Spiritual Meaning Of War In A Dream

Deriving meaning from a few possible contexts, the basic spiritual meaning of war in a dream have to do with victory, vulnerability, spiritual warfare, anger, and deliverance.

It’s okay to feel a little panic after you have woken up from a dream about war. Having dreams with such violent nature are a real cause for anxiety, as the war grounds signify life, and the war itself signifies your life in the waking world.

Spiritual Meaning Of War In A Dream

The reason why you may be seeing wars in your dreams may be that you have been exposing yourself to stories about wars. Maybe through books, movies, or even images. if your thoughts are occupied by the history of wars and what happened during the last civil war in your country, then there’s every possible tendency that you would start dreaming about war or wars.

However, what if you have not been exposed to any violent content on social media or e mainstream media, and you still encountered war in a dream, what is the spiritual meaning of war in a dream?


If you have a person who has a lot going on in their waking life and has to shuffle between a lot of things, people, and decisions daily, then the evidence of their pattern of living is the war in their dream. A war in the dream signifies that the dreamer may have been living a reckless life, and has not been paying much attention to the things that matter because of how busy and chaotic their life has been.

War in dreams usually ends in just two ways, win/lose is the only way to go. Winning the war in the dream suggests that you are finally going to rule over your own life and will not be controlled by the business of your life. It’s time to put your life together and keep it organized for your one good. Tone down the chaos in your life.

When you lose the war in a dream, your dream symbolizes that you are beginning to lose control of what happens to you from here on out. The loss of control can be a terrible feeling, however, sometimes, we just do not need to be in control, we can just take a rest and allow the universe to manage the chaos that’s rising in our life.

Spiritual Warfare

The spiritual meaning of war in a dream also symbolizes a spiritual warfare going on. As a spirit being, you are aware that other spiritual forces are out to take control of your soul. There are good and bad forces in the universe, and they are both seeking possession of your soul.

The war in your dream symbolizes both sides at war (good or bad), and the one you feed more wins the battle. Do you feed your mind and heart with things of this world that weakens your soul, or do you feed it with content that may empower it, and help it become stronger so that it can withstand the force and deceit of the bad side?

If you are a Christian, the only way to ward off the enemy or the devil from your soul is to feed your soul with the word of God, speaking in tongues is a way to win the war, and it also edifies your spirit man, prayers also without ceasing.

By spiritual warfare, we’re also referring to the demonic forces that are constantly trying to pull you down, using backwardness, sickness and all sort of demonic tactics to make sure that you end up not fulfilling your purpose on earth.

The spiritual meaning of war in a dream suggests that you are in a battle with these powers, and the only way you can win, is to put on your whole armour of God, and go ahead to fight your Goliath like the David that you are, and see yourself come out victorious,  this war must be fought from the physical realm to destroy the enemies in the spiritual realm.


If you see yourself fighting a war in the dream, even though you’re not the only one, but your side is winning, then you should be certain of victory in your waking life. This is because of the battles and challenges that you have been dealing with for a very long time. Yes, that one problem that you’ve been asking for deliverance from has been settled.

In Christianity, just as the death of Jesus signifies a new beginning and forgiveness of all your sins, Fighting a battle in the dream and winning signifies that God has taken charge of that battle and he is victorious, therefore all those things that you have been struggling with have melted away. You have defeated the devil and God has got your back.

Anger / Frustration

When you have a dream about war, or you see yourself in a war with a group of people, one of the meanings that can be depicted is that your dream is portraying your emotional state and your angry personality. You might be having this dream because you are angry at someone or a group of people, maybe because they chose not to give you what was rightfully yours, and so your anger which you’ve been trying to hold in is being revealed in the dream.

Your dream may also be a way to let out your frustration in a case where you can’t seem to do that in your waking life. Are you frustrated about a project that you can’t seem to get right or your relationship that you can’t seem to let go of, your dream means that you need to let go of some steam for the good of your mental health.


It’s true that experiencing a War in a dream has the potential to make the dreamer feel a different kind of agitated, however, you can rest assured of winning when God is on your side.

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