Biblical Meaning of Being Chased by a Cow in Dream

The few time that cows were mentioned in the Bible correctly, they referred to either famine or abundance. The biblical meaning of being chased by a cow in dream could represent the dreamer’s pattern of oppressing the needy and those that are beneath him.

What do Cows Represent Spiritually

what is the spiritual meaning of Cows? Well universally, cows have been known to represent fertility, provision, and even abundance. The cow is what provides the beef that almost 130 billion people consume, with the United States as the leading consumer.

With this, it is safe to say that cows are part of the reasons why a lot of people are alive today because they produce milk and beef. Spiritually, cows also mean abundance, so dreaming of cows, depending on the action and the kind of cow you see, suggests that you’ve been blessed by your creator and the universe, this is the case when you see a herd of cows in your dreams.

What is the Biblical Meaning of Being Chased By a Cow in Dream

Remember we’ve always emphasized the importance of context when searching for dream meanings, this right here is a perfect example of a great context.

Seeing cows in your dream may represent a lot of things from abundance to even lack and loss, but the biblical meaning of being chased by a cow in dream is a bit more intense.

Yes, dreaming of cows chasing you may mean that you’ve been blessed with abundance that you may not even be able to handle because it’s just too abundant!!, but a cow chasing you in the dream can also symbolize a difficult challenge.

This challenge has become overwhelming, and you’ve done all you could, but nothing seems to work, to you, things are getting out of control, hence your running away from the cow in the dream. You feel like the trouble you’re in may be the end of you, you have no plans to wait till it takes you, hence you’re running away. In your waking life, this could be related to your relationship or even your work life.

You’ve been given a huge job to undertake, but your fear of not doing it to the satisfaction of your boss is making you feel like you can’t handle it. You need to reaffirm yourself and be your best hype man, you can do whatever you need to do, Man is elastic, stretch yourself.

Biblical Meaning of Being Chased by a Cow in Dream

The biblical meaning of being chased by a cow in dream represents the oppressor. Amos 4:1 refers to cows as over-pampered woman that oppresses the needy. You may not be a woman, and neither do you have a woman in your life, however, a car chasing you in the dream symbolizes the oppressors in your life. Sometimes, you are the oppressor who has chosen not to show love to the needy in your life, onwards, you should make it a point of duty to always help someone in need, no matter how little. The Bible says it is the giver that’s more blessed than the receiver.

Maybe you have been having dreams about cows chasing you, or even bulls chasing you, your dream suggests that some forces are readily available to do whatever it takes to make sure you do not reach your full potential. The question should be, what is the cow in the dream chasing you from?

Could it be that your stubborn personality is the one even chasing you as a cow? Sometimes dreaming of a cow chasing you is represent your personality. It portrays you as a stubborn person who would rather hit your head on the wall than adopt the opinions of others.

The dream means that your attitude of not paying enough attention, and acting like no one matters might be the end of you. You are about to lose something important like a friend or even partner and by the time you realize what you’ve done, it may be too late, you should do better, and keep an open mind as this will encourage better communication.

We should also not act oblivious nor should we be ignorant of the devices of the enemy, seeing a cow running towards you in the dream means that you and your house may be in danger. The cow represents the stronghold and evil man that’s about to torment you and your household.

You should call each of your family members to pray because if the cow manages to get to you, then harm has been done. The biblical meaning of being chased by a cow in dream also signifies the reason why you are in the trouble you’re in right now.

While some culture honours the cow, in some others, cows are seen as stubborn animal that needs to be dealt with before they cause havoc, seeing such an animal chasing you means that someone is behind all the troubles and suffering that you or your family have been going through, would you stand to fight or run till the very end?

Spiritually, when something or an animal is chasing you in the dream, especially when you’ve done nothing to it, the animal symbolizes the tormentors, that is your spiritual enemies that are not interested in seeing your progress, and your running symbolizes your weakness to fight back. Your spiritual man is weak, you’re not strong enough to fight back, hence you’re running away from the cow.

You seek deliverance, but it’s nothing that prayer and fasting cannot doPutng on your whole armour of God, and present your case to God. Fill yourself with the word of God, this word is what will give you the courage to stand against the monitoring and stubborn spirit which presents itself as a cow.


If you’re spiritually minded, you should pray against spiritual animals that are troubling you and your family, it could also be your guilt tormenting you in the dream, so you could also ask for mercy, And return no more to your sin.

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