Biblical Meaning of Graveyard in Dream

The biblical meaning of graveyard in dream can also mean good things like deliverance, it’s exciting, Follow me!!!

You might not believe this, but as I made my research for this article, I asked questions and realized that even though we might look at the graveyard as a dark symbol, a symbol of death, spiritually, graveyards can also have a lot of encouraging meanings. This all depends on the context of the dream of graveyards.

What does it mean When You See a Graveyard in a Dream?

Looking at the layman’s point of view, a graveyard in the dream or seeing a cemetery in the dream can mean various things, depending on the context, which involves the mood and actions taking place in the dream.

If you see a graveyard in the dream, it might represent your longing for something that is long gone. It may be a person you cherished so much or something very important to you that you lost. Seeing graveyards in the dream can also represent some deep feelings that you have, you crave solitude and may do anything you can to have it because you need your peace of mind.

When you see a graveyard in a dream, it may also mean that you feel like you have a lot of buried secrets, that you want to stay buried, it could be that you’re scared that you may do something that would end up letting the cat out of the bag, and you won’t be able to handle it.

Biblical Meaning of Graveyard in Dream

Biblical Meaning of Graveyard in Dream

The Bible made so many references to graves and graveyards, but one that stood out was the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. The grave or tomb of Jesus is a reminder forever that Jesus was here on earth, he lived, died and resurrected.

There were so many instances of graveyards in the Bible, so we wouldn’t touch every area, however, we would be explaining based on scenarios of graveyard dreams that one may experience, and their meanings.


The biblical meaning of graveyard in dream symbolizes victory.  This is because, Jesus was buried, and the power of God rolled the stone away and he was resurrected, he came out of it and death could not prevail over it. This meaning can be related to seeing yourself or someone coming out of a graveyard, or out of a grave.

If you see your set coming out of the grave in the dream, then it means that your spiritual eyes have been closed all these while, you have been living, but not living, you were in bondage before now, however, your dream where you came out suggests that you have been delivered, and now you have victory over your enemies, do not take this for granted. It’s time for your Thanksgiving because, without the grace of God, you will be nothing.

A New life

And the graves were opened, AND many bodies of the saints which slept arose

Matt 27:52-53

When you happen to see an open grave in your dream, it signifies a new life, a new people have risen out. Unlike horror movies where only evil comes out of graves and graveyards, the Bible usually referred to open graves when it spoke about resurrection.

An open grave in your dream suggests that God has given you another opportunity. A new life to go out and announce to the world the gospel of Christ. This event in the Bible happened when Jesus was on the cross.

The reason why Jesus died for us all, is so we can have easy access to God the Father, and boldly speak and preach his gospel without fear of persecution or our sins.

Seeing an open grave in a dream means that you are forgetting the reason you were saved in the first place, it’s a reminder that the lord’s work has been put into your hands, you were dead to sin now, now you have been brought out by the mercies of God, Go and do his bidding, which is evangelizing, that is the biblical meaning of graveyard in dream.

Need for Solitude

A graveyard in dream can simply just be the state of your heart, or what your soul is yearning for. You need some peace amid the tribulation going on in your life.

Maybe you’re thinking about giving up and ending your life, or you just want to get away from the troubles of this life. This feeling and wants may be portrayed in your dream about cemeteries.

Harbinger of Death

Seeing yourself at a cemetery in the dream may also symbolize death, either spiritual or physical death. A graveyard is a place where people are buried after their death, if you see yourself experiencing a burial, either of yourself, or you dream of the funeral of someone who is, then this means that your enemies have been camped somewhere, and planning your demise.

Meanwhile, dying in the spiritual realm is a terrible omen, and if you see yourself in any of these situations, it suggests that you are going to experience some things that may cause you to lose your life or the life of a loved one.


And they fetched forth Urijah out of Egypt, and brought him unto Jehoiakim the king; who slew him with the sword, and cast his dead body into the graves of the common people

Jeremiah 26:23

The biblical meaning of graveyard in dream, depending on the context can foretell dishonour. Kings usually have a special grave built for them upon their death, they are hardly taken and thrown out like many common men. So if you dream, and see a graveyard with so many people inside, it means that either you are about to experience something that may cause shame to you and your family, or someone close to you will cause you to be dishonoured.


it’s okay to know that when you keep having recurring dreams about graveyards, the uneasy feeling you get is normal, however, if you can’t seem to shake it off, you should seek help, either from a medical practitioner, or your spiritual head, whichever is more comfortable. Good luck.

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