Biblical Meaning of Being Sick in A Dream

The biblical meaning of being sick in a dream is not any different. It’s a bad sign, and it sometimes signifies a deadly attack on a child of God.

Sickness in any sense of the term does not mean anything good. Being a sick person in the dream suggests that you have lost the healing power that God gave to man when Jesus Christ died on the cross.

What Does it Mean to Be Sick In My Dream

To dream of being sick can signify loss. This loss may be in another aspect of your life other than your physical health. If you’re sick in the dream, it could be a warning about impending loss or even delay. This loss can be in your financial life, loss of a parent, or even a romantic relationship.

You’ve been attacked in the dream, and it may be manifested through loss in your waking life. If you’re sick and bedridden in the dream, it means that whatever is about to happen cannot be stopped by your power alone because the enemy has incapacitated you.

Vomiting Blood in the Dream

Blood symbolizes life, energy, and even covenant in some cases. When one dreams of being sick, and begins to vomit blood in the dream, such a dream suggests that the dreamer is either going to be ill with some kind of disease that may take their life, such a dream is also a harbinger of death.

The biblical meaning of being sick in a dream

Aside from the idea that the biblical meaning of being sick in a dream could mean that the dreamer or whoever it is he saw in the dream could face a grave illness physically in the coming days, to be sick can also mean some other things which will be discussed below.


When a child of God has a dream where he/she is gravely ill, it can symbolize weakness spiritually. The dream is a warning that something is wrong spiritually, this could be that their connection with God is getting weaker by the day because they hardly serve the relationship they have with God.

They no longer pray, they no longer study or worship, and they’re now too weak to denounce the enemy (sickness is an enemy of the body) and because of this, the edge has been broken and the devil has come in, causing one to experience different kinds of loss in his waking life.

However this can be easily solved, especially when the sick got healed in the dream, it signifies that they’ve encountered the healing power of God, and the challenges experienced in their waking life will only be for a while.


When someone is sick, they may not be able to move about as usual. They start to become stagnant especially when they have no one to do the work on their behalf. It’s either they become dependent on someone, or they force themselves to do the work, which may lead to their death.

Sickness prevents one from moving forward, from taking leaps that they’ll usually take without thinking about it, and this is what the enemy wants. Being sick in a dream foretells stagnancy, you’ve been moving fast and succeeding in everything you have set out to do, however, the enemy is neither happy nor does he want to see your progress, hence the attack in the form of sicknesses.

To dream of being in a sickbed means that either you have been experiencing stagnancy in some areas of your life, and God is just opening your eyes to see it, or there is about to be a form of stagnancy in your life.

Think about it and you’ll see that the enemy is doing their best to keep you in one position and make sure you do not move forward, if you’re interested in doing something about it, you need to seek help from your spiritual head.


Dreaming about being sick in bed, or even dreaming about being sick and moving around can suggest that the dreamer needs deliverance from something that’s not evident in their waking life.

Sometimes, when we have dreams, it could be something troubling going on in our lives, as a spiritual entity, the cause of action was to Pray about it, and your dream was a result of this prayer. For example, a woman who’s always experiencing miscarriages and can’t have her baby can dream about being sick, So also a Father that’s always losing money, and doesn’t have any idea what he uses his money for.

When such people have a dream of being sick, God is being merciful, and opening their eyes to the root of their problems. For such people, dreaming about being sick is that something is wrong somewhere, and for them to experience a breakthrough in their waking world, They need to be delivered from whatever the problem is.


Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much

James 5: 16

The biblical meaning of being sick in a dream is a warning for the dreamer to take themself back to the house of God. Confess their sins and do their best to not forsake the gathering of the brethren in the church.

To dream about being sick biblically may mean that one has committed some sin that they feel is unforgivable. The Bible advises such people to confess their sins to their elders and brethren and try not to go back to their vomit.


The biblical meaning of being sick in a dream may represent sorrow, setbacks or stagnant and in some cases, it’s a harbinger of loss and death, and a need for deliverance.

When one experiences such a dream, it usually is a cause for worry, however, the solution to all our problems is in Christ, seek help through your spiritual head and see what God will do in your life.

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