Meaning of Dreaming About Piglets Explained!

Dreaming about piglets may represent either good or bad, depending on the context, personal beliefs and so on. It indicates wealth and abundance as much as it does uncleanliness and regrets of missed opportunities.

I remember dreaming about piglets, yes they were more than one and I can recall how they were frolicking around in my backyard, and I don’t even have a pen there, but somehow I had this dream, and just like you, I kept wondering what dreaming about piglets may mean for me.

Well, dreams about piglets are not all that frequent, but that does not mean that it doesn’t happen, and people who get such dreams, can describe them with two words,  Adorable and fascinating. Quickly, let’s learn about the meaning of dreams about these adorable creatures, but before that, will learn what pigs mean in the dream.

What does a pig mean in a dream?

I’ll say a dream about a pig will suggest Abundance, wealth, provision and good luck. However, the perception of dreams about them may vary across different belief systems, religions and even cultural backgrounds.

In some cultures, for example, in Islam, pork or pigs are considered unclean, therefore it should be avoided. So a dream about a pig in Islam indicates an act of sin, that requires a cleansing and renewal of the dreamer’s energy.

However to some others, like Christians and some Asian cultures, pigs are seen as part of God’s creation and should be cherished for what it is, pigs are also seen as a good source of food, and that is why in dreams they can be seen as a sign of good luck

So when we ask questions like, is a dream about piglets good? There are several things to consider when answering that, like your religion, or your beliefs. There’s a positive and negative side to almost every dream, what matters is what you felt in the dream.

What does dreaming about piglets mean?

As I said before, there are two sides to the meaning of dreaming about piglets, and we will do our best to touch on both aspects,  which are positive and negative.


For a person who views pigs favourably, seeing piglets in the dream will be considered a positive occurrence. To this set of people, piglets in the dream is a good luck charm, it also indicates abundance, growth, wealth, and a bountiful harvest.

All these have been associated with pigs mostly because they have the potential for producing rapidly and in quantities, in both offspring and as a source of food. You have a dream about piglets, your dream suggests that you’ve been blessed with abundance, it might not seem so yet, however, if you play your cards right, you may just have stumbled on Gold, or on something that will lead you into generational wealth.

So be joyful, pray, work hard, sow when you should so you can reap your harvest.


On the contrary to a positive outlook, if a person has a very negative way of viewing pigs, or has a bad experience or association with pigs, they may view pigs a bit differently.

Most people because of their religion or other factors may view pigs as unclean, unpure, or not even good enough to include in their diet, so if such a person keeps dreaming about piglets, it may end up being a bad Omen.

To this set of people, dreaming of piglets suggests that the dreamer is going astray, or leaving the path of his faith, or it could just mean that something bad will happen, it’s left for you the dreamer to decide what your dream means.

Dreaming about piglets


Piglets when born are usually very connected to their mother, and hard to separate, as long as she’s available, she nurtures them to a point where they can now feed themselves, so if you keep dreaming about piglets without their mother, there is a deeper meaning,  which indicate that God has already put something in your hands, that you’re expected to take care of, till it gets to it’s maturity.

Whether it is a relationship, business idea job or family, dreaming about piglets is a reminder for you to focus on taking good care of whatever has been put into your hands, and if you have no idea what this thing is, you can ask God in prayers for direction.


In a case where you have a dream about killing a piglet, remember that pigs to most people symbolize wealth, killing a piglet in a dream suggests that you may be having regrets over ending an opportunity,  or not even recognizing one.

The death of a piglet is the death of a new life, this indicates that you had it in mind to work on a new idea, business, or relationship, however, something stopped you, and you didn’t push to overcome the struggles that you faced then, and you’ve started to regret that you never saw it through.

Well, maybe knowing that it’s never too late to start again, I can body tell you that you can go back to that project, instead of sitting there and crying over spilled milk.


To dream about chasing piglets suggests that there’s something that you’ve been believing God for, and you believe that if you get it, it would change your life for the better, you’ve been searching for great opportunities and chasing piglets in your dream means that you may be getting one soon.

This is not the case when you’re chasing piglets out of your home, as this indicates that you have turned a blind eye towards a good opportunity that came your way, and if you negatively view pigs, chasing away piglets in a dream suggests that you are cleansing your home of negativity, and whatever it is that does not please God enough in your life. If this is you, you need to take a good time out, to reflect on your waking life, think about where you’ve gone wrong in your faith, and begin to make amends, welcome God once again into your life, and he will come in to save you. Good luck!