Killing Rabbit in Dream Meaning (Good Or Bad Omen)

Killing a rabbit in dream meaning can turn out to be a bad omen.  You would think that seeing a rabbit in your dream is all that good until you turned around and smashed its head with a machete, you can’t believe that you have killed the creature and now, you’re bothered about your killing rabbit in dream meaning.

I love the bunny or rabbits as we call them because they are loveable, fluffy, funny, and very easy to take care of, but when I go to sleep, the last thing I want to dream about is a rabbit, in fact, I never want to have to kill such a loveable pet.

Killing a rabbit in your dream can make you a bit worried and frantic about searching for killing a rabbit in dream meaning, worry not because we can help you.

What does Rabbit symbolize in a dream

Even if like me you are a bunny lover, it can put you on edge or get a little confusing when you see a lot of rabbits running around in your dream, because you do not understand whether this has a positive or negative meaning attached to it.

Like every other thing in life, whatever has an advantage always tends to have disadvantages too. With that in mind, we’re going to look at some of the symbols of rabbits in dreams.

In most cases, like when you have a rabbit as a pet in the house, or it is a festive period like Easter, it is normal to dream of rabbits, and it does not have any serious meaning to it because it’s just subconsciously replaying your thoughts.

However, if you have a dream about rabbits out of the blue, then it may have a symbolic meaning to it, either positive or negative. On the positive side, Rabbits in dreams can symbolize good luck, charm, abundance, and renewal. on the other hand, it can represent a vulnerable side to you that you didn’t even know was there, it may also be an indication that something bad is about to happen, promiscuity or fraudulent behavior.

What do rabbits mean spiritually (Christianity and Buddhism)?

Many of us like to associate our dreams and the things we see with our religious spirituality. Searching for what rabbits mean spiritually will open you to many options but we would work on just two religions which are Christianity and Buddhism.

For Christians, the Bible did not say much about the rabbit except that we humans should not eat it, saying that even though the rabbit chews its cod, it does not divide its hoof and so it is unclean for the Jews to eat.

“And the hare, because it chews the cud but does not part the hoof, is unclean to you- leviticus 11 vs 6

Nonetheless, the idea of rabbits as a symbol of vitality, rebirth, and resurrection comes from ancient times, and this explains their role in connection with Easter, the resurrection of Christ.

Christians would also attribute the rabbit to uncleanness and also link the white rabbit to purity. Christians still tend to follow the tradition of the Easter bunny that originated in Germany, even though it’s not very symbolic.

Buddha was said to have been a hare in his past life, and he would travel as a hare along with a fox and ape. Buddhism associates the hare or rabbit with, Reincarnation, spiritual Enlightenment, Renewal, and Rebirth.

In Buddhism, they have what is called the symbol of the samsara, which is the three rabbit, that represents the wheel of karma, which is spurn lifetime after lifetime till the person reaches a point of spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual meanings of Rabbits in both Christianity and Buddhism can mean almost the same thing, RENEWAL, FERTILITY, VITALITY, RESURRECTION, OR REINCARNATION.

Biblical meaning of rabbits in dreams

The biblical meaning of rabbits in dream is both positive and negative. The Bible did not mention much of the rabbit but it associates rabbits with multiplication and also with unclean spirits according to Leviticus 11:6.

Seeing a rabbit in your dream could be a promise from God to bless you with fruitfulness and good luck. However, it could also mean that he is trying to show you that there is some unclean spirit that you are unaware of.

This does not necessarily mean that there is a foreign spirit in your body, it just means that you have tendencies to portray characters and attributes that are not of God. Examples of such include greed, lust, and even a lack of compassion for others, or at the extreme, it could be a severe sickness or disease.

When you have such dreams, what you need to do is to pray to God for the revealing power of the holy spirit to show you exactly what your dream was trying to say to you, and work with your answer from God.

What does killing in a dream mean?

Killing in a dream could mean that you need power and there is something in your waking life that is provoking you to think so and so you are showing that in your dream by killing something or someone.

If you killed in your dream, it could also mean that there is some kind of repressed or surprised anger in you about a person or situation in your life that made you feel like you do not have any control over what happens. It is an indication that you may be on the verge of losing your temper and causing some harm. Watch it!

Killing rabbits in dream meaning

Rabbits usually symbolize good things, like vitality, rebirth, Good luck, good fortune, fertility, you know stuff like that. Now if you killed a Rabbit in your dream, this is not a good sign, it signifies that something is wrong or is about to go wrong and it is a very bad omen.

I do not see the good in killing anything at all in the dream, except you are killing a predator or an old witch that tried to attack you. Killing rabbit in dream meaning does not look good at all as it suggests that there could be a kind of loss looming in the corner.

Dreaming about killing a rabbit suggests that you have repressed feelings about how your life has been going and you want to take back control over your life as you have allowed others to dictate how your life should go without any objections from your side. This dream is an indication that you think it is time to take power into your own hands because you have neglected enough.

Killing rabbit in dream meaning also indicates that you will exhibit inappropriate behaviors, or you are about to or have taken rash decisions that would harm your reputation, hurt you, and maybe also hurt the people around you. When you see yourself killing a rabbit in your dreams, it indicates that you are about to suffer significant material loss or that you will be deprived of resources, finances, or people necessary to achieve success in your life.

Dreams about killing a rabbit can be related to the dreamer’s personality. Either he just has a very strong personality, especially if the dream felt normal to him or he didn’t feel many emotions in and after the dream. But when the dreamer gets feelings of guilt or is frantic about reviving the rabbit, it is a sign that something in the life of the dreamer is getting out of control and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

What does it mean to dream of a rabbit biting you?

What does it mean to dream of a rabbit biting you?


Unlike sharks, rabbits are hardly interested in biting you, and if they do, it does not necessarily mean that they hate you. Rabbits would nip at your feet or fingers when seeking attention or bite you unintentionally when you’re feeding them, maybe your hand looks or tastes like their carrot.

So when you dream about a rabbit biting you, you should not be too worried as it means that you have not been paying enough attention to an important aspect of your life. It could be your relationships, work, or family life.

If you’re in a serious relationship, to dream of being bitten by a rabbit could mean that you are not doing enough for your partner, and a reminder that you should take better care of your love.

White rabbit dream meaning

You saw a white rabbit in your dream, and searching for a white rabbit dream meaning, it symbolizes, love, purity, good luck, good fortune, fertility, and everything good you can think of. So seeing a white rabbit in your dream signifies that you are entering a time of abundance of wealth.

This could apply to your health, family, relationship, and even career. You would start stepping into places that would only bring blessings to you, adding to all the blessings you already have. And it is also a sign that you should count and thank God for the blessings that he has blessed you with.

Dream about saving a rabbit

Saving a Rabbit in the dream just indicates that you have a protective nature and you are willing to protect everything in your life. This could be a good or bad thing, as it can mean that you are not willing to let go of the bad and unclean characters that you have been warned to let go of.  It could also mean that you will achieve success in what you set out to do.

It is a good thing in a case where you are trying to protect the love you have for your partner. It could also mean that you are trying very hard to avoid a potential problem that might damage you or your finances.

It could also signify an impending loss. You don’t know what is coming, but your subconscious is preparing you for what is to come by showing you that you need to pay attention to a very important aspect of your life, if not, you are going to lose it.


Killing rabbit in dream meaning is a bad omen and foretells a serious problem that you need to address. It points to loss and destruction that will be caused by you. Review your actions so far and be cautious of your character, anger, and everything you do from now onwards.

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