, and I think this dream about pooping in public is one of them.


Understanding the spiritual meaning of pooping in a dream or any dream at all, is based on personal experiences, this means that the interpretation is mostly subjective. So to understand what a dream about pooping means to you, you have to trust your intuition, the Holy Spirit, and also the circumstance you’re in then.