The Spiritual meaning of Coconut in the dream (explained)

The spiritual meaning of coconut in the dream is as mysterious as the coconut itself. We can’t fully explain it, because we hardly understand the way the coconut appeared in the dream. However, there are a few symbols that we can associate with a coconut in the dream.

Seeing a coconut in the dream may symbolize, Protection of God, long life, maturity, wealth e.t.c, more will be discussed below.

My mum would always say that the way in which water got into coconut will forever be a secret, even the function of the water in coconut is hardly known, and still before you can see the content of a coconut, whether sweet or not, you’ll just have to break it open first.


Understanding the meanings of certain symbols in your dreams are very important, so when you see a coconut in the dream, what does it mean. What a coconut symbolizes in the dream is mostly a good omen, depending on the context which the coconut was used.

Some of the symbols of a coconut in the dream included, Vitality, Longlife, good fortune, breakthrough and so on.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Coconut In the Dream

The spiritual meaning of coconut in the dream for you can be one out of the many we will be discussing, depending on the context, one of these meanings may be the basis to understanding your dream about coconut.

Eating a Coconut in the Dream

When you find yourself eating a coconut in the dream, it may signify a good or bad news (secrecy). Is the coconut bad, or good. You start from there. Did someone offer you this coconut, or you got it yourself.

The spiritual meaning of coconut in the dream, in this context suggests that you are being so secretive about what has been going on in your life. If you’re eating a coconut in your dream alone, it suggests that you are not keeping an open mind, neither are you trying to share whatever is torturing you with anyone. This isn’t good as you may not be able to solve your problems alone.

If someone gave you a coconut in a dream, it’s means that in the waking world, someone would be doing something that may or may not benefit you, how what that person will do affects you, is a secret, you can’t know until it happens, so brand yourself.


Have you been thinking about how to get it quick because you planned to buy your first house at 25 and now you’re 35, in school and still living in a dorm??

The spiritual meaning of coconut in the dream you had says one thing. It says that there’s no rush in life’s journey. You need to understand that there is time for everything,  a time to be born, and a time to die, this is how it has been since the creation of Man.

There’s a time to toil and a time to harvest, and just as you cannot force a coconut to get to its maturity stage, where it’s sweeter, stronger and bigger, so you can’t force your way through life, yes you can do your best, but if it’s not yet the time for you, you may begin to feel like things are moving too slow.

Your dream could also mean that spiritually, you are not that weak child anymore. Your faith in your God have become stronger than ever. If you were having milk before, now you’ve graduated into the digestion of solid meals in the spirit.

Seeing yourself pluck a coconut from the tree means that you have taken your time to grow in the spirit, now you’ve gotten to that maturity stage,  and in this stage you’re very much ready to take down strongholds that have been holding you and your family down.

Seeing a coconut in a dream during pregnancy.

 Spiritual meaning of Coconut in the dream

When you see a coconut in your dream while pregnant, if you were holding the coconut, it suggests that you are having a miracle child, and the creator of the universe is preparing you, and letting you know that the child you’re carrying is protected, and no harm shall come near your child.

This dream may have happened because you have been worried as to how you’ll do this. Bringing a new life into this world is no easy task, and your dream is a reminder for you to know that just as the idea of coconut is mysterious, so will the care of the child be, you don’t need to know how It will happen, but it will.

Seeing a coconut in the dream while being pregnant also signifies a new life, and vitality that’s inside you. You’re bringing up a new life, and you have the responsibility to take care of that child till it’s maturity, hence your dream about coconuts.

Divine protection

If you happen to dream of so many coconuts, in one place, or a coconut falling from a tree,  your dream may suggest that you are going to face a tough situation soon, and this situation might weigh you down more than you’ve ever imagined.

This may even be the point where you fail at something really important that you’ve been working on, however, this is not your breaking point. A coconut has a shell that protects it from certain kinds of fall, and except it’s hit hard enough, it does not crack.

The spiritual meaning of coconut in this dream suggests that you have the backing of spiritual entities. You are going to experience divine protection in the toughest periods of your life, you will most definitely come out unscathed.


Dreaming about coconuts is actually a cause for excitement, because coconuts are mysterious and exotic fruits, if at all they are fruits. If you dream of being surrounded by a lot of coconut, it can mean that you’ve been blessed with generational wealth, all you need is to tap into the future and become what you’ve been ordained to be.

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