Unveiling The Spiritual Meaning of Smoke in A Dream

The spiritual meaning of smoke in a dream can represent an encounter with the holy spirit, or a warning to stay away from certain people, it’s calling you to be aware of the deception and hidden secrets in your waking life, Who knows?

It is safe to say that dreams can be a mysterious tool which the subconscious use to communicate information using Imagery. Smoke in dreams has some significance that makes it stick longer in our minds when seen in the dream.

Spiritual meaning of smoke in a dream

I do not think that seeing smoke in a dream should be a cause for alarm, rather, it should be seen as a sign and call from our subconscious or the universe. Let’s see some of the meanings of smoke in a dream.

Call for cleansing and purification

You need to cleanse your soul of all the dirt that you’ve taken in. It is time for renewal and rebirth.

If you have been going through some rough patch in your life, and you seem to have had enough, seeing smoke in the dream may suggest that you require cleansing and also purification. Yes, you do not feel your best, and neither do you feel positive, however, you need to renew your mind, for a clearer path to be revealed.

For example, seeing smoke from a distance in the dream. This dream indicates that your path growing forward does not seem clear to you, in your mind, some form of negativity has been sowed into your mind, therefore you need to undergo a kind of purification, the aim of this is to clear your mind of stress and negativity so that you can move on to with your life as planned.

Smoke as a message from the spiritual realm

If you’re seeking the spiritual meaning of smoke in a dream, then I want to believe that you do not dispute the fact that your dream may just be a message from the spiritual realm.

There is something about seeing smoke in the dream,  it has some kind of spiritual vibe that comes with it, this is because it has so many spiritual symbolism and meanings. But one thing stands out, which is the fact that smoke in the dream is a kind of message. God is trying to grab your attention, and using smoke was his way of doing this.

Remember the story of Moses and the burning bush in Exodus 3. Of course, there is no smoke without fire, so seeing smoke in your dream suggests that God can appear to you in any form, to give you the message he wants to. Now regarding the message, did you pay attention to where the smoke is coming from, did you listen to hear anything, what you heard is the answer to your question about the spiritual meaning of smoke in a dream.

Seeing smoke coming out from  the mouth

If you happen to dream about smoke coming out of your mouth, then your dream suggests a breath of relief as fresh air. You may have had this dream because before now, you have been stuck in a particular place in an aspect of your life, it could be that you’re confused about how to continue a project at the office, or how to deal with a certain situation.

Seeing smoke coming out of your mouth means that the answer to what has been troubling you has come, and now you can relax, the spiritual interpretation is that your problems will not eat you up more than they already did. You will come out of that dire situation with so much ease that it will feel like you didn’t even do anything.

Spiritual Meaning of Smoke in A Dream

Seeing Grey smoke in dream

Sometimes, smokes in dreams have this colour like a cloud, sometimes, they look black, white and even grey. If you see a cloud of black smoke in the dream, it suggests that you may be heading in the wrong direction and to your doom, such a dream can make you feel easy, however, it is not the only bad meaning.

Your dream of black smoke may just mean that you are emitting some kind of negative energy, this aura tends to put people away from you as it seems dark. You need to open up more to embrace people and also learn to love life as it is.

Grey smoke in the dream, suggests that it’s time to make a change in your life for the better. Your dream about grey smoke could be an indication that you’re on the right path to making changes in your life. It could be regarding your health, ideas, spiritual life, or even about the decisions you’ve made before. You’re just ready to change old habits and ideas and pick up new and helpful ones.

Dream about smoke in the house

Having dreams about smoke in the house is a bad omen. Seeing smoke in your house in the dream suggests that something has gone wrong somewhere, either in your home, your relationship or in your close circle. There’s a cliche that says there’s no smoke without fire, and I like to believe that this is true. Before you see a cloud of smoke, it means that there has been something burning for some time.

So, seeing smoke in the house suggests that there is a problem in your household that has since gone unnoticed till now. This problem may prove difficult, however, there is nothing that does not have a solution, if you can follow the leading of the holy spirit, and also join heads with your family, nothing can stand against you.

Smoking in the dream

If the smoke you saw in the dream is emitting from whatever you’re smoking, then your dream suggests that you are about to make some decisions that may hamper your success in life, or slow down the progress you’re supposed to experience. It suggests that you are your undoing, except you make the right choices from now henceforth.


The Dream meaning of smoke, of the spiritual meaning of smoke in a dream may only be interpreted by the dreamer. The context of your dream has to be taken into consideration, as also, your feelings when you saw the smoke, and the basics that we’ve given will help you understand the meaning of your dream about smoke. Good luck.

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