Interpretation: Dream About Getting Married To A Stranger

Some meanings for your dream about getting married to a stranger include wrong choices, dissatisfaction with your life at the moment, unhappiness, and even loss of control.

It has come to our notice that our readers who are dreamers want to know if their dream is a common one. Well not to pull your dreads, but a dream about getting married to a stranger is common however, not as common as a dream about marrying your lover. And yes, such dreams should be a cause for concern.

Spiritual Meaning Of Getting Married In The Dream

Looking at it from a spiritual Point of view, for a woman to dream about getting married to a stranger could just mean that something is binding her and a spirit man that appeared in her dreams. Such men have no intention of coming to the physical to be with her, they can always just come to consummate their relationship in the dreams.

Now that’s another angle, such a dream can also lead to having sex with a stranger in your dream, which screams Danger for a spiritually-minded person.

Let’s hear this story from my aunty. This event resonates with me and even though this was not a real-life event, it did happen, in her dreams. Yes, she got married to someone in the dream.

I recall her telling me that when she was newly wedded, she had a dream where another man, a stranger was putting some sort of ring on her hands, so she had two wedding rings. Just like the spiritual-minded person that she is, believed that she was being entrapped by another being from another realm, into an unholy covenant or marriage, in Africa, people refer to this as a Spiritual Partner.

The spiritual meaning of getting married in a dream means and is not limited to spiritual bondage.

Spiritual bondage refers to the point at which a separate power is in control of your life, this power is mostly demonic. If you dream about getting married to a stranger, spiritually,  it means that you are now in a tie with some sort of demonic presence or power.

This demonic power will be evident in your daily life, in different forms. One of them could be that things that weren’t working well before, will begin to work well in a strange way, or things would begin to fall apart. Sometimes, your ideal partner begins to lose attraction for you all of a sudden, or they begin to face difficulties in some areas of their life, like finances.

Dream about getting married to a stranger

Dream About Getting Married To A Stranger

If you are worried about your dream of marrying someone who is not your boyfriend, then you have every need to be, because it does not necessarily spell good for you or your partner.

Wrong choices

Getting married to a stranger in the dream is a sign that you tend to make the wrong choices to the point where you can’t even do anything about them anymore.

You see, your dream is like a mirror, reflecting your emotions, your personality traits, and sometimes your thoughts. If you had a dream where you got married to someone else who you don’t know, it means that in your waking world, you have been making some wrong decisions, and also ignoring every possible idea that the people closest to you have been dishing out.

No man is an island, therefore for you to get to a familiar destination in life, which is the point of self-satisfaction,  then you must pay attention to the choices you are making in your days of youth, you need to also keep an open mind, because no idea is a bad idea, what matters is its implementation.


If you happen to have a husband already, or you’re married in your waking life and still having this dream, then your dream just spells your unhappiness in an aspect of your life, it may or may not involve your marriage, it could be your finances or even education.

However, if your husband has been doing things that set you off, or has not been emotionally available to you, is your wife cheating on you or is she boring you out? If your answer is Yes, then your unhappiness in your marriage is being portrayed in your dream. You are frantically looking for a way out of your present predicament.

However, leaving is not always the solution. What if the problem is just you? Hmmm? What if you’re the one boring your partner out and causing them some sort of pain? What you need to do is to reevaluate yourself, and identify what it is you’re looking for in a relationship, and also what went wrong In this one, or just get some help, seeing a therapist will help you see things.

Loss of Control

This point is very important because a dream of getting married to someone else could just mean that you are afraid. You are afraid of losing control of your life, or of the events that happen in your future.

Getting married to someone you don’t know, a stranger could change the way your life begins to play out, as you and that person may turn out to have two different goals, and except two agree, nothing can work. Your dream is a sign that you need to stop being indecisive, face your issues head-on, and bear whatever consequences it brings. Be the boss of your own life, because if you do not do it, someone from nowhere may come around and change things up for the worse.


In life, the only things we may not be able to do anything about, are things that we have not been forwarned about, but there are things you were already aware would happen, and this dream is one of them.

You now know what your dream means, would you sit and watch it come to pass, or you’ll do something about it? I’ll say you do something before it’s too late.


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