Dreaming of Being Pregnant Biblical Meaning

Well, I can tell you first-hand, that dreaming of being pregnant biblical meaning may just be as clear as it should be. Although such dreams may be common with pregnant women, if you’re not expectant, it seems like you’re going to be real soon. Congratulations!

Dreaming of Being Pregnant Biblical Meaning

3 Children are a heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

4 As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.
5 Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. Psalm 127 vs 3-5

Whether you’re married or not, dreams of being pregnant can be very intriguing, particularly if you’re having a baby in the dream, these dreams can hold spiritual meanings that will be very instrumental in your waking life. Let’s go ahead to explore the topic “dreaming of being pregnant biblical meaning”


Do you remember Mother Mary the mother of Jesus? Who had a dream that she’ll be pregnant? That dream was God’s way of calling her to greater things and great things did she do. Being the mother of Jesus will be the greatest calling before we even begin to talk about winning souls.

The biblical meaning of seeing yourself pregnant in your dream indicates that you as a person are being called to do greater works in the kingdom of God, and spiritual changes are going on in you.

There is a tremendous potential that God has put in you, and being pregnant in a dream biblical meaning suggests that right now, you may not have noticed this potential, you can rest knowing that it’s in there somewhere, you’re nurturing it up till its unveiling date. You are on the edge of supernatural growth and very soon you will begin to see what God has planned for you, Focus on God and what he’s calling you to do.

Fruit of the womb

Sometime in 2020, I kept having dreams where I was pregnant. One day I received a letter of congratulations in my dream, telling me that I was pregnant, I was scared in that dream, because I wasn’t ready for a baby yet, and so I was always extra careful, however, to be honest with you, God was well prepared for me, because, in the year 2021, I got pregnant.

My dream in 2020 was trying to prepare me for what was about to happen, maybe it was a warning for me to take caution and abstain, but whatever it was I didn’t quite get it, so now I have a big baby boy, Yeah Congratulations to me!!

Well, dreaming of being pregnant biblical meaning may just be as plain as it is, you will be pregnant soon, and if you’re that woman that has been asking God for the fruit of the womb, depending on the context of your dream, you’re about to hear the cry of a baby, and if you’re not married, you just received a message and warning for you to abstain or suffer the consequences.


Children are a gift from God, they are God’s heritage however,  if you are young, aren’t married and you get pregnant, it could be a source of embarrassment for you and your family, so seeing yourself pregnant in a dream may suggest that in the coming days, you and your family may be experiencing something that may cause them to hide their face in shame.

It could be that someone is plotting to tarnish your image at work, or a family will get into trouble, or something is cooking that may cause huge embarrassment for you and yours, so you’ve got to be very careful of everything that you do in the coming days.

Dreaming of Being Pregnant and Giving Birth

If you had a dream of being pregnant and giving birth, then you are one of the many that God has blessed with good news, and it also suggests that your harvest is here.

Dreaming of being pregnant biblical meaning in this case just tries to reflect your state of being currently. Before now, you’ve been struggling so much to make ends meet and to make sure that everything works fine, all to no avail, all of a sudden you’re giving birth,  this suggests that all your hard work is going to pay off, and you wouldn’t have laboured in vain.

So just as a pregnant mother gives birth to her baby, shall you enter into the new season that God has already prepared for you.

For a woman who God has called into ministry, while pregnancy dreams are shown to you to tell you that you’re carrying a kingdom inside of you, this kingdom is supposed to be birthed after a particular time.

Pregnancy in dreams shows you the stage you’re at in your preparation, and if you give birth, it suggests that it is time that you start to do what God has called you to do, you are ready and he has built your capacity to handle whatever is thrown at you.

Unmarried Girl Pregnant In Dream

We all know how the world views a young single woman who’s pregnant. To them you’re as irresponsible as they come, you have no regard for tradition and culture, also you’ve lost the one thing that you’re worth, the only thing that gives you value and in many cultures or religions,  that thing is your virginity.

However, this is not the case in the dream. Most of the time, dreams are a mystery right, you might see a man in your dream and instead, the dream refers to a woman in your waking life. So, an unmarried girl who’s pregnant in the dream could foretell the difficulties that a young girl will find herself going through in her waking life.

If you’re an unmarried lady, as much as you’re very careful with your partner, being pregnant in the dream does not necessarily mean that you will become pregnant soon, even though that could be it, your dream may suggest that the following days may be filled with so many uncertainties, and challenges that might threaten your wits, and ability to persevere.

If you know yourself you will keep at what you’re doing right, and watch yourself reap the fruits of your labour, because, at a certain point in time, your hard work and patience will start to bear fruits.