Biblical Meaning Of Hugging In Dream

Hmmm, hugs. This topic brings back so many lovely memories like when I first met my partner, we used to hug all the time. We were both so clingy to each other and when it was time to go home, we’ll embrace for minutes, and then at night I’ll still have dreams of hugging him, it was so beautiful for me all the time as it felt just like love to me.

When we have dreams of hugging, it may not necessarily mean positive things, but we do not dare think otherwise. Hugging dreams can portend love, spiritual connection, acceptance, or even betrayal, and the biblical meaning of hugging in dreams is not also far fetch from this.

Back then when I had dreams of hugging, it never occurred to me that it could mean something deep, I always thought it was my imagination and then I didn’t think about it. now I’m beginning to wonder what my dream meant, the spiritual meaning of hugging in dreams, and most of all what the biblical meaning of hugging in dreams is, you’re about to find out what it means along with me.

What is the symbolic meaning of a hug?

According to Wikipedia, the origin of the word hug is unknown, but what we know is that the word hug, first used in the 1560s could be related to the old Norse word “hugga”, which meant to comfort, and the other hypothesis is that the word hug is related to the german word “hegen”, which means to cherish, foster.

A hug can represent or convey your good thoughts towards someone, compassion, and support especially when we cannot seem to use words to express our feelings. a hug typically expresses affection and emotional warmth.

Hugging in dreams, depending on what you saw can have more than one symbolic meaning. as much as hugs in dreams can mean friendship and trust, it could also mean betrayal and that someone in your life is pretending to love you and also plotting to stab you in the back. 

How do I know it is someone close to you? well, I don’t think you would want to hug a stranger even in your dreams, hugging requires a certain level of intimacy, and also requires you t share some of your private space.

Biblical meaning of hugging in dream

What is the spiritual meaning of hugging someone in the dream

in dreams, something that had a simple yet favorable and sweet meaning in the waking world, may turn out not so favorable. hugs in dreams may represent different ideas or symbols depending on the context in which you saw the action.

Dream about hugs may symbolize sweet emotions such as love, acceptance friendship, security, affection, and so on, while on the other hand, it could also represent things like anger, hatred, and betrayal, this all depends on the context of the dream and the feelings experienced by the dreamer in and after the dream.

That being said, the spiritual meaning of hugging someone in dream symbolizes your state of mind concerning the awareness, and acceptance of a certain person, situation, or circumstance in your life that you may not have wanted to even take note of.

The spiritual meaning of hugging someone in your dream is a call for you or someone around you to either become realistic and embrace what he or she is, or it could mean that you are accepting someone or some emotions that were difficult for you to accept before. I believe this is positive news if you can take the time and figure out what exactly you keep trying to avoid.

On the negative side, the spiritual meaning of hugging someone in the dream represents maybe a show of betrayal. for example, you had a dream where your cousin is trying to hug you while holding a knife, now a knife is a dangerous weapon, and this dream is trying to call your attention to a perpetrator and betrayer in your life. the deceit may not necessarily come from your cousin, but look around, you will find someone who just really hates you but is hiding under the mask of love.

What does being hugged in a dream mean

oohhhh… I recognize this one, because I’ve had it more than once, and no I am the least embarrassed by it. Back then, I didn’t know what such a dream of being hugged by someone meant, but I knew it was a good sign, and now it’s just all clearer. being hugged by someone in the dream is a portent of love, respect, appreciation, and reverence from the people around you.

Now that was the positive meaning of the dream. In the case where someone who looks angry, or someone who seems to have some kind of resentment towards you tries to hug you in the dream, it means that there are people in your surroundings that want nothing more than your downfall, you know them not, but they are there anyways and your dream is a call for you to beware of the closest people around.

Biblical meaning of hugging in the dream

“As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you;
And you will be comforted in Jerusalem” Isaiah 66:13

The Bible refers to comfort in place of hugging here. This means that the biblical meaning of hugging is comforting, showing compassion and love, but this is in the case of someone who was already close to you. When you dream of someone hugging you, it means that you have been in a place of need recently, and the lord has sent either his holy spirit or your friend to come and comfort you. Maybe you experienced a certain amount of loss in your business or family, this dream is just a reminder to let you know that he is there for you.

On the negative side, depending on the context of the dream, the biblical meaning of hugging in dream could be a loss of virtue to the wrong person, it could also mean betrayal. Take a look at the event between Jesus and Judas Iscariot when he embraced Jesus, looked straight into his eye, and sold him away. So your dream might be warning you to be careful of the Judas in your life, do not rule out the possibility. Especially if you were hugged by a stranger in the dream.

If you have a dream about a hug that you are not feeling or a deceptive hug, it could depict your displeasure or distrust for the person you are embracing. A cold hug can also represent bitterness, discontent, or hatred. Hugging an unknown person could indicate that someone is attempting to lower your guard to trick or deceive you. A hug from an enemy could symbolize betrayal, attack, or persecution.

Dream of hugging a woman

Some dream books have associated the meaning of hugging dreams with the establishment of a kind of spiritual connection between the people involved.

This meaning of a dream of hugging a woman can apply to both males and females. hugging a girl or a woman in your dream signifies that you are being more accepting of your nature, and are not running away from it. you’re about to improve in your career path and the woman in your dream can act as your guiding angel or your motivator.

If the woman you hug in your dream is a stranger, it means that an unexpected guest will be arriving in your life soon. what for? I have no idea, the best you can do for now is to prepare for anything, good or bad.

The biblical meaning of hugging someone or a woman you don’t know in the dream can signify that you may be getting attacked by something in the spiritual realm, it could be in form of loss or an overwhelming crisis that you will be needing a lot of help from close relationships.

Dream of hugging a man 

Having a dream of hugging a man, represents your beliefs about yourself and who you are. You are experiencing increased awareness and consciousness and you must maintain your optimism.

A dream about being hugged by a man can also represent your desire for romance and passion. You are exploring your inner feelings and emotions slowly and safely. You exist in your world. A dream about being hugged by a man can be a warning sign of a failed relationship especially if you are a married woman. It foretells infidelity.


When I was always getting dreams about hugging people, I did not ever think that they could have terrible meanings, I always woke up with a smile because I rarely hugged strangers, but now I know better, hugging someone in a dream should push me to find what it is in my life that is making me have such dreams.

And do you know where I go to find such answers? I go straight to my creator because he alone can tell me what my dream means, and also even show me a way out or a way to make the most out of my dream because I believe now that he gives me my dreams for a reason, no dream is ordinary to me.

The fact that you came here in search of the biblical meaning of hugging in dream, means that you are in search of intervention from God, you should go back to God in prayers, because like he said in Isaiah, he is always there to comfort you. Good luck!

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