Biblical meaning of rejecting money in a dream

Ever used or heard the cliche, “money is the root of all evil”, well this may be the case in some people’s reality, even though the bible does not necessarily put it that way, it says “the love of money is the root of all evil”. regardless of this idea, Money is very important and the lack of it is a problem in our daily lives. That you do not love money does not mean you should be happy about rejecting money in the dream.

The biblical meaning of rejecting money in a dream does not sound pretty, honestly, such a dream does not make us feel anything but awful. Your dream can be a notification of financial setbacks, and even a warning that you have been refusing change or progress. Money is one of the gifts that God gave to humanity, and rejecting it in a dream only speaks badly of your financial life, I mean, Money rules the world.

Money symbolism in dreams.

Money as many of us will see it, is a sign of greatness, and having it means having most of the things you want. To understand what the biblical meaning of rejecting money in a dream is, you first have to understand what money in a dream means biblically, and what it means when you dream about money. Money symbolizes power and influence at least to some people, and not having it makes you a special kind of weak and without class.

Money in dreams could mean several things, depending on what happened in your dream, for example maybe you lost it, found it, won, or even made it. In this case, your dream is about rejecting money and if money is a symbol of power and influence, and rejecting it could mean rejecting power and influence, in case you lost it, it does not necessarily mean that you would lose money in real life, you may just be feeling a bit out of control with the things going on around you.

Money in your dreams symbolizes happiness, fulfillment, a sense of self-worth and self-value, power, self-confidence, and mostly good things, depending on the context of your dream. For example, when you give out money in your dreams, or you are receiving money, it suggests that you are fulfilling one of the bible passages, Matthew 19:21 where God promises us treasures in heaven.

Biblical meaning of rejecting money in the dream

Biblical meaning of rejecting money in a dreamBefore we dive into the biblical meaning of rejecting money in the dream, I would like you to understand that your dream may not necessarily be anything bad, it may not mean anything deep, but it could also be something pretty meaningful and maybe, just maybe its a message from the most high but what is this message exactly, what does it mean to dream about rejecting money, what message is your subconscious really trying to tell you. Well, your dream may mean a variety of things, depending on the context in which it occurred, and those meanings are what we would be discussing here.


Your dream of rejecting money could foretell your lack of foresight. You are not able to see things clearly, and that is why you have deliberately rejected the money in your dream. Being shortsighted is the ability to not see things clearly except they are close to you. This does not necessarily have anything to do with the condition of your eyes, it mostly has everything to do with your opinions and your perspective on life.

The biblical meaning of rejecting money in a dream is a symbol of how you tend to look at things. Maybe you have always overlooked the ideas and perspectives of others, this includes your subordinates, your friends, and even family. Your dream is a warning that you need to start seeing things from the perspectives of others, not just your opinion but that of others matters, and until you come to realize that, things might not be as smooth as you’ve always wanted, and until you start being receptive of the ideas of others, then you can start progressing in life because that is your key to entering another level.

Financial backwardness

When we receive money in the dream, it symbolizes that soon, we may encounter something that would make our life better, something worth celebrating, or financial freedom and progress. how about rejecting money in a dream? Rejecting money in the dream means that in one way or the other, you are doing something wrong, and this thing has been drawing you back financially. The biblical meaning of rejecting money in a dream in this context is that you are overwhelmed and because of that you have given up on your goals and your fight for a better life.

It could be that during the course of your life, you have made a wrong decision, that has been hampering your financial life. It could also be that there is someone somewhere in your life that doesn’t want your progress financially, and they have done things to close your eyes to new opportunities that could break you out of stagnation, and this is the time to go back to your God in prayers to seek for deliverance, because you may not have known when this evil was done, but you can undo it.


When we speak of money or hear of money, we think about things of value, as money, most times represents things that make us feel like we have confidence, it represents self-worth. In this sense, we use money to represent wealth and not currency bills or gifts. When we have wealth or have money, we feel a sense of security and completeness, so losing it or rejecting it in dream could mean that the dreamer me be experiencing a very significant level of loss in their lives.

You might also feel like you have lost control over your financial life and resources, and you are way in over your head, hence the occurence of this dream. Depending on the context, your dream portends significant loss, in your business, family and so on but always remember that God controls the universe and there is no form of feeling that you cannot bring to him, what ever it is that you feel, the best thin to do is to take it to God in prayer because him alone can make you feel better, you can always take back control of your life.

Rejecting progress

The biblical meaning of rejecting money in a dream could just be as simple as you doing everything you can to reject progress in your life, i mean the answer is just staring you in the face. Yes there maybe several reasons why we might want to reject money in our waking life, for example, maybe we are not moved by money, or in a case where the source of the money is bad, we can always reject it, but that should not be the case in your dreams.

Depending on the context of your dream, For example, you were stranded and someone offered you some money in the dream, and for some reason you rejected it, this means that you love where you are currently in life even if you are not where you a supposed to be. Your conservative nature that does not like change and is not willing to change anything you’re doing is having the upper hand at life, and this is why you are refusing your pass to a better life.

Spiritually Minded

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You CANNOT serve both God and money. matthew 6:24

Well, the biblical meaning of rejecting money in a dream may not be totally awful after all. According to the passage above, a devoted Christian can not serve both God and money, and also there is the scripture that says wherever your treasure is where your heart is, and the love of money is the beginning of evil.

As a child of God, you must have been thinking that your strife and quest for Money and the things of this world are drawing you farther and farther away from your first love, hence the dream you had last night. It could also mean that God is warning you that your love of the world may soon become overwhelming for you and you need to clear your thoughts by rejecting and pushing away the things that may take you away from money if you still want to maintain a healthy relationship with God.

So the biblical meaning of rejecting money in a dream could be your inner spirit, or the holy spirit, telling you what to do, rejecting worldly things if you still want to maintain your love for the father, and also serve him with all your heart.


It’s okay to feel worried when you have such dreams as you might not necessarily understand what it means, But I like to advise those who come to me to always seek spiritual counsel whenever they seem scared and man may not be able to give you this to your satisfaction, but God certainly will, and this is the same thing I want you to do today, Ask God for the next action to take regarding your dream.


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