The spiritual meaning of being strangled in a dream

Spiritual oppression, demonic manifestation are some of the spiritual meaning of being strangled in a dream.

A lot of people may feel like dreams are just dreams, well yes, sometimes, our dreams may be just a dream, but for some reason, I’m one of those who feel like dreams are a spiritual encounter.

Our dreams are a way for our subconscious and the universe, even our maker to reach out to us and bring our attention to certain things.

Dreaming of being strangled is one of the thousand ways of waking up abruptly because it has its ways of making you force yourself to wake up because the spiritual meaning of being strangled in a dream is not pleasant at all

Spiritual Meaning of being strangled in a dream

If you did not know this before, the end of the process of strangulation is death. When one is being choked in the dream, or even in their waking life, the person doing the action does not want to strangle you and keep you alive,  they’re going to do that till they see you dead, that’s the aim.

So to be dreaming of being choked has mostly bad meanings. If you dream about being strangled, then you be aware that it’s a bad omen. Something wrong is going on in the spiritual realm.

Demonic Oppression

First of all, the spiritual meaning of being strangled in a dream suggests that the dreamer is being oppressed. If you see yourself being strangled by people you don’t know in the dream, it connotes that you feel like you can’t express your views, and your opinion without people shutting you down, you yearn for listeners to what you have to say and you haven’t managed to find them, hence your dream.

Another angle is that you are being oppressed by your enemies. If you look deeply, the spiritual meaning of being choked suggests that the enemies are trying to squeeze the life out of you. If you were strangled in the dream, and could not fight back, it means that the devil has taken hold of your life and is willing to control you, will you let them?

Demonic oppression can be noticed in different aspects of your life, like your finances, or your health. You just notice that either you or a close relation has been ill, and is not getting better. It could also be that everything that you’ve been working on regarding your finances is proving too difficult when it comes to yielding any profit.


Dreaming of being strangled can also be a way for your subconscious to express its feelings of helplessness. When someone is trying to strangle you, if you are not as strong as the person, you may need some help being free from that person. The spiritual meaning of being strangled in the dream suggests that the deliverance session for you is long overdue.

You’ve been experiencing a great level of suppression, and oppression by the enemies, in your finances, health and even spirituality, and you need help getting out. The help you need here is the help of God, no other person can help bring you out of that tough situation

Spiritual Weakness

The spiritual meaning of being strangled in a dream has to do with either the strength or weakness of the dreamer’s spiritual life. Depending on the context In which strangulation in a dream occurs, the dream speaks volumes about the dreamer. Were you able to fight back your attacker? Or they succeeded in doing what they came for.

If you were able to fight back the attacker, it suggests that you are still very vibrant in the Spirit. The fire you have going on for you physically is also present even when you are unconscious in your dreams. However,  if they succeeded in strangling you, it means that you are too weak to fight back against your oppressors, and if you’re not careful, they will finish you off, You will need to revisit your place of prayer to liberate yourself and also build up yourself for any spiritual battles that you make have to fight moving forward.

Demonic manifestation

If you dream of being strangled, it could even be that you are being strangled by a demonic force. My African heritage lets me know that witches are real, and they come at night to try to strangle you, to a point where you can’t even speak. They try to do this, mostly to dominate you and claim territory, or they came to take your life. As a spiritual-minded person, your job is to show them who you are, and prove that they cannot mess with you, do not give them a second chance, because they will come again.

Dream of strangling oneself, what does it mean?

spiritual meaning of being strangled in a dream

To dream of being choked by yourself suggests that you are carrying more load and responsibility than you should. You have placed yourself to be all high and mighty, living a life that forces high expectations from people, however, you should know and understand that no one cares if you fail or succeed. You need to move in life at your own pace and do less trying to please others.

Dream about being strangled by a snake

To dream of being strangled by a snake suggests the oppression of demonic powers over your life. To dream about being strangled means that right now, you are in a place where only the hands of God can save you because you have no control over the situation you’re in.

The devil is set to drain the living breath out of you, and only the mercy of God can save you right now.


As a child of God, the fact that the devil was even bold enough to try to conquer you by coming to strangle you in the dream suggests that your spiritual life is not as strong as it should be, right now is the best time to put on the whole armour of God, building up yourself in the Holy ghost for the battles ahead, for the battles of your warfare are not carnal.

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