Dream of Gifts Falling From The Sky Meaning

You might have had a dream of gifts falling from the sky, you don’t know what it means but would like to find out. Well, the dream of gifts falling from the sky has got to be one of the uncommon dreams in the history of dreams (a lot of people still have them though, I’ll be sharing my experience too).

Trying to find out about my dream of gifts falling from the sky meaning, I’ve had to read and listen to people and even to my spiritual guardian, and I’ve come to find out that this dream of gift falling from the sky means Abundance, blessings, good fortune and favor from where you were not expecting one.

Dream Of Gifts Falling From The Sky Meaning

I’ve had a dream about falling from the sky once. Let me explain. I had a dream where I was at the driveway of a modernized farmers market, there was nothing normal about this market because it looked like straight out of the movies, but I was trying to get into the market when I noticed that people were staring and whispering to themselves.

I began wondering if something was wrong with my outfit, but when I looked up, I saw a very big box above my head, wrapped in green and red gift wrappers, I tried to move but couldn’t. It felt like I was stuck in that position until the box came down in front of me, and now I didn’t get to see what was in it.

I woke up and did not need anyone to tell me what my dream meant, because only I can know or tell my dream of gifts falling from the sky meaning. I made up my mind that this dream meant that what I was waiting for for a long time had finally come to pass, and I thanked God for the manifestation of that dream.

The meaning of dreams about gifts falling from the sky is not very far-fetched, depending on your emotions during and after waking up. Did you feel happy or sad, energetic or moody, surprised, or just dumbfounded? A dream of gifts falling from the sky meaning could be Unexpected favor from God or a colleague or a loved one, Abundance, happiness, stability, or joy. 

Your dream could just be trying to tell you that what you have been asking for is about to happen and it is good, or it means that you might be hearing some sort of unexpected news anytime soon, but be not afraid, it’s a good omen as you would be overcoming everything on your way to get your answered prayers

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Things Falling

Falling dreams already have everything to do with how you feel about a situation. You might already be feeling like your relationship is out of control and you can’t do anything to save it, or falling dreams may just be your head telling you how you are scared to enter into a new phase, like “what if I fail”. I’ll encourage you to go ahead anyways because you can’t know until you try, It won’t kill you.

When we dream about things falling on our heads, it could be a sign of rage, or wickedness from the hands of other people, people we may or may not know. It portrays betrayal from someone close to us, and our reaction to the dream can tell us how exactly we might take it in our waking life when it happens.

What does it mean when we dream about things falling? Dreams about things falling can signify abundance in the case of Gifts falling from the sky could mean renewal or destruction in the case of fire and hail falling from the sky means bad news or a warning.

Dreams about things falling from the sky could also be your emotions that may be going haywire because you are experiencing some sort of upheaval in your life. The best option or way to handle such feelings is to speak to someone and get some help.

Spiritual Meaning Of Falling

The spiritual meaning of falling is not on the common side of dreams, but people still have them, and many uncommon dreams as this were meant to pass a very delicate or important message to the dreamer.

Knowing the meaning of your dreams about falling is the key to understanding what your unconscious or spiritual mind was trying to tell you. Normally, with secular meanings in mind, people and books will tell you that falling means you are feeling inadequate or out of control, or that you are missing the whole point of the scenario, that’s for the secular.

The spiritual meaning of falling in dreams has nothing to do with your feelings of inadequacy, and it does not mean anything good either. The spiritual meaning of falling in dream means that you may experience a time of pain, hurt, and misfortune. It generally means downfall or failure. Yes, it is what it is.

Dreaming of falling is the mind’s way of informing the dreamer of the things that are to come, and preparing one for the damages that may be done. The spiritual meaning of falling is an alert to wake up and change what needs to be changed so you can avert the premonition of failure in your life or that of a close relationship. After having such dreams the better way to handle it is by praying and fasting for the mercies of God.

Spiritual Meaning Of Gifts Falling From Sky In Dream

Dream of gifts falling from the sky

Dreams of falling denote downfall or failure in the spiritual realm, when you fall or trip it denotes something that something bad is about to happen, but this is not the case for gifts falling from the sky. The spiritual meaning of gifts falling from the sky in dreams is OPEN HEAVENS.

When you have dreams where different gifts fall from the sky to you, this means abundance, and that God has remembered you and opened the heavens to you. It is a call for you to start rejoicing over all the blessings that God has given you. It could be a promotion, a new house, a baby, or something that would have value to you. Congratulations!!

Why You May Dream Of Gifts Falling From The Sky

Honestly, we can only tell you what your dream may mean or not mean, but why you are having such dreams is out of our grasp for us as we can’t tell why a lot of things happen.

Wikipedia describes our dreams as a succession of images, thoughts, and emotions that occur involuntarily in our sleep, More like a movie in our heads. We don’t do anything to provoke some of these dreams unless it’s a wet dream that can happen due to your thoughts or maybe you were just fantasizing about something before you sleep.

However, you may be having dreams of gifts falling from the sky because you have been asking God and the universe for something for a while now, and did not seem to be getting it. This is a sign of a good prayer answer.

You could also be having such dreams because you have some set goals ahead of you that you have hoped to reach, although you’ve been gripped with fear and thinking about whether you should give up on your goals. This dream is a sign of encouragement for you to keep striving for what you’ve always wanted because whatever obstacles you may face can be a lot. you are going to achieve a degree of success soon.

What Does Falling And Landing Mean In Dream?

Dreaming of falling and landing is a good omen because falling alone means that you have lost control over everything and that you are overwhelmed by situations surrounding you at that time, but should in case you get to land after falling, it means that whatever troubles you’re facing will not overshadow you, and you’re gaining control once again.

The impact of hitting the ground often wakes us up in dreams of falling. If you fall to the ground, then land on your feet and continue to dream, it could mean that your ability to confront your fears has improved and you’re in a better place mentally than ever before.

Dream Of Receiving Something From The Sky

To dream of receiving something from the sky means that you have been handed something important to do from the universe or the Angels. When we receive from our friends, it is important to them that we receive their gifts with love from our hearts because sometimes those gifts are of value to them.

Dreaming of receiving something from the sky could mean that there’s something that has been placed in your hands by God or the universe that is not being used to its full potential, and it could be saying that all you have been asking for had already been placed in your hands, all it takes from you is to recognize that.


We now know that we do nothing to deserve most of the dreams that we tend to get. Dreams sometimes do not have any special meaning relating to our lives, it’s just dreaming at the end of the day.

Any dream that should worry you is one that worried you in your sleep. To know this, you have to pay enough attention to the feelings or emotions that you were having in the dream, do not exclude any detail, because all these things would also help in better understanding of your dream.

Remember that what we write here sometimes is not necessarily the exact meaning of your dream, it is just the basic idea that we have formed throughout our time reading, listening, writing, and explaining our dreams. If you need a psychic evaluation, you should see a specialist.

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