Dream Meaning of Someone Getting Married

The dream meaning of someone getting married may not only suggest good things, but it can also be your subconscious reflecting your jealousy towards someone else in your waking life, and also your desire to make meaningful connections.

What is The Dream meaning of someone getting married? 

If there’s one very common dream, best believe that it’s the dreams about someone getting married that rank number one. The dream meaning of someone getting married may have different interpretations, but these interpretations are mostly determined by the overall context of the dream, like the relationship you have with whoever is getting married and also the emotions involved.


When you’re engaged, there’s always some kind of excitement that should be present, except you were not in love with whoever you’re getting married to or it’s someone you don’t know. Marriage means change, and the emotions you get when you think about it or witness it in the dream, suggest what it means to you.

If you had a dream about someone getting married, it would usually suggest a big change coming in your life, you may be scared or anxious about this change according to your dream, however, your dream is foretelling the big change that is coming to your life or that of your friend.


Dream Meaning of Someone Getting Married

Marriage is a very significant life event, although, it used to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, people have decided to engage in more ceremonies to mark anniversaries and things like that. This event used to be one that signified a new beginning in the life of the couples, so the dream meaning of someone getting married in the dream foretells a new beginning in the life of that special someone, a new phase/chapter is about to open in their lives.

To dream of someone getting married, or to dream of a friend getting married suggests that celebration is in the neighbourhood. If I were you, I would look on the positive side, and begin to reaffirm myself daily of the good things that have been prepared before me, in the presence of my enemies. You and your household are about to receive a piece of good news that will cause a turnaround, and this time, for the better!

However, in times like this, you need to be careful, watch and pray, because the devil is moving about and looking for who or what to destroy, do not be a victim to the devices of the devil.


Dream Meaning of Someone Getting Married

Depending on your feelings in your dream, seeing someone getting married, could mean that you’re jealous of someone in your waking life. Maybe you feel like your friends or everyone around you is doing well in life, and advancing to greater heights, you feel like they’re doing way better than you are, and you’ve been stuck in one place hence your dreams about someone getting married.

If you recognize the person that’s in the dream, and it does not make her happy, it suggests that you may be holding on to a grudge. You’ve had a fallout with that person and it still pains you that they’re doing better than you. Truth?? You should move on, stop looking for problems where there aren’t any, and give up on any hidden agenda.

You never know where your life can take you, so work hard to become the better version of yourself, instead of looking at others, you might even be doing well yourself, but you’ll never know if you don’t look within yourself.

Meaningful Connections

Dream Meaning of Someone Getting Married

Marriage is the coming together of people who are in love, it can also suggest a partnership between two people, if not more. For some people, depending on your state of mind presently, the dream meaning of someone getting married in your dream indicates your desire for meaningful partnerships or connections.

This suggests that you are in a place where you feel like the people you have surrounded yourself with, are not doing enough in getting you to where you want, and because of that, you wish so much to meet people or be connected to people that will help you get to where you want to be.

It does not necessarily mean that you don’t value the people in your life right now, it just means that their vision may not be aligned with yours, so you need to go out, socialize and make the connections that you so desire. It could be a marriage partner, or job connections, whatever you desire, you can get.

Spiritual Meaning of Someone Getting Married in a Dream

For some people, the spiritual meaning of someone getting married in the dream indicates that they’re tying the knot with a spiritual entity, like a spiritual husband /wife. This suggests some sort of bondage and you must do your best to lose yourself from it, if possible find a place to engage in a deliverance session.

While for others, depending on how they view things in the spiritual realm, the dream meaning of someone getting married especially for someone who isn’t married indicates a time for visitation. It could be that you have been believing in God for a long time for something, seeing yourself in a marriage ceremony suggests that your time of celebration is here.

This does not necessarily mean that you’re going to get married in your waking life, maybe you’ll be getting a job contract that would be a good cause for celebration, maybe a promotion or even a child is on its way, prepare yourself.

Does Dreaming About Someone Getting Married Mean Death?

Well, I can’t say for sure, however, some cultures believe that dreaming about someone getting married or even seeing yourself getting married in a dream means that death is very close. It may mean that either you or a family member is going to fall into some kind of illness that may claim your life.

If you’re already married, and you see yourself getting married to someone else in the dream, this may foretell the doom that will befall you and your immediate family.

You will get into a serious fight with your partner that may lead to a divorce or your family is going to have problems that will threaten the unity that you all have, be careful of letting third parties in on whatever is going on in the family. Keep your circle small!!.

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