Dead Person Alive in Dream Meaning

Could it be that you’re seeing a deceased family member, or dead loved one in the dream because you suffered a loss and you’re just mourning or it could be something else?

If you think a dead person alive dream meaning is deeper than what we can see, then maybe it does. It does to you,  and me obviously,  so in this article, we would be seeing a different dead person alive in dream meaning

Dead Person Alive in Dream Meaning

As scary as your dream may be,  dreaming of a dead person being alive may suggest a few things.

Visitation for Guidance

When we sleep, the last thing we like to see is a dead person coming alive in the dream, especially the one talking to us.  However, life does not always go as planned, so witnessing a deceased mother talking to you, or just seeing a dead person alive in the dream is a form of spiritual guidance.

You need to pay attention to whatever the dead person is doing, were they talking to you? Were they angry at you?  Or giving you a warning? Try to remember the feelings that the person was showing and how you felt about the encounter.

Your dream could be a warning or even a way to give you guidance concerning a situation. If you see your dead mother in the dream, a dead person alive in dream meaning is a warning concerning some members of your family, you may need to stay away from them for a while, or she might just be warning you about dangers that you can’t see on your own, try to recall what was said in the dream.


Having a dream about a dead person coming back alive can also be the way you tend to grieve a loved one. You could be having a deceased person’s dream because you just lost a very close relationship. This loss could either be to death or the end of a relationship, and you wished it never happened.

You should know that the stages of loss for people are different, and very difficult, so having dreams about a dead person in this case is very important in your healing process, this could make you feel stressed out when you wake up,  but it’s only for the moment while you’re mourning.

Grieving may also be tough when you feel guilt. For example, if you feel like you should have done better for the deceased, then they wouldn’t have died,  hence your wish that they come back alive for you to get a second chance.

It’s high time you moved on, their death was not your fault, yes you should have been a better friend but that doesn’t guarantee their staying alive, moreover,  there is always something to regret over,  it’s what happens when you lose a loved one, so let go and live your life, they’ll want that for you.

Dreaming of Dead Person Alive Biblical Meaning

When something dies, it suggests an end to that thing, but when a dead thing or person comes back alive, it represents a new life, a new chance, a new beginning and a rebirth. Your dead loved one appearing to you in your dream represents your past life, you’re about to start a new life, moving on from the past.

On this foundation is where the Christian life is built. Jesus died on the cross and rose back to life on the third day, and now Christians know that in Christ, old things are passed away,  and all things have become new. You are dead to sin and now have a new life in Christ, your past life should remain in the past.

Dreaming of dead person alive biblical meaning suggests that you need to kill your sinful life and have a new life in Christ. If you have just become born again, or having difficulties in your Christian life, the spiritual meaning of seeing a dead person come alive in a dream means that your old life is in the past, and you have become a new creature.

And he who had died came out bound hand and foot with graveclothes, and his face was wrapped with a cloth. Jesus said to them, “Loose him, and let him go.” John 11:44

To also dream of a dead person alive biblical meaning suggests that the dreamer is about to undergo a healing process. If you have a family member that has been down with a long illness,  and it doesn’t seem to be getting better,  maybe everyone is already grieving over this, having a dream of a dead person coming alive, regardless of who it is,  suggests that supernatural healing is taking its place in the life of the sick.

A prayer of Thanksgiving and gratitude is called for in such a case, this will build up the faith of all who hold that sick man dearly,  remember the story of Lazarus,  and the man whose daughter was healed by Jesus without having to see her. Luke 7:1-10

Seeing Dead Person Alive in Dream Meaning in Hinduism

If your dream of seeing a dead person occurs not as a result of what’s happening in your life at the moment,  and if you see a strange dead body coming back to life, it suggests that something bad is about to happen, and you may have no control over that thing.

All you can do is be cautious and strategic about your activities,  and not take lightly important signs that may be coming to you. What will happen is not revealed to me, and it’s left to your discretion


Seeing dead persons in the dream may be scary and stressful for you, however, it is worth of note that your dead person alive in dream meaning is a message from the spiritual realm. Take into account your feelings, even actions that took place in the dream when trying to understand a dead person being alive dream meaning, as this would help you understand better.

If you keep having this recurring dream of a deceased loved one, you must seek help from a professional. Seeking help from a therapist and getting over your loss will prove to work just as well.

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