What does it mean when you dream about weed

A lot of young people love to smoke weed because of the many physical benefits they think they may be getting from it. Some think it makes them look cool, some want to just feel high even though it only hurts them at the end of the day.

Smoking Marijuana may be fun in the waking life, but what about dreams, what does it mean when you dream about weed.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Weed

This depends on the kind of weed you are taking about. Weeds are unwanted plants in the midst of the valuable one, and there is also marijuana also referred to as weed which is used by most for “getting high” which is not necessarily a good thing.

So if you see weeds in your dream, it may mean that there are either some unwanted traits in your life that you have to get rid of, or it could mean that you have been mingling with people who are hampering your growth in one way or the other, and these people or person should be plucked out as soon as possible.

Seeing weed in your dream as in marijuana may also be referring to your character or attribute that you may need more work on because it is unhealthy and if you do not embrace change, you might do damage to yourself or your career in the future.

These meanings are totally dependent on the context of your dream, which I can’t really tell for now, but we would be using other contexts for the interpretation of your weed in dream meaning, so you can always use that as a basis for understanding your dream.

What Does It Mean To Have A Dream About Being High.

In the waking world, why do many of us chose to get high?. People get high most times because of frustration, for relaxation and enjoyment, but is that also what it means to dream about being high?

Dreaming about being high could just be an indication that you are in need of emotional or mental relief, which you are obviously not getting In your waking life, due to the struggles and stress of your daily life. This type of dream may just be Your subconscious attempting to help you relieve some of that stress while you sleep if you’ve previously used marijuana to relax.

We dream about getting high most times when we want an escape from the realities of life, it is also representation of the need to relax and clear your head like we stated earlier. There is a part of your psyche that is hurt and requires immediate care and attention, Before you can advance in your life.

Your dream is unfortunately a prediction of your lack of control, and even lack of positive self esteem. Dreaming about smoking marijuana or getting high can occasionally serve as a warning sign for disappointments or misunderstandings in a situation or relationship. It’s possible that your problems and stresses are burying you.

What Does It Mean To See Smoke In The Dream

According to Wikipedia, smoke is typically a waste product of fires, such as those from stoves, candles, internal combustion engines, oil lamps, and fireplaces, but it can also be used for other purposes, such as fumigation for pest control, communication (smoke signals), military defensive and offensive capabilities (smoke screens), cooking, or smoking (tobacco, cannabis, etc.). It is employed in rituals where incense, sage, or resin is burned to create a scent for esoteric or magical purposes. Along with being a preservative, it can also be a flavoring agent.

These are what smokes signify in our waking world, but what does it mean to see smoke in dream. When you dream about smoke, it does not mean that you are a smoke addict, neither does it always mean that you are in danger. Smoke In dreams meaning like all other dream, is deciphered based on the context and details of the dream. This is what will aid a better understanding of your dream.

Usually, when you dream of smoke, your dream is referring to all the desires you have but feel they are out of your reach. You’re surrounded by fear, skepticism, and uncertainty. It can also mean that your attention is being called to something that you have not been paying enough attention to, something has been clouding your judgement and you need to clear up your mind, doubts and renew your thinking patterns.

Spiritual Meaning Of Smoking Weed In Dream

What does it mean when you dream about weed

Although, it is common for people who are trying to quit smoking to have dreams in which they are smoking, if not then your dream may mean something way more deeper. Smoking in the real world is an unhealthy habit, that provides pleasure in a negative way, this pleasure will keep you coming back to it, therefore leading to an Addiction.

The spiritual meaning of smoking weed in dream can be a warning against some or any sort of addiction. This does not necessarily mean that you will be addicted to smoking, but it could be that you are becoming a slave to a bad habit, attitude, character and this character is drifting you away from God or the best version of yourself.

The dream can also be a call for us to cherish all that the universe has blessed us with instead of neglecting and trying to destroy everything, which is what a bad habit of smoking could lead to in real life. From now on, you should learn to cherish all that you have, love and respect your body, your neighbours, and be grateful from basically everything you have.

Also, check your self and work on attitudes that may lead to your downfall. If you can’t seem to find anything, confide in someone close to you, ask them to assess you and pin point some of your flaws and ask them to help you be a better person. After all, no one is perfect, you don’t necessarily have to be either, but we can always do better than we did yesterday.

Dream Of Hiding Weed

The general idea of hiding something in a dream alludes to the need to treasure or guard against things being given away too readily. A dream of hiding weed means that those bad traits which you have and which you are supposed to be working on, you have chosen to ignore and keep them to yourself. It means that you know your flaws, but you prefer not to do anything about them, neither are you wiling to give up those attitudes or Persons that are harmful to your wellbeing and life in general.

I don’t know why this is, but maybe you are hiding because without those things or persons, you are not yourself, you feel vulnerable, and you think that there may no longer be joy in your life if you drop them.

To dream of hiding weed represents a reluctance to acknowledge or accept responsibility for something, but what you do not know is that acknowledging something is the first step to changing and becoming the better version of yourself. If you do not do this earlier it might overwhelm you and cause you to lose yourself.

Dream Of Smoking Weed With Friends

Details!! Details!! Details!! Who is this friend, what relationship do you guys have, are this friends trustworthy?? These are the details that you need to understand your dream of smoking weed with friends meaning. However, on a general outlook, dream of smoking weed with friends represents the desire to unwind, the need for enjoyment, and the freedom you experience in nature. It may also represent your happiness in having close friends.

Smoking marijuana with friends in dream means that you are in some sort of toxic relationship, which you need to get out of ASAP. You frequently find yourself in toxic or tense situations, so take a break and unwind. Your dreams of smoking weed with friends is also an indication that you have been hanging around a lot of people that have nothing In common with you, instead they are there to hinder your progress.

In such case, your dream is a warning that you need to stay away from such relationships so as to prevent hurt, pain and disappointment.

Dream Of A Bag Of Weed.

According to some old dream books, a bag filled with tobacco in a dream, is a sign that money and luck are on your side. The good news is that your financial situation will probably get much better.

If you are an entrepreneur or into business, you might be one of the lucky ones who’ll benefit from a project that will bring in a sizable sum of money or profit. If not, there is a chance that you could be promoted, which would mean an increase in your pay, be prepared for a time of celebration.

If you happen to find a bag of weed somewhere, it means that you are highly favoured and both God and the universe have chosen to bless you with all the blessings of life. To dream of a bag of weed or tobacco, it means that you have become fortunate and anything you do from now on will be turned into wealth, and you will be successful.

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