Spiritual Meaning Of Being Shot In A Dream

The spiritual meaning of being shot in a dream is very far from anything good. There’s rarely any soft landing in dreams that have to do with such kind of violence against us, therefore a need for you to pay attention to the meanings that would be discussed.

What is the spiritual meaning of being shot in a dream?

I would really love to tell you that dreams about being shot at have a good side to them and that they are not always bad, but I’m sorry to disappoint you, the spiritual meaning of being shot at is dreadful. and its evidence in our waking reality is all surrounded by turmoil. Some of the spiritual meanings of being shot in a dream include obstacles to one’s progress,  poor health, betrayal, demonic attack,  and even dread

Looking at some scenarios that dreamers may have, we would be explaining the various spiritual meaning of being shot in a dream, one by one.
If your dream had to do with so many guns, and a lot of people kept firing at you, or you were being shot at as the target, then the meaning of your dream suggests that you may be scared of something. This thing you are afraid of could be a new career or a new life that you are about to start, or even a decision you need to make
Your dream of being shot at by a mob or more than one person suggests that you are scared to carry out this change because you are not certain if you would fit into such a kind of life or the new level you are about to have, but if you happened to be running away, it means that you are about to have a change of heart.
Being shot at in a dream is another way for your subconscious to stop you from going down the incorrect path. When you have been living life incorrectly, you may have a dream in which you were shot in the legs, and all your faults and sins are about to catch up with you. Your dream of getting shot is warning you that you’ve been travelling in the wrong direction, and you’ve missed it somewhere, therefore whatever you’ve been doing up to this point needs to stop, and you need to turn over a new leaf, or the consequences of your actions will be severe.
Spiritual Meaning Of Being Shot In A Dream

The spiritual meaning of being shot in a dream represents a demonic attack on the life of the dreamer. The person who was shot in a dream is under spiritual attack or struggle that they may be unaware of, and they have been wounded by the evil powers that torment them. When an arrow is shot in a dream, the evidence is visible in your waking life in the form of illnesses, backwardness, and even death, especially if the dreamer does nothing about it. Going down on your knees and releasing the chains that have tied you is one approach to ensure that damage is minimized. May God’s mercy triumph in your life.

The spiritual meaning of being shot in a dream also suggests BETRAYAL. If you had a dream about being shot, and whoever shot you is a familiar face, then you need to be extra careful about people you call your friends. One of these persons is somewhere planning your downfall. This person may be a family member, close relation, or even colleague.

Being shot at in the dream suggests that there is a conspiracy against you that may harm you, and you need to be more vigilant than you were before now, so the plans of the wicked ones may not prevail.

Dream of someone I know shooting me

To dream of someone you know shooting you symbolizes hatred or revenge. If In your dream, you encounter someone you know shooting you countless times, it could mean that you must have offended someone in one way or the other, someone close to you, and whatever you did in the past has not been forgiven, and so this person has been harbouring some form of hatred for you and is seeking revenge for their pain. You need to get down your horse and apologize to this person if you know who they are.

Dream about getting shot and not dying

Wondering about your shooting dream meaning, to dream about getting shot and not dying symbolizes suggests failed opportunities. Getting shot is the opportunity that you got, that you worked with, and maybe you failed, however, the part that you didn’t die connotes that even though you didn’t get to succeed with a plan or an opportunity you had, you haven’t given up. You are willing to try and try again 6till something works.

Spiritually, to dream about getting shot and not dying suggests that though weapons have been fashioned against you by the enemies, they have also tried to harm you, but you are still standing strong despite everything you have gone through. Your dream foretells your strength in the time of trials, how you may fall but with certainty will stand tall again.


Being shot in a dream meaning could be a number of things, from spiritual attacks to setbacks in your life to even suffering the consequences of your actions. If you got shot in your dream, and felt it in real life, Then spiritually you have received a demonic arrow that had been designed to either hold you down in bondage through sicknesses, financial setbacks, infertility, or even death.

As for Christians, they are aware that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. we know that the forces of our warfare are not carnal, so we do not deal with events as such with just pharmaceuticals or with therapy, we go down on our knees and begin to seek the intervention of God. Whatever you do, do not remain quiet else you want the enemy to make a mockery of you.

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