A Dream about Diarrhea -What it means

Topics like a dream about diarrhea are the ones that have always left me puzzled not just by their meanings and significance, but by the dreams also, I mean why would someone have a dream about diarrhea? From my point of view, it’s kind of strange.

Having to dream about having diarrhea can be one of the most embarrassing dreams you might have had, but while this dream may be capable of stressing you out, it’s also capable of holding valuable insights about your emotions and subconscious thoughts.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Diarrhea?

Now I’ve been thinking a lot about what diarrhoea in dream means, and the first thing that comes to my mind is the physical discomfort that having to deal with runny poop or a runny stomach can cause,  but the meaning of a dream about diarrhea can also represent emotional and psychological turmoil that the dreamer must be going through at a certain point in life.

Diarrhea in dream suggests that you may be having a lot of pent-up negative emotions that you will have to release as soon as possible. This feeling may be a result of a situation that is overwhelming you, you feel like something has become out of control, hence your frustration. You should consider taking some time out for relaxation and also to take care of yourself.

Sometimes dreaming about having diarrhoea, pooping in the dream, or merely visiting the bathroom often in dream could also mean that you have been neglecting your physical or mental health. Your dream about diarrhoea could just be your mind’s way of drawing your attention to your physical health, it’s a sign that something is going wrong in your body or mind.

This diarrhea dream may be unpleasant but have you thought about the fact that you’re having some unresolved inner conflict that could be the reason for the dream?  You’re feeling a certain kind of unrest over an issue, and you want to find peace and a sense of harmony, this could be regarding your relationship,  do some examination of your life right now,  and sort whatever needs to be sorted only then can you have a certain amount of rest

Biblical Meaning Of Diarrhea In Dream

Now when it comes to the biblical meanings of a dream, you might think that what we say does not even relate to what your dream was all about,  however, if you knew what it was all about you wouldn’t be here, would you?

So yes, we analyze dreams based on either the leading of the spirit of God or from the knowledge of his word, hence the biblical meaning of diarrhea is much deeper, and tends to surpass the layman’s understanding,

When it comes to the biblical meaning of diarrhea in a dream, it could mean a few things, ranging from shame to healing,  and sometimes, it might have nothing to even do with your bowels, but everything to do with your mouth.

Biblically, A dream about diarrhea can simply serve as a warning for you to be careful of the things you say with your mouth.  Do dreams of runny poop indicate that God is trying to show you how wickedness and evil words come out of your mouth with no little control whatsoever? Job 27 vs 4

says  my lips will not say anything wicked, and my tongue will not utter lies

This should be the prayer of every Christian. You should wish to guard your tongue, learn to keep things to yourself,  stay away from gossip,  do your work diligently, and see yourself prosper as God wants you to.

Your dream about diarrhea is not necessarily negative, I think it’s called for, as it can also mean that you’re purging out the evil deposits that you have taken in. It could be that you’ve digested the wrong thing, things that aren’t holy,  or even food from occult groups, having runny poop in your dream suggests that you’re purging out everything bad and of the devil that resides in you.

This could also represent the bad information that you must have taken in from the media in your daily activities, as children of God and christians, we take in a lot of unhealthy content every day, this does nothing to help our relationship with God, an sometimes dream about diarrhea suggests that we should always do our best to sieve the information that we take in, and to always put our minds on whatever is pure and good.

Dream Of Diarrhea In Bed

If you happen to dream about having runny poop or pooping on your bed,  it suggests that you may be the cause of your embarrassment in the nearest future. If you are bedridden by an illness, and you have this dream it suggests that supernatural healing is coming to you. The Lord is purging out everything that’s causing the sickness, you’ll need to engage in a prayer of Thanksgiving to claim your healing.

Dreaming Of Having Diarrhoea In Public

To dream about having diarrhoea in public indicates that you’re going to face some sort of embarrassment at work or somewhere really important. You have to be careful from now onwards when you go to functions, listen more than you talk, and do not bite more than you can chew.

If you’re a Christian, your dream suggests that you should pray against the arrow of shame and embarrassment, the enemy is trying to put your family in a bad position, where the opinion of you and your family will be tarnished, y’all have to be very careful of what you do and where you go this period, this is a divine message for you.


Remember that dreams can usher you into a different world and different aspects of yourself that you wouldn’t have noticed in your waking life. Dreaming about diarrhoea could also be a message from the supernatural. Even though this dream may prove to be unpleasant, reflecting on the meaning and symbolism will help you in understanding your dream and how it applies to your waking life. Good luck!

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