Biblical Meaning of Elevator in Dreams

The biblical meaning of elevator in dreams signifies spiritual promotion(elevation) or spiritual demotion (downfall) in your relationship with God or the state of being humbled by God.

We see many things in our dreams, sometimes things we understand, and otherwise, you have come to the right place if you want to explore the biblical meaning of elevator in dreams because I also am very much interested in this dream and topic.

Dreams have many meanings in our lives, and the role of Dreams in our lives cannot be overemphasized, as our dreams are visions connected to our subconscious and all our emotions throughout our lives.

Dreams occur when you’re asleep and appear almost tangible, like you are awake while sleeping. Everyone has had a good or unpleasant dream from time to time or at a point in their lives, making most dreamers concerned about those dreams.

You had a dream about elevators, and you want to know what this means; well, follow us as we dig deeper into the topic and learn more details about the biblical meaning of elevators in dreams.

Elevator Symbolism

If you had the privilege of enjoying an elevator ride before, you would have noticed or already known now that this technologically improved staircase is always moving. It’s either it’s going upwards or coming downwards.

Therefore, an elevator symbolizes a promotion or a demotion, and a positive and a negative feeling or emotion also accompanies this sign. The job of an elevator is to take you to high or lower ground, so be sure to notice exactly where your elevator is taking you. Is it right, left, up, or down? If the elevator is moving right, was it rising or falling, that is the real question to ask.

If the elevator is moving upwards, it symbolizes that you are on a positive path, but if the lift or elevator is falling or moving downwards, then there is a crisis in your life, or there will be soon.

The General Meaning of Elevator In Dreams

Elevators are standard in dreams, and they usually represent the ups and downs in the life of the dreamer. These dreams have various meanings and interpretations depending on the context of the dream. Then we also have the biblical meaning of elevator in dreams, but let us first explore the general meaning of elevator in dreams.

As we introduced before, an elevator dream indicates positivity or negativity, either in your actions or emotions. Having dreams about elevators sometimes is an indicator of significant opportunities that will come your way. It also symbolizes your fantasies, desire, fears, and life details that you should not try to ignore.

Dreams about elevators are most common when trying to make some adjustments in your life towards achieving a goal. They reflect your innate desires to improve your status in your real life; this is in a case where you are in an elevator going up, and riding to a lower level means a demotion or that you are going back to your beginning or starting point.

An elevator is an improved staircase that requires absolutely no activity from you. Unlike the stairs in which you have to walk yourself to the top or below, there is no need for any action on your part when riding an elevator, and it is safe to say now that destiny is about to take its course in your life, leaving you with little or choice as to how things are about to turn out.

Sometimes in dreams, elevators can also represent your level of awareness. It just implies that you are aware and observant of the situations and happenings in your life and surroundings and that you are also prepared and aware of whatever is coming at you.

Biblical Meaning of Elevator In Dreams

Although there were no elevators in the time when the bible was created, they had staircases. Staircases signify or symbolize a portal from one realm to another.

Jacob also had a dream where God revealed his angels going up and down a stairway or ladder from the earth into heaven (genesis 28:10-22), and So Jacob named the place Bethel, meaning the house of God, the place where God lives.

Jesus is the true ladder or stairway to heaven, the new Bethel, and God opened a new portal or door for Jacob that brought him and his people into a new relationship with God.

So, just as the elevator indicates that something is going up or down, the biblical meaning of elevator in dreams also signifies spiritual promotion(elevation) or spiritual demotion (downfall), or the state of being humbled by God.

The biblical meaning of elevator in dreams, in the case when you are going up, tells you that God wants a good and better relationship with you. So he has placed you in a place where you can easily access him, or that he has changed your position in the spiritual realm regarding your relationship with him.

In the context of you descending in the elevator, a demotion or trial is going on in the natural or spiritual realm, and also this means that you have neglected the things of God and are now backsliding.

Advice: it is time to go back to God in prayers for the rededication of your life in case of the latter and prayer of thanksgiving in case of the former.

Dream Meaning of Elevator Going Down Fast

When you dream of an elevator going down, as we have established before, it means that situations are getting worse in your life, either through your choices or destiny doing its thing.

A falling elevator dream basically indicates a crisis in your life that may or could be pulling you down in your waking life. You are losing any control you had of the things happening around you, and still, you’ve got in you the tendency to act catastrophically or carelessly.

Glass Elevator Dream Meaning

A dream about a glass elevator indicates your satisfaction with your current situation or a current project. You are experiencing an increase in your sense of awareness and consciousness. This dream could be a hint of motivation or encouragement to keep up the excellent work you are doing and chase your dreams or hopes for material improvement.

This dream is also an omen for your new and concealed talents, encouraging you to set free some aspects of yourself.

Flying Elevator Dream

A dream about Flying elevators indicates that You are ready to rid yourself of the negativity in and around your life. Maybe recently, you have been feeling depressed.

Your dream, unfortunately, draws your attention to the bitter encounters between you and the people around you. You have not reached your full potential yet, but you are getting there.

You will find your success and be elevated above those that surround you because you are reaching your full potential.

Dream of an Elevator Moving Sideways

Usually, elevators either go upward or downwards, but when you dream of an elevator moving sideways, it is symbolic of a lateral move instead of an upward promotion or demotion.

It reflects that something in your life is not working correctly, and you need to put more drive into your approach towards a current situation.

If you were expecting a promotion, this dream just means that you should put those expectations on hold until you accomplish or prove something before you ascend to that new level.

Changing how you view that situation and then applying a new strategy would go a long way in getting things to work out in the long run.

Also, take note of your emotions after the dream; this could tell you exactly what your dream means.

Dream of Elevator Failure

This reflects the fears of losing control of the situation at hand, your emotions, and things going on in your real life. You may also be afraid of some things or possible changes that are about to take place in your life, and also not being able to think rationally or even clearly about the current situation you are facing in real life.


The elevator ‘conveys’ you to another location without any sense of control and can symbolize uncertainty in your life direction. This means that fate is what you have to trust to take you to your destination.

The ride may be smooth and secure or confusing and chaotic in harmony with your emotions toward your aspirations and whether or not you feel confident enough to achieve your goals.

The biblical meaning of elevators in dreams signifies your relationship with the almighty; is it getting strong or weaker? This depends on the direction of the elevator in the dream.

Whenever you have a dream, it is not always necessary at first to be nervous about what it means. Instead, Pray that God would provide the most proper direction and inspiration possible, so the tension and curiosity that comes with such dreams would fade away.

Keep in mind that God’s advice is always available to us.

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