Spiritual meaning of someone cutting my hair in a dream

Did you have a hair dream, see someone cutting your hair in the dream, or even a stranger plaiting your hair in a dream, and since you woke up you have been worried by your dream? Hence your search for the spiritual meaning of cutting my hair in a dream.

Before you start surfing the net looking for all sorts of meaning for your dream, you need to understand the main symbol of this dream and its significance in dreams.


What is the significance of hair in a dream, is having dreams about hair a bad omen?

People like to associate hair with beauty, vanity, wealth and health. Seeing hair in dream can symbolize different things. For example, Christians will associate the hair on our hair with the glory of a person, and depending on who is carrying the hair, it could be a good or bad sign.

Personally, I believe that hair is a very vital part of the human being, it may not look like it but it carries as much evidence of our existence as our whole body. So when you happen to have a dream about hair or a dream about someone cutting your hair and trying to decipher what you mean, it’s easier to just ask yourself what your hair means to you, Do you think you can’t do without keeping a beautiful or shiny hair, or you just don’t care?

In the case where you dream about your hair falling out, this dream signifies ill health and loss, and maybe either you or someone you know is about to fall sick or die, it can also signify fear, how about the spiritual meaning of someone cutting my hair in a dream? Well, let’s find out!

Spiritual meaning of someone cutting my hair in a dreamSPIRITUAL MEANING OF SOMEONE CUTTING MY HAIR IN A DREAM

This dream about someone cutting your hair is one that you should be worried about as it is a harbinger of evil things, should in case you have no idea why I said so the spiritual meaning of someone cutting my hair in a dream is a pattern of the demonic forces in your life attempting to steal or rip you off your glory which the hair represents spiritually. Let’s dig deeper.

Dream of a stranger cutting my hair- misfortune

When you have a dream about a stranger cutting your hair, it is a cause to worry as it means that there are strong demonic forces in your life, that are trying to steal something important from you, s important as your destiny. Your hair is your covering, it signifies the glory of God in your life, and it can also signify your strength. If you have a dream of a stranger cutting your hair, it foretells misfortune.

Someone somewhere is not happy about the wonderful life that you are leading, it may even be a familiar spirit but in a stranger’s form, and they are set to rip you off that which God has given to you. From now on, you need to be very careful of who you tell the most important developments in your life, so as not to trigger envy.

Meaning of shaving hair in the dream – dishonour

In discussing the spiritual meaning of someone cutting your hair or you find yourself shaving hair in the dream, your dream might have everything to do with dishonour. if you are the one shaving your hair in the dream, it means that you have done or are about to do something that would cause you shame, and also bring dishonour to you and your family.

if you’re the type who believes in prayers, what you need to do right now is to pray to whoever or whatever you believe in and ask for mercy, because only mercy can save you from what’s coming. However, if in your dream, someone else is cutting or shaving your hair, it simply means that someone, it could be a friend or a colleague is trying to cause you shame by either spreading fake news about you or framing you at the office.

what you need to do now is to stay away from anything and everything that can be used against you, or used to tarnish your image. Be diligent at work, don’t  be a partaker of cheap gossip in the office, be truthful, and then pray for that cup to Passover.


Taking a look at the biblical angle for Christians, the spiritual meaning of someone cutting my hair in a dream, represents betrayal. Do you remember the story of Samson and Delilah? In this story, Samson was blessed with strength from God, and his strength and weakness was in his hair.

It’s understood that Samson could move mountains if he wanted to, however he lost the covering of God over his life after he went against the will of God. While he was asleep, delilah cut his hair so he began to lose his physical strength.

Using this synopsis, the spiritual meaning of someone cutting my hair in a dream is betrayal, as someone you hold dear to you may do something to hurt you in the nearest future, and you would not be able to do something about it.


I had an experience sometime last year, and  before this, I had the intention of locking my hair into a twist and just leaving it that way for a while, it had been on my mind 2 years coming, and I had already been preparing my hair and mind for the transition, Then on one faithful night, I had a dream where I was frantically searching for a scissors and immediately I found the scissors I began to cut the hair off.

I woke up with a voice in my head, Do not loc your hair, take that thought and throw it into the bin. Well guess what, I did throw it into the bin, because as I prayed about the dream I realized that God was trying to separate me from the world, because I’m  not of this world, why do what will join me to them.

This right here is why I can boldly tell you that the spiritual meaning of cutting my hair in a dream could mean separation from unholy and unclean things. It could be separation from people that are unhealthy for you, or from things that do not help you grow spiritually.


These spiritual meanings of your dream about hair totally depends on various factors, like your feelings and mood, the actions that took place before and after, your mood when you woke up, and how much you even remember when you wake up, take note of them.

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