Dream About fighting someone bigger than you

To dream about fighting, or to dream about fighting someone bigger than you suggests that you seek freedom from something that has been tormenting you for a while now. your set time of breakthrough is around the corner, if you win the fight, you are going to experience extraordinary changes in every area of your life from now on, you lose means something terrible is about to happen. 

What Does It Mean To Fight In The Dream?

Fighting in the dream could mean that you are tired of an oppressor and want to get out, or it could just be that your dream is reflecting your emotions, or even personality at that point.

If you dream about fighting your friend, then it suggests that you may not be in a good place with that friend at the moment, and your frustration is reflected in the dream.

I don’t know if I can call this a coincidence, but in fact, I had a dream last night where I was in a fight with a group of old friends. Although we aren’t friends anymore because we burnt bridges a long time over a trivial issue, I’m not ashamed to admit that from time to time I’m reminded of the event that made us part ways, and then I end up being angry, hence my dream. However, in my dream, I end up winning the fight because I’m stronger than I look.

My dream about fighting with friends suggests that even though this breakup happened a long time ago, I’ve still not had the strength to forgive, forget and then move on, which I need to get around to doing, for my mental health.

I believe that’s what you need to do also, Forgive, forget, and move on. If you can remain friends with them, then with all pleasure, do that, if not, let them go.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Fighting Someone Bigger Than You?

Dream About fighting someone bigger than you

It may not seem so, but to dream about fighting someone bigger than you is a pretty common dream, and if you are anything like me, such dreams should make you happy. Fighting someone bigger than you in a dream suggests a lot of things, but one thing that stands out in your dream is that you are very tired of the oppressor in your life. The in-depth meaning involves;


You remember the story of David and Goliath in the bible. This is one story that many Christians have heard about, you should also check it out if you haven’t. David fought someone bigger than him (GOLIATH), and this was because Goliath was an oppressor of the Israelites.

He was one of those soldiers that planted fear in the minds of the people of Israel, and David who was still a young boy had had enough, so he fought, and he conquered his enemy.

In your dream, you were fighting someone bigger than you, but did you win your fight, winning means that you have conquered your enemies, or it could also mean that you are about to jump through a mighty hurdle that has been a challenge to you for a long time coming.

This hurdle may be in your school, business, finances, or even your health. If before now, you were very sick, or a close relation has been battling a grave illness, fighting in the dream signals that healing is coming to such a person, or that illness is about to overcome them, it all depends on the context of the dream.

Spiritual encounter

This point was gotten from the bible also. In the Bible, Jacob saw an angel face to face, and he decided to fight with the angel. What boldness he must have had, to be able to withstand the strength of an Angel who would have been a hundred times stronger than he was, even so, that encounter was a one-time opportunity, he had needs and because he was tired of his predicament, he fought to his last until he got that blessing that he needed.

Did you happen to fight a familiar face, or someone stronger than you, Your dream means that you are tired of where you are in life now, and you want to move forward. You’ve had an encounter with the omnipotent being and would not let go till you see yourself being blessed. The manifestation of this dream would be evident in the coming days or years. You would start to notice all round blessings in your life, especially when you win the fight with someone bigger than you in the dream.


When you have a dream about fighting someone bigger than you, one sure thing is that you are tired of being restrained or controlled by someone or something. For example, every financial choice we make is based on our financial level, the idea of this does not sit well with you, you have no intentions of being a slave to money.

Maybe your boss in the office has been doing his best to put you down, and you hate it, and because you don’t want to be laid off, you avoid trouble and your frustrations are depicted in your dream. A dream about fighting someone bigger suggests that you are fighting your way out of such situations.

it’s a warning that you need to step up and take charge of your life, in your fighting dream, you are taking back what belongs to you, and making something out of it, do not fret, and even when you tend to get confused, seek help.


The biblical meaning of a dream about fighting someone bigger than you symbolizes freedom. Biblically, fighting in the dream, especially someone bigger than you, means that you are tired of being held captive, and you are ready to do whatever it takes to regain your freedom. The bigger person symbolizes the strongman that has held you captive all this while.

If you have no idea about what to do about your dream, you may want to seek professional help for better understanding and solutions.


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