Biblical meaning of spices in a dream

In learning about the biblical meaning of spices in a dream, we need to understand that even in our waking world, whenever we hear or think of the word spices, all we can relate to is a nostalgic feeling of wonderful aroma and even the tastiest food that we’ve had in our beautiful life. It doesn’t get better than that.

Seeing spices in dream meaning is a good omen, it can symbolize a time of beautification in the life of the dreamer. Before now, you must have thought that you were having the worse kind of life ever, However, your dream is a reminder that you have to appreciate the little things that have always caused you joy, even if it was a little, think upon those things, and don’t forget to thank your maker.

Biblical Meaning of Spices in a Dream

In a layman’s view, spices are things that improve the taste or aromatic experience of either food or the environment. However, the spiritual meaning of spices in the dream, and the biblical meaning of spices in a dream can prove to be a little bit different but surrounded by a good experience.

Aside from the biblical meaning, seeing spices in dream Islam, depending on the line of spice may mean betrayal. If you dream of sharing a spice with someone, it may mean that you’re about to make a promise to someone that you may end up not keeping in the long run, abstain from making false promises.

Back to the bone of contention. The holy book of God, which is the Bible, made mention of spices a lot of times, and in a lot of ways, some of the spices that were mentioned in the Bible include but are not limited to garlic, myrrh and aloes, cassia cinnamon, e.t.c. And they were all used to improve the fragrance of the environment or their bodies.

Spices in the Bible we’re mostly owned by the wealthiest men who had enough to even give away, including Nicodemus and King Solomon. So, the biblical meaning of spices in a dream has to do with celebration, honour, wealth, e.t.c

Biblical meaning of spices in a dream


Were you adding some spice to food in a dream? This could be that you are ready for a celebration. If you happen to see so many spices in the dream or see yourself in a spices market, it is safe to say that celebration is around the corner for you and your family.

Usually, people don’t keep so many spices at home to prevent them from getting spoilt, and on ordinary days, our dishes do not include so much spice, salt is usually more prevalent, but have you ever been to the tasting or cooking of an event meal??? That’s what I’m talking about. To dream of spices mean to prepare for a celebration.

Something you have been expecting for a long time is almost here, and your spirit has no choice but to jubilate and prepare for the jubilation.


When Jesus died, and was about to be buried, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus did their best, to give Jesus a Jewish burial. Nicodemus brought a lot of myrrh and aloes to apply on Jesus’ body because why should the body of his lord and personal saviour stink for any reason?

These special spices were applied in a bid to honour Jesus Christ after all the suffering he had to go through for the world. Therefore, the biblical meaning of spices in a dream suggests that either you’re about to receive honour from a group of people, or it’s a call to action for you to go out to bless and honour someone.

The prophets in Exodus were asked to make anointing oil with spices, adding these spices was in a bid to present a sweet-smelling fragrance at the alters and at the tents. Odors were a sign of disrespect, to honour God, everything you do is presented as a sweet-smelling sacrifice to God. Your dream suggests that there is something you are not doing right in your bid to honour God. You need to take a look at your life and do the needful.


In the days of the Bible, spices were owned only by the wealthy, seeing spices in the dream could simply just mean that you are either desiring to be wealthy or you’re already a wealthy man in the spiritual realm. Depending on what your dream of spices is, for example, if you dream of buying spice, dream of giving out spice, the biblical meaning suggests that you will soon do something that may change the life of the people around you, mostly for the positive.

Your dream suggests that you should learn to give out to the needy, the poor, only then would you be able to access your wealth. The dream also suggests that you’re about to experience a life-changing event, this event would turn things around for you. Your life is about to become one without financial or material struggle because just like that, you’ll have all you need.


Before now, maybe you have been struggling in your spiritual life. Things have never been worse in your relationship with God. You are losing the fire you once had for the things of God, hence your dream about spices.

You feel like something is missing in your life but whenever something is wrong with our spiritual life, all we can do is renew our minds with the word of God. The word of God, which is the Bible is what you need to spice up your spiritual life.

Communication with the holy spirit improves your relationship with God, it is the spice you need, it is what you need to strike the missing balance in your spiritual life.


Having a dream about spices tells a lot about the dreamer. You value life a lot, and you would do all you can to make the best out of yours. This is a great idea, as long as you remember to strike the balance and put God at the forefront of your daily life.

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