Understanding The Biblical meaning of a bird flying in your house

The biblical meaning of a bird flying in your house is a symbol of remembrance of who the lord your God is, his caring and loving nature.

A bird flying into your house is indeed a profound event, sometimes, it might just be that an innocent bird had lost its way, saw an opening and then went in, other times there are deeper meanings to that event,

For those who always look at things from a biblical perspective, this article will be looking at the biblical meaning of a bird flying in your house, and what it means for you.

Biblical symbolism of birds

When it comes to the usage of birds in the Bible, we can say that it referred to birds a lot of times. The wonderful imagery of birds was used to represent God’s beautiful creation, as well as strength as in the Eagle, and peace or the holy spirit as in the dove.

This tells us that the biblical symbolism of birds depends on the kind of birds. According to Wikipedia, there are 10,000 species of birds in total, and it’s possible we may not see up to half of that in our entire lifetime. It is also safe to say that the Bible did not make mention of all the types of birds, however, significant birds that we may come across were referred to.

One of the prevalent symbols of birds in the Bible is the love of God for is and his caring nature. Looking at the birds, we notice that they do not plant or toil the earth and wait till harvest time before they eat or survive, God makes sure to provide for them, regardless of the time or season of the year. The biblical meaning of a bird flying in your house is a symbol of remembrance of who the lord your God is.

Biblical Meaning of a Bird Flying in Your House

If you have ever wondered if a bird flying in the house is good luck? The answer is, it depends on the kind of bird. If an owl comes into your house and is flying around, this is a sign of death or a great illness about to befall you or a family member.

However, seeing a bright-coloured bird flying in the house can call for a sigh of relief. This sight brings hope, happiness, peace and sometimes prosperity, take the dove for instance, people believe that using a dove during prayers for their land or nation will somehow help peace to reign, and also make citizens prosper, so yes, a bird flying in your house could be a sign good luck and prosperity.

You’re the luckiest if a beautiful bird chooses your home to build its nest. A bird nest symbolizes rebirth, vitality, and new life. The bird has chosen your home which it deemed peaceful to have its eggs in, this is an indicator that your home is blessed and there is no form of unrest in it.

Presence of a spirit

During Christ’s baptism, the holy spirit appeared as a dove and descended on him from above. The biblical meaning of a bird flying in your house is the presence of a spirit. The kind of spirit determines the kind of bird that you see.

The Dove and pigeon are carriers of peace, so only good spirits can make use of them, but some beds like the vultures represent evil. Sometimes they are demonic and such birds flying into your home is a sign of an evil spirit residing in your house, you have to pray to God to send packing every demonic spirit that lives in your house with you, or that came in the form of a bird into your home.

The only spirit that should be allowed in our homes, is the holy spirit.

Biblical meaning of a bird flying in your house

Possibility of Death

When you ask questions like “What do birds symbolize spiritually”, you will always get an answer like “It depends”. Birds flying into your house meaning depends on the kind of bird you saw, for example, if a vulture flies into your house, you need nobody to explain to you the kind of doom that means.

Vultures are mostly seen in graveyards, where there is a carcass, dead bodies bring vultures so in the instance of a vulture, the biblical meaning of a bird flying into your house signifies the possibility of death or illnesses. This is also the same for the raven who is always seen around dead bodies.

Need for Reflection

And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest

Birds in the Bible were sometimes used as metaphors for a time of contemplation, as in the case of King David in the book of Psalm 55:6. In this verse, David would have done anything he could just to have some time to himself. He yearned for the opportunity to escape his trials to seek some peace. If a bird flies into your house, this might also be the case with you.

The bird flying in your house is just reciprocating the energy that you’re putting out, birds symbolize freedom and sometimes peace and tranquillity, if you see a bird like a dove in your home, then it means that you need to take some time off to reflect on your current position in life, in a bid to get inner peace.

Spiritual meaning of birds In the home

Birds in the home may represent different things. However there are a few determinants, the colour, the way the birds make you feel, how they got into the house, all these are things to consider.

For example, having a parrot in the home does not represent anything evil, it just indicates the loneliness that the owner feels, which made him or her seek companionship from this loquacious bird, I do not think there is a spiritual implication to that.

Just as ravens may carry an aura of death, remember how God used the raven to provide food for Elijah in (1kings 17:4-6) when he was in hiding, in this case, having a raven around suggests abundance and provision from God, so what bird did you see in your house?


Take note that it’s essential to approach a spiritual experience such as this one with an open mind, and also when confused, we can ask for help through prayers and meditation to discern the precise meaning of your dream of birds and how it resonates with your life journey.

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