What Does it Mean When You Dream Of Water Overflowing

What does it mean when you dream of water overflowing, it portrays your state of being as a result of imminent occurrences in your life. So, what does it mean when you dream of water overflowing?

Overflowing water represents a flood of emotions which can be positive or negative. It can also mean the renewal of life and health. It has everything to do with a new beginning and birth.

Interpretations of dreams should not be confusing, but the events surrounding our dreams are usually unique which can make it confusing in deciding which interpretation matches your dream. In this article, we have covered most overflowing water dream types so you can easily find an answer.

What Is the Symbolic Meaning of Water?

Water, which is one of the most important and powerful elements, that aid generations thrive and survive, has been associated with many symbols. The Bible, traditionalists, and even the medical world see water in a special way.

Generally, Water represents hope, purity/purification, life, healing, fertility birth, and even change( because of the flowing nature of the water). Biblically, Water is represented as a source of life, chaos, peace, and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus walked on water and changed water to wine, Christians are baptized with water, which signifies purification but also water can also represent chaos and destruction although, this depends on the state of the water, as in the case of Noah when God chose to wipe away the earth with water and given some time, water has the power to wear away any kind of rock or stone.

Overflowing water also symbolizes, peace, change, and a passage of time, because there is no restraint on water if it is flowing.

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Water Overflowing

I’ll like to remind you that dreams sometimes have no connotative meaning, they are just dreams, for example, I dreamt last night that my boyfriend who later changed into someone else, gave me HIV cus I tried to leave him, yes, I can’t let this dream bother me, cus I know my HIV status.

And that being said, it is still important to remember the context or details of your dream if you are interested in the meaning, as dreams of overflowing water would be better interpreted with the specific details and context.

So what does it mean when you dream of water overflowing? There are different meanings that can be associated with this dream; such as change and abundance but most times when you dream of water overflowing, it could be a simple way of your mind telling you that you need to control your emotions in a more healthy manner than you have been doing because if not, they could affect your life on a big way (maybe even negative).

When you dream of water overflowing, sometimes it is a sign that there is something that you have been keeping inside for too long, and this is in most cases your emotions now you are beginning to lose control of those emotions as your mind is struggling to cope with the suppression inside.

It may be that you have been hurt in a way, and you have not been able to acknowledge those feelings, or you’ve been very busy trying to show that you are fine, and putting on a good show, a dream about overflowing water is y our mind telling you that it has had enough, and is threatening to overflow if you don’t do something about those feelings.

Oh yes, there are not only bad feelings, as Overflowing water in a dream could also signify feelings of peace and overwhelming joy that your heart can’t seem to contain. Your dream could mean that something in your life is about to change, and this something is going to cause abundant joy to you and your family. Hey, it could be a promotion, a new contract, or even more exciting a baby!!!!! As water tends to represent life and change too, so get ready for something big.

These meanings are only determined by the details of your dream, if you want the answer to what does mean When you dream of water overflowing, try to remember the feelings that you had in the dream, were they that of anger or excitement, you alone know that, and this is what gives the finishing touch to the meaning of your dream, as our interpretations are not always definite.

Dream about sea water overflowing

The sea is usually associated with life, chaos, boundlessness, turbulence, and sometimes for those that go to sea, a Death sentence!!, oh yes it is scary out there.

Overflowing water in dreams speaks more about your emotions and your inability to control them, it means you’re losing control or you already have. When you dream about sea water overflowing, this means that you have an overwhelming, or big wave of emotions coming your way and it will take intervention to help you come out of it.

Because of the vast nature of the ocean or sea, we tend to associate it with boundlessness and because of how terrible the waves can be sometimes, we associate it with turbulence, when caught in the turbulence of the ocean you will need God, I tell you.

So seeing overflowing sea water in your dream may portend great chaos in your life, that you might need help handling as you might not be able to control those emotions on your own, you will need your support system but no matter what comes your way, always remember that God is with you, just as he has promised in Isaiah 43:2.

Dream of tap water overflowing

The meaning of a dream of tap water overflowing could be good or bad, as taps or faucets usually have a way of turning it on and off, and what this means is that you have the ability to control your emotions that are about to overwhelm you.

I get irritated when I see my kitchen or bathroom taps leaking or in a bad condition, it gets annoying and it takes my peace away. But what do I do when my taps are bad and I can no longer control them? You guessed right, CHANGE IT, I change such equipment because I have the power to.

You had a dream about tap water overflowing, it means that emotions that you have all the power to control have found a way to elude you, or you have not been paying enough attention and now it has turned into a messy situation.

Maybe you have the tendency of getting jealous and possessive in your relationships, you know this, but instead of working on such emotions, you just let it take its course, and now your partner is thinking about getting a restraining order. I know it isn’t that bad, but if you do not control that Tap (emotion) it will get there.

A dream about tap water overflowing is a warning that you are about to lose control and a reminder to not get too overwhelmed by your emotions, let them out gently and in a peaceful manner.

It can also mean that you need to refocus and change your outlook on those things that overwhelm you, this is a process of working on all that emotion locked up inside

What to Do if You Have a Dream About Water Overflowing

What does it mean when you dream of water overflowing

Like every other dream that ends up leaving us unsettled and troubled, we want to know how to handle them, but don’t know how. In this case, my suggestion on what to do if you have a dream about water overflowing is to:

  • Get your dream journal

Jot down as much detail as you can remember in your journal. Describe everything you felt and saw in the dream, for example “ and when I got to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Ashley, I noticed my kitchen faucet was on won’t turn off, and the water was overflowing. I was angry because I felt that it would turn out to mess up my whole kitchen” now details like this are what aid a better understanding of the dream.

  • Take note of The feelings you had, and work with that.

How to do this is to access yourself, your past decision, and your relationships, and try to connect the dots to wherever you feel such emotion, if there is a meeting point between that and your waking life, then you start working on that emotion of yours, till you feel you have better control.

  • Get help

When you’ve tried all you could and can’t seem to get it right, you can always talk to someone or get some help from experts. You can get an appointment with a therapist or psychologist. This is very important because suppressing or ignoring strong feelings can lead to other health-related problems like Depression.

Conclusion-Sometimes Dreams Are Just Dreams and Nothing More

Like we said at the beginning of this post, sometimes your dream may not have any deep meaning, sometimes they are just dreams. If after analyzing your dream, you feel indifferent, even in your dream you didn’t show any emotion, then you have nothing to worry about as it could have just been your imagination.

I tend to see myself in dreams acting out a part I saw in a movie, especially when I thought the scriptwriter didn’t do a good job, such a dream was just my head replaying what I imagined or felt I saw, Nothing to worry myself over.

Dreams where you have strong emotions and then wake up with lingering feelings are what you should be paying more attention to because that is your subconscious doing its job, and it would be very helpful if you can remember the details like we suggested to answer your question “ what does it mean when you dream of water overflowing”.

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