Spiritual Meaning Of Eggs In Dreams

Depending on the scenario in your dream, the spiritual meaning of eggs in dreams suggests, good tidings, glory/destiny, misfortune, new beginnings, vitality, demonic attack, etc.


Eggs in dreams ordinarily symbolize the exact same things that they represent in our waking world. Let’s say you have no idea what this symbolism is, hence your question, what do eggs symbolize in the dream? Here is your answer.

There is a general understanding regarding the way eggs are perceived. Universally, eggs symbolize a renewed life, new beginnings, fertility, creation of something new, wholeness, and unrealized potential. These are not necessarily deep meanings, so if you saw an egg in the dream, the meaning may be derived from the actions surrounding that egg and what you felt.

In a scenario whereby you are trying to reach out and pick an egg and aren’t able to, then your dream means that there is a specific thing that you are looking forward to achieving, it could be that you are trying to get pregnant, start a new career which is seeming difficult, your dream is telling you to keep pushing for it, as the end is worth it, there’s good in what you are about to do.


Spiritual Meaning Of Eggs In Dreams

We have seen the generic meanings of eggs in the dream, and yet another important question arises, what do eggs represent spiritually? and also, what is the spiritual meaning of eggs in dreams. You know, when we try to decipher the spiritual meaning or implications of occurrences, there is a need to dig deeper than the original meanings because the general/ universal meanings are just derived from a layman’s point of view.

What do eggs represent in dreams, what do eggs represent spiritually, and the spiritual meaning of eggs in dreams will all be understood in this post. When we have dreams about eggs, their meanings can range from good to bad, depending on the actions surrounding the egg in the dream. For example, a dream about eggshells can suggest fragility, and the spiritual meaning of your dream may suggest that your spirit man is terribly weak, any little fall can shatter you into pieces therefore the need to build yourself into the strong person that you wish to be.

It may also have everything to do with your health, a dream about eggs, or a dream about eggshells may suggest that your health is on the verge of failing, and we understand that whatever has a beginning has an end. if you see a shattered eggshell/ broken eggs in dream , then it means that the ailment you are suffering from may be the endpoint, the dreamer may end up not coming back from it.

Receiving Eggs In Dreams

If you dream about collecting or receiving eggs in a dream, the spiritual meaning of egg in the dream suggests that you are about to receive something good in your waking world. spiritually, your dream suggests that you have been blessed with good fortune, prosperity, good luck, good destiny, and a new life( remember that baby you’ve been praying so hard for?), Your dream about eggs in a basket means that from here on out, you are experiencing a change that will continue to bring you joy, love, good tidings, you name it.

However, rejecting eggs in dreams may suggest that there are some personality or character issues with you that make it difficult for you to understand what you have been blessed with. You are so closed-minded and stubborn that you cannot recognize a blessing when you see it, hence the urge to reject eggs in dreams.

Dream of someone taking eggs from you

We looked at the receiving eggs in dreams scenario, and we saw that it almost has only good meanings, a dream of someone taking eggs from you is quite the exact opposite. If in your dream about eggs, you are not trying to give out your eggs willingly (which means that you have the intention of blessing someone soon, or that your purpose in life is to be a blessing to others), rather someone or some people were trying their best to take that egg away from you, then spiritually that is a bad omen.

The spiritual meaning of such a dream suggests Demonic attacks. You are in a battle spiritually, and the attack is aimed at your destiny and the purpose that God put you on earth to fulfill. The enemy is threatened by your destiny, and so, they are ready to take it away from you, and in the process, cause you barriers and limitations to your success, delay, sickness, financial backwardness, and so on.

However, the devil can only take your glory or terminate your destiny if you let them. This revelation is a reminder that a closed mouth is a closed destiny. If you don’t take back what belongs to you by force through prayers, then you have no strength to defeat your enemies, and if you do not take back what belongs to you, you will be risking it all.

Dream about eating Eggs

As established, eggs in dream suggest fruitfulness, new life, potential yet unleashed, and so on. To have a dream about eating eggs suggests these things. If you had a dream where someone gave you cooked eggs to it, your dream may connote that you have been blessed with something that you may be unaware of.

If you’ve been praying for a child, or you have been meaning to transition into a new career, or you are about to start something new, the spiritual representation of the egg in this dream means that you have been given the go-ahead, as the egg symbolizes fruitfulness, so have you been blessed. Go and be fruitful

Final Thoughts

Just in case you thought you didn’t have what it takes to be who you have always wanted to be, the spiritual meaning of eggs in dreams, depending on the dream suggests that you possess what it takes to be great, do not lose that power to the enemy.


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