Biblical Meaning Of Gun In A Dream

I recently had a dream about guns, where a close relation of mine what shot in a crowded place, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m a spiritual person, And this caused my to go back to my Bible in search of the biblical meaning of gun in a dream.

I discovered that the spiritual or biblical meaning of gun in a dream signifies the power of the word of God and that of the Holy spirit that could be at work in your life. And being shot means that something may be going wrong in your waking life, and you will need to take fast actions.

To understand this dream better, we’re going to look at basic meanings that can help us understand the biblical meaning of gun in a dream, we’re starting with what guns symbolize.

What Does A Gun Symbolize

What guns symbolize have everything to do with who you are asking. For me, it’s a weapon of death, designed only to kill (good or bad kill doesn’t matter) and the only way to keep myself safe is to get it as far away as possible.

What does a gun symbolize?, Usually, Guns represent violence, rage, intense emotion, authority, security, power, fear, and maybe pride.

Some people, regard it as a tool. A tool that ensures their safety. Many people will associate such an image with fond memories of their father teaching them how to shoot or of going to the range with friends after work. Still, They are non-living things. Tools for a specific purpose. The person, not the gun, determines whether that end is good or bad, and sometimes dreams just end up being dreams and nothing more.

It all depends on how your dream is depicted. The tidbits in the dream will tell the reader more. If the gun showed up itself, it could be related to your correlation and relationships with others, Your projection with other people and your confidence approach is more likely.

Weapon In Dream Meaning

When you see weapons in your dreams, it represents trouble. You may have been in a difficult situation that left a much stronger impression on you than you expected. You think about it frequently but do nothing about it, allowing fears to torture you and gradually take control of your life, this is now depicted to you through the weapons you see in your dream.

It is not the same When you have a dream of using weapons, and this means that you are preparing to defend or protect yourself against bad energy or an attack. One of your friends or family members may attack you in an attempt to impose their viewpoint on you. You will indeed be harsh and refuse to keep the conversation going because you will be unable to explain to them nicely why you disagree.

Dreaming about weapons can mean different things depending on the kind of weapon and how it was used in the dream.


guns and swords in your dream signify the word of God, authority and spiritual power, and protection.


this could signify betrayal, anger, and unpleasant emotions. it could also mean protection if you’re the one holding it.


Stick in dreams are weapons that have ambiguous meanings. Depending on what it is used for, it is a symbol of Power, identity, social status, and also punishment


Arrows and darts may signify demonic attacks, sickness, or death if it was fired at you. But when you’re holding it could also represent how far you are willing to go in life and how you’re going to pass the hurdles to get to your success

Biblical meaning of gun in a dream

Biblical Meaning Of Being Shot With Gun In A Dream

The biblical meaning of being shot with a gun in a dream is a spiritual attack, and Defeat. It means that you have been defeated by your enemies.

If you dream that a gun is pointed at you, it means that your adversary is attempting to destroy you. However, if they successfully shoot you down,  it indicates a serious demonic attack. It also implies that you may be unable to rise or progress.

In a case where you were able to identify the person who shot you in your dream, you have to completely distance yourself from that person, because it doesn’t mean they have to use a physical gun, they can be used by the devil to attack you in other ways like food poisoning and anger, e.t.c. Untimely death, marital disappointment, struggles, demotion, curses, and so on are some manifestations of such dreams.

After having such dreams, the best thing to do is to begin to pray against spiritual attacks and familiar spirits that may be after you and declare God’s victory over your case, because if there is a man to pray, then there is a God to answer.

Biblical Meaning Of Gun In A Dream

Although the Bible didn’t refer to or speak of guns or even gun control the way we do today. It did it in other ways by asking us to not take violence into our own hands because he will fight for us.

But he also commands his children to put on the whole armor of God for spiritual warfare, and we hardly make use of swords these days, how about our guns? We have taken guns instead of swords.

For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds- 2 Corinthians 10:4.

Guns represent strong weapons and Power in the Bible, the gun in our hands signifies the one and only Bible, the word of God which when used with the power of the holy spirit is the most powerful weapon that will ever be.

The biblical meaning of gun in a dream depends on what the gun is used for, who is holding it, and the damage that was done with the gun. The biblical meaning of gun in a dream may have positive and negative meanings. But bear in mind that it is mostly positive when you’re the one holding the gun in your dream.

Power and words may be represented by guns and bullets. A powerful gun or rifle may represent effectiveness. It could represent a covenant and spiritual power obtained through service to God. If a gun aimed at you becomes jammed or empty, it could indicate that you were not harmed by a demonic attack.

A negative interpretation of dreaming of guns could represent death, allegations, spiritual weakness, and demonic attacks. A broken or inoperative sign may indicate that one is hampered or lacks power, authority, or ability. This means that if you are holding a broken gun in your dream, it signifies that your spiritual life is broken or weak and if you don’t go back and start building yourself back through the word of God, you are susceptible to terrible attacks from the enemy.

Dreaming of holding a weak gun represents a weak or ineffective weapon, as well as a lack of prayer and fasting, return to your first love, which is God.

Dream Interpretation Of Gun In A Dream

When we have dreams and then seek interpretation, we like to tell people that no one can interpret our dream for us, on that note, the dream interpretation of gun in a dream depends on you. It depends on the details of your dream, emotions, images, effect, and so on. Are you worried about the dream, does it make you scared, or make you feel powerful?

The gun can be a symbol of power and pride while the bullet is an obstacle you must overcome in your spiritual or waking life, perhaps you are looking for protection in life or a warning of impending danger.

If you carry a gun in your dream, it indicates that you are self-assured enough to face many of life’s challenges. It gives you a strong sense of victory. If you see yourself loading a gun in your dream, it means you need to work on suppressing your anger, or it’s a way of preparing you for the dangers ahead, and It indicates your ability to defend yourself in a difficult situation.

When you’re ready to take your place in the world, a gun gives you the ability to make your voice heard. However, great power comes with great responsibility. Make good use of your brain and always prioritize safety. With responsibility and care, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. When you set your goals, the message is to make your dreams a reality.


Why Won’t My Gun Work When I Need It To When I’m Dreaming?

This kind of dream cannot exactly be explained without the details. But it could be a premonition of weakness, powerlessness, and unpreparedness.

What Does It Mean When Someone Is Shooting You With A Gun In The Dream?

This also depends on the details in the dream, but one thing that can come to mind is that someone somewhere may be trying to attack you, betray you, and also make sure you take the blame or bear the consequences of their actions. You should beware of the people around you.


As we have learned, the Bible did not speak much of the actual gun, but it made reference to weapons and guns are one of the most effective weapons of our time. The biblical meaning of gun in a dream is the power of the word of God +  the holy spirit that is active in your life. Is it weak, powerful, effective, or broken or did you see an incomplete gun?

What you see in your dream is just a part of what God is trying to show you. I believe that to know more about what your dream means, you’ll have to go back to God and ask for his revealing power because he alone has the power to reveal and give you solutions to any problem that may surface. Good luck with that!!.

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