Unveiling the Biblical meaning of killing scorpion in dreams

Dreams like this one where you see yourself killing a scorpion can be common should not be kept to yourself because they might just have a lot to say about your life at the moment.

Why you have dreams about scorpions is not known, but whatever message your dream is trying to pass is vital in navigating your life, let’s approach this dream of scorpions from the biblical perspective.

Biblical meaning of killing scorpion in dreams

To understand such dreams and how they pertain to your life, you must make sure to visit someone knowledgeable about the word of God and also be possessive of the Holy Spirit.

The biblical meaning of killing scorpion in dreams indicates victory and good tidings yet to come. It indicates that if you’ve been struggling before now and only have bad experiences in life, you can look for better days now.

Scorpions depending on their actions represent judgement and betrayal, threats and danger, however, if you see yourself killing a scorpion in a dream then you are going to be victorious over certain battles, mostly referring to spiritual battles like illnesses, disappointments, stagnancy and so on.

To dream about a lot of scorpions indicates that you have been experiencing Spiritual attacks in some areas of your life, now these things may have been hidden from you, or you did not notice them before now, however, in your place of prayer it has been revealed to you and dreams about many scorpions suggests that you need deliverance.

Killing a lot of scorpions in the dream is the indicator that you have overcome this battle that you so needed deliverance from. You have been given victory over your enemies.

Behold, I give you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will in any way hurt you. Luke 10:9

The biblical meaning of killing scorpion in dreams especially when the scorpion wants to sting you, or when the scorpion is attacking you in the dream may indicate your level of spiritual awareness. Your prayers, fast and study are paying off because even in your dream, you’re exercising the authority that God has given you over your enemies, while you’re sleeping, God is busy fighting battles and also settling cases for you in the spirit.

The spiritual meaning of seeing a scorpion

You must know that you may not get a relevant meaning to your dream about scorpions if you’re not able to give context to it. What this means is that if you’re searching for the spiritual meaning of seeing a scorpion in a dream, you need and should be able to state exactly what that scorpion was doing in your dreams.

Was the scorpion attacking you in a dream? We’re there too many baby scorpions, is it that the scorpion was just lurking around somewhere in the house, did you get stung by a Scorpion in the dream?  These questions require a clear and concise answer for you to be able to decipher your dream about scorpions


Spiritually, scorpions do not have any good report, they are a harbinger of death, sorrow, sickness and so on, but whichever one they are to you, is based on the context of your dream.

If you see Scorpions looking at you in a dream, without attacking, it does not necessarily mean that they’re not harmful, the biblical meaning of seeing a scorpion in this case suggests that the enemy is waiting on the best time to attack you.

A dream of seeing scorpions may serve as a warning, that there’s an imminent threat on your life. Your dream might indicate that there are certain things in your life right now that are a danger to your life.

It could be that you’re in a toxic relationship or office environment, it can even represent your circle of friends. Something is very young in your life and because of that you will need to be very careful in the coming days, do not let that scorpion sting!


Seeing scorpions in dreams can also represent your fears in life. You’re at a point where you need to make tough decisions or choices that may change the course of your life forever, scorpions may be manipulated by the enemy to appear in your dreams, just to scare you from taking that bold step.

When we’re afraid, our mind plays such a big role in it by giving us more and more things to be scared about, however, God didn’t give his children the spirit of fear, you’re a product of courage and so the only way to get away from that trap in your mind or dreams is to take the bold step anyway, because you’ll never know if a choice is the best until you take it.

Another aspect is the biblical meaning of killing scorpion in dreams by eating it, which only suggests a courageous move by you. This means that you’re overcoming every form of fear and obstacle that has been placed in front of you.

This suggests that even when the circumstance you find yourself in is quite unfavourable, you have the strength to remain in control of your life, you’re not going to lose your cool because you’re determined to get to wherever you’re going.


It may be very unusual if not rare to see a bed of scorpions in one place as it is not in their nature to be with many others, scorpions like to move alone, but seeing a lot of scorpions in a dream suggests that you’re being tormented by the enemy.

The damage they intend to cause is one which you may not be able to recover from. I’m talking about stagnation and demotion in various ways. They could come in the form of a persistent illness that refuses to go away, or loss of a loved one, or the loss of finances and opportunities that were supposed to change your life.

In a case where you encounter a colony of scorpions attacking you in a dream, it is very necessary that you see a spiritual head that would lead you in the right way of deliverance, or you immediately start on a prayer and fasting season because you’ll need God as always.

Dream Of Scorpions Jumping On You

Yes sometimes, to dream of scorpions may represent the evil ones in your life, like friends who will do funny things like betray you without you knowing. People will go behind you and do things that may incapacitate you for a while, but betrayal from the outside is not always it.

To see a scorpion on your body in a dream and not even do anything about it indicates that you’re doing things that have the potential of destroying or ruining your spiritual or physical health. This could be your lifestyle, prayerlessness and so on.

To dream of a scorpion jumping on you may mean that you have broken the edge, and opened up a way for the devil to come in and poison your life and spirit.

Dreaming of killing black scorpions

The colour of the scorpion you even kill in the dream matters a lot. And yes, there are various colours of scorpions, including blue!! Well, they may look very attractive and can be dangerous. Black scorpions regardless of their colour are not the most poisonous but their stings can be very strong and painful.

Continuous dreams of killing black scorpions indicate that yes, you may have to go through a very tough phase in your life, you’ll almost give up on everything, and you might lose everything, but be strong and of good courage, because killing black scorpions in a dream means that after all that, you will overcome, and also come out better than you’ve ever been.

Killing a red scorpion in the dream is an action of surrendering. Red is a colour of both passion, lust and desire. The spiritual meaning of killing a red scorpion is that you are willing to surrender your weaknesses for greater power and mission.

You’re not going to be cajoled into sin by the lust and desire that you feel. Killing a red scorpion is a show of strength in your spiritual life, it’s a display of bravery and determination, to harness everything that you are in a bid to achieve positive changes.


Scorpions are mostly seen as deadly, they may represent a threat to life, challenges and obstacles in life, and depending on the colours of scorpions that you kill, you may be about to be ushered into a new level in your life.

It’s also possible that you’re just receiving a warning from God regarding things in your life that are dangerous to your well-being either spiritually or physically and you must take heed because one bite from a scorpion in the dream suggests that the enemy has succeeded in their plans of poisoning and tormenting you.

Refuse the urge to count this dream as one of those that have no relevance. Good luck!