Biblical Meaning Of Hair Falling Out In Dreams

The biblical meaning of hair falling out in your dream may suggest unbelief, loss of God’s covering, spiritual weakness, shame, and disgrace.

What does the bible say about hair loss

Unlike the way the bible made mention of things like fishes and garments, the bible made a few statements about hair loss, however, it seemed to have mentioned hair on more than one occasion. The significance of hair biblically is renewal, vitality, growth, beauty, good health, and also evidence of old age.

In the days of Moses, keeping hair to grow long was considered to be a holy act, by those who God had made holy (the priests), and they were not to cut it off nor were they meant to do the trimmings that we get today. Yes, in those days, real priests didn’t have the luxury of getting a $100 haircut. You can just imagine what it would feel like for one of these priests to begin to lose their hair, or when they find out their hair is falling out.

I would guess that those men will become devastated, as hair loss may mean unholiness, or that they are now too old, they might just feel like they have desecrated the house of the lord. The Bible also associated gray hair with old age, and a crown of splendor, which is only achieved on the way to righteousness, This should tell you how important your hair is to God and your Christian race.

Biblical meaning of hair falling out in dream

biblical meaning of hair falling out

The people said to Saul, “Shall Jonathan die, who has worked this great salvation in Israel? Far from it! As the LORD lives, there shall not one hair of his head fall to the ground; for he has worked with God this day!” So the people rescued Jonathan, that he didn’t die.

1 Samuel 14:45

Having to dream about hair loss, or see a female dream about hair loss, must be a scary thing to see. Whether you are a man or woman, no one wants to watch their beautiful hair fall off. if you are taking a look at the physical angle of your dream about someone losing hair, you can so easily denote that they are getting old, weak, and maybe even sick and you need to prepare yourself for what’s coming, or maybe even see a doctor.

However, In this article, we are taking a look at the biblical meaning of hair falling out in dreams, may mean that God has departed from the dreamer, but it could also mean that the dreamer is under some kind of oppression by the enemy, and also, at some point, the bible associated hair loss or baldness to even being clean.

Following 1 Samuel 14:45, Jonathan was about to be murdered, but because of all the service he had rendered to God before then, he received mercy from the lord and was saved by the people in Isreal, and as long as the lord lived, no harm shall come near him (there shall not one hair of his head fall to the ground).

A female dream about hair loss may be suggesting that you do not have the coverage that you have enjoyed before now from God, not anymore, and this may have been triggered by sin or a point of spiritual weakness, or just because.  However, the bible also made us understand that nothing, especially sin nor death can separate us from the love of our Father in Heaven, so you can always find your way back through counseling and his word.

As healthy gray hair may suggest splendor, good health, and good old age, Having dreams of hair falling could suggest ill health. The biblical meaning of hair falling out portends a future illness or suggests spiritual weakness. this dream suggests that you are getting too weak spiritually and opened up the way for the enemy to come in and toy with your life

These attacks can come in disguise of sickness, financial problems, or shame in your personal or family life, but now that God has revealed this to you, you have the choice of picking up your spiritual journey from where you left off, to fend off the evil forces, or you can just sit down and watch. It is your choice to make.

But not a hair of your head will perish!

luke 21:18

The above verse was a statement that Jesus made to his disciples when they were discussing the second coming of Christ. He said that even when the world is falling apart, countries are in dispute, brothers, and friends are betraying each other, and also persecution is taking place, there shall no harm befall anyone that has and will accept him as their lord.

If you had a dream about hair loss, the biblical meaning of hair falling out in your dream suggests that you may be losing your faith. Yes, you might not have noticed but God had noticed, and so he sent you a reminder. did you lose someone dear to you, or have you had a disappointment recently which is making you doubt the existence of your God? Then your dream is trying to call you to order It is informing you of your dwindling faith in Christ and the harm that it may be cause you, which may be unrepairable


To dream about losing hair, hair loss in dream or when you dream about your hair falling out is not the same as cutting your hair in a dream. The former means that you may not have a hand in what is happening to you, and you aren’t able to control the situation, while the latter means that you are responsible for the choices you make, and the consequences.

If your dream about hair falling off just happens to bother you so much, you should seek out counsel and encouragement from a counselor, spiritual head, or a professional therapist, you can also pray about it and ask God for the interpretation of your dream because no one can explain a dream better than the giver. It’s time to find out if you still have your God on your side.

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