Biblical Meaning Of Coat In A Dream

You must have heard the song “Coat of many colours” by Dolly Parton, a beautiful song by the way and this song speaks about the story of Joseph in a different way. In the song, Dolly referred to her coat as one made with so much love from mother to daughter, as it was also with Joseph in the Bible.

The biblical meaning of coat in a dream symbolizes God’s love for us, and the way he’ll move heaven and earth to make you feel loved, to the extent of giving the life of his only son for your sins to be forgiven.

Coats symbolize a show of love and warmth and seeing one in your dream may or may not have any bad implications. Read on to find out the biblical meaning of coat in a dream.

What Does A Coat Symbolize In The Bible

If you have ever heard of the story of Joseph and his brothers, then you must have heard of the coat of many colours. A coat in the Bible can symbolize the love and warmth of a parent. It can also represent a mantle that’s passed on from one person to another, mostly prophets  like Jesus as in John 19:23

According to the bible, Receiving a Coat can be a sign of favour,  just as in the case of Joseph, who received a gift of a coat of many colours from his father. This simple gesture revealed that Joseph received favour in the sight of his father Jacob, and this alone made him a subject of envy amongst his brothers.

Biblical Meaning of Coat in A Dream

The term “COAT” was used so many times in the Bible, to refer to a piece of clothing made with wool or any piece of material that can provide warmth while covering the body, another name used to refer to a coat in the Bible is “Tunic”.

To have a dream about coats can mean several things biblically. Although not every biblical meaning of coat in a dream symbolizes something good, sometimes it could be a bad omen, we cannot with perfection decipher the meaning of your dream of coats when we have no idea about the context of the dream.

Let’s dive into understanding the biblical meaning of coats in a dream.


In the Bible, A coat is a symbol of spiritual power. Ordained men of God were adorned with coats. If you look at the book of Exodus, God commanded that coats be made for the sons of Aaron because he has ordained them for glory and beauty.

When you see a coat in a dream, it means that you have a calling to step into a position of a spiritual mantle, as the mantle has been passed to you. If you do not understand your dream of seeing a coat, you must visit your spiritual head to hear what he has to say.

Your dream about coats could just be that you have received a special calling for ministerial work, congratulations if you have been asking for this, if not, brace yourself.


The biblical meaning of coat in a dream symbolizes the love of the people around you for you. If you happen to see a beautiful coat in your dream, it is a sign that you do not appreciate the beauty and the wonderful people that God has surrounded you with.

Your dream is a reminder for you to become aware of the love the people around you are showing you.  Learn to appreciate little things because they matter a lot as they can represent love in disguise. It’s time for you to start seeing the good in what people do for you, and appreciate them for it because good people don’t come easy.


Well, we can’t get enough of the story of Joseph the dreamer. Joseph and his younger one had found favour in the sight of God and Man including his Father.

Jacob had 12 sons but decided that he wanted to make a coat for just one of them, which was Joseph. Giving this coat to Joseph meant that his brothers envied him more than they already did, this caused them to reject him and do everything they could to get him out of their father’s house.

The biblical meaning of dreaming about receiving a coat from an important person, or dreaming about getting a coat from others signifies that there would be a cause of envy from other people.

It could be that in your place of work, you’re about to get the promotion that you’ve always wanted. You’re about to be connected to someone that would take you to somewhere you’ve always wanted to be and you’ll be leaving a lot of people behind. These people will not be happy about this new level you’re entering so you’ll need to proceed with discretion.

In a case where you have a dream about losing your coats, your dream could mean that you have more insecurities than you have confidence in yourself.

Spiritual Covering

The biblical meaning of Fur coat in a dream symbolizes a spiritual covering that you have. Coats are used to cover the body, cover our shame and provide us warmth when we’re cold.

To be given a coat in a dream means that whatever you thought would expose and cause you shame, is covered by the mercy of God, as he is willing to protect you from the eyes of the wicked, losing your coat portends that you’re going to do something that will cause you or your family shame, you need to make wiser decisions from now on, It could also mean that you’re safe and secure from the ills of this world.


If you find yourself wearing a coat in a dream, it symbolizes a spiritual covering.  Spiritually, your dream means that God has given you a mission to fulfil, and he has equipped you with everything you’ll need to make it work. Go and do exploits, God is with you.

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