Biblical Meaning Of Bomb In A Dream

You may think that dreaming about bombs or dreams about explosions are a little weird and violent, but could that violence be coming from the dreamer or there are other forces involved?

Honestly, we can’t be certain about the biblical meaning of bomb in a dream, because the Bible didn’t speak directly about bombs and their usage. However, Bombs represent fear, violence, explosions, and death. Wherever a bomb goes off there is death.

What does it mean when you dream about a huge explosion?

There are a few bomb in dream meanings, however, to dream about a huge explosion could just mean self-sabotaging. This means that the trouble that you may be experiencing is a consequence of an action or decision that you took.

Dreaming about a huge explosion can also portend loss. This loss can be in any area of the dreamer’s life. He might lose a close relative, or all he has been working for in a long time is about to go down the drain, and it’s going to be a messy and traumatic experience, the question is will he be able to come out of it?

Biblical Meaning Of Bomb In A Dream

As we said in the introduction, there was not a direct reference to bombs, so the biblical meaning of bomb in a dream is a little far-fetched.

Wherever a bomb goes off, it’s either there is a war, death or violence. And the Bible sometimes condemned these things for people who want to live like Jesus. The life of Jesus was that of peace and love, however, sometimes he sets these things up himself.

Regardless of what the Bible said and what it didn’t say about bombs, Christianity condemns violence, and some of the biblical meaning of bombs in a dream includes:


Depending on the context, for example, a dream of bombs dropping from the sky or from above you suggests that danger is imminent. In such a case, the biblical meaning of bombs in a dream indicates that you need to be aware of the looming danger in your life.

It’s a warning for you to wake up from your slumber, although your watching may not be enough, you still have to ask God where this impending trouble is coming from and what to do about it,  if not you might just happen to go with it.

If you dream of a bomb dropped by someone you know, it may mean that you always feel threatened by that person, and you don’t know how to go about it, and you’re always uncomfortable when they are around, well to make your life easier,  what you need to do is to avoid anyone that makes you feel less of yourself. Nothing is worth your self-esteem, leave them and be happy.

Suppressed feelings

A bomb in a dream could signify the feelings and emotions that you have suppressed for so long. Something or someone has made you so agitated that you can’t help but feel like exploding.

It’s important to note that a bomb signifies trouble, and so all those pent-up feelings and emotions only mean trouble for you, and the day you happen to let it out, it may be dangerous to either you or the people around you.

Something has been bothering you for a long time,  and it doesn’t seem like it’s about to end, you don’t like this at all and you don’t know what to do about it either. You’re losing your mind and this is reflected in your dreams about bombs.

It could also be that you have been digesting so much violent content from Hollywood and it’s continuing in your dream, maybe before you slept, you had a thought about being the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, what do you think?

Loss of control 

Whenever a people are at war or let’s say having a dispute, they would usually take their time to converse about their problems, and try to solve the problem through dialogue, or peace treaties, But whenever things seem to be out of control, they go into a full out war, with bombings as the order of the day.

The biblical meaning of bomb in a dream suggests that you have been battling with a certain situation in your life, this situation has been proving difficult, and now it’s gotten out of hand. You have no idea what to do again because you’ve tried everything you can but it’s not working.

This situation may be concerning your health, finances or even your relationship. Your marriage is failing and you don’t know what to do about it, as you’ve seen counsellors, therapists and even men of God but things seem to be out of control still.

Your dream of bombs may be telling you that if you manage not to explode, if you manage not to give up on life, and keep trying, with God on your side, all will be well.


When you hear of bombs, violence and death is what comes to mind, and this thought produces fear. You had a dream of bombs dropping from the sky and not gifts, it’s safe to say that you must have taken to your heels in such a dream because you were scared.

The meaning of your dream is that you are scared of something in your life, it could be failure or even success, and so you are running away from doing things that would you to the next level of your life, well, you should fear not for God is with you.


At this point,  it is important to note that a symbol alone is not enough to interpret what a full dream means. One needs to understand that the context in which such a symbol plays out is very important.

The biblical meaning of bomb in a dream, or your dream of bomb dropping may not be fully understood until its context is explained, and by context, I also refer to the mood and feelings you had in the dream. However, the basic meanings that are necessary to help understand your dream about bombs have been given to you in this article, and I hope that you find them useful.

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