Sleeping with a man in a dream Spiritual meaning

Sex dreams like sleeping with a man in a dream are one of the common dreams that people have, and that list is not very long.

It is not an unusual occurrence to see yourself being intimate with someone in the dream, and one of the reasons for this is that intimacy is a very integral part of our lives and almost every human alive desires it, whoever doesn’t get to experience it in their waking life may tend to always think and dream about it.

For the sake of this article, sleeping with a man in a dream spiritual meaning symbolizes a tie or a connection with another spiritual entity that isn’t of this world.

Before reading the article, you must understand that spirituality means different things to different people. To some, spirituality relates to their culture and religion, and others, it’s mostly energy, vibes and how their stars align.

Sleeping with a man in a dream Spiritual meaning

For some people, sleeping with a man in a dream spiritual meaning may just be a reflection of their dark and lustful desires or attraction. They may have been thinking about someone really attractive to them, and in the process thought of what they want out of the relationship is reflected in their dreams.

If you’re in a relationship, and you feel like your boyfriend or husband doesn’t treat you right, and you desire more fun and spice in your life and bedroom, you may likely dream about sleeping with a man you don’t know.

It gives off your desire for something different in that relationship, a day away from the buzz of the city may be all the spice you need, so how about a spontaneous getaway!!

However, if you’re like me who thinks my dreams are a message from my creator or the universe, then the spiritual meaning of sleeping with a man may be somewhat more serious than just romanticizing.

To this set of people, sleeping with a man in a dream spiritual meaning indicates a spiritual attack, and not being able to refuse the urge to continue, shows a weakness to the things of the flesh.

Having sex with a man in your dream may also suggest that you’re prone to more attacks on your finances, relationships, spiritual life and even Marriage by the enemy.

What Is The Meaning Of Sleeping With Someone In A Dream?

Dreams such as the one of sleeping with a man are interpreted subjectively, because they can be influenced by different variables, from the dreamer’s cultural, religious and emotional perspective or experience.

Also, it is very important to take note of the feelings or emotions that we experience in the dream as well as the other symbols present in the dream. For example, sleeping with a man in a beautifully lit bedroom with flowers and a lot of lovely emotions in a dream will give you a different meaning for a dream about sleeping with a man you don’t know.

As much as the meaning of sleeping with someone in a dream might be a sweet and erotic experience for some, it is a sign of unknown and terrible issues for others.

I said so because while the meaning of sleeping with someone in a dream may be a symbol of attraction and desire, an indication of the need for connection, love and intimacy for some people, it is also possible that sleeping with a man in a dream spiritual meaning symbolizes a marriage or union with another spiritual entity that isn’t of this world

It could suggest a level of intimacy with a spirit that isn’t the holy spirit or Allah, but an evil spirit, and what this indicates is that things may begin to take a terrible turn from here on out if that connection is not broken.

Dream about making love with a stranger

If you’re dreaming about sleeping with a man and this man is a stranger, not your partner or husband, it does not necessarily mean that you’re going to cheat on your husband, or you’re not in love with your partner anymore.

Depending on your emotions in this sex dream, if you enjoyed the whole thing, the spiritual implication shows that you’re welcoming a stranger into your life, or marriage. This stranger is only here to steal, kill and destroy whatever has the potential of being good in your life, and you have just let it into your life.

However, if you struggled with this stranger, or experienced rape in the dream, it is possible that though, your spirit man may be weak to fight off the enemy or stranger that wants to dwell in your life, your spirit isn’t exactly welcoming of them, and this dream is a warning from God about a threat that’s approaching you or your family and you need to put on your whole armour and prepare to ward off evil with the help of God.

Dream about sleeping with a man you know

Whoever you dreamt about having sex with better not be your boss, because it’s screaming office romance!!! Which is not very advisable even when people like to engage in it.

Having sex with a man in your dream is significant especially when you are in a relationship with that person. This is so because it may represent the strong emotional connection or bond that you both share, however, this bond may prove to be positive or negative.

If you’re having sex with someone you know in a dream, but you can’t say you’ve ever thought of that person in that way, neither are you very close with that person, then the spiritual meaning of your dream may indicate a familiar spirit. What this means is that evil demons are present in your household.

Sleeping with someone you know in the dream may not have anything to do with sex, but mostly about the person you see. It is possible that the person you saw is not necessarily who you’re being warned against.

Regardless, your dream is a warning about an enemy in your midst, could be in your office, with family or amongst your friends, but you need to be careful and resist the urge to get too friendly or intimate with just anyone, or you just having sex with the devil.

Sleeping with a man in a dream spiritual meaning christianity

It is common knowledge in Christianity, that as a woman sex dreams or sleeping with a man in a dream is not a good omen. It suggests that the enemy is out to steal her virtue, it indicates a defilement of the glory that has been bestowed on her by God.

If a lady also keeps dreaming about sleeping with a man continuously, spiritually, it is an indicator that she has been united with another spiritual being as one.

Prophets believe sex between a man and a woman in a dream is a unification of both spirits to become one, and the only difference is that one of them isn’t of our physical world but of the spiritual which is going to leave a lot of negative impact in the life of the other.

If as a woman you have continuous dreams of sleeping with a man, the spiritual meaning indicates that you have been joined or married to that man in the spiritual realm and there isn’t anyone as jealous as such kinds of husbands.

The results of such encounters are manifested in your daily life, you find out that other men may begin to find you unattractive, and if you’re already married, problems that threaten its existence will begin to occur because that spirit would do whatever he can to destroy your relationships here on earth.

You may be doing well financially, but without breaking away through some kind of spiritual warfare, you may find it hard to do well in marital affairs, and you may never get around to being married.


If you had a one-time experience of sleeping with a random guy in a dream, then your dream may just be nothing more than a dream reflecting your desire for more emotional and lasting relationships.

However, continuously sleeping with a particular man in the dream, whether you know him or not, suggests that there is a problem somewhere, and if knowing is very important to you, you must speak to someone.

Have recurring sex dreams? It is advisable to look for people like religious leaders and spiritual counsellors within your specific faith community in a bid to seek guidance or advice.